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LONDON, ENGLAND -- Star Lord's Cafe was site of one of the seasons biggest surprise parties this year, only the surprise as it turned out was for the patrons and staff of the famous franchise.

Celebrating the recovery of their fellow T2M trainee, the Saint, the entirety of the T2M Auxiliary trainees including the Barrows Triplets (see Barrows), the Paladin, and many other of the novas, some belonging to Wave 2 only recently introduced to the public.

hat's right dear reader, FIFTEEN T2M-bound novas, all under one roof. I've never picked a better night for steak, and even at Star Lord's, ahem, partially-cloudy prices--it was a STEAL.

The Wave program introduced only earlier this year is Project Utopia's effort, in light of increase nova recruitment, to train entire "Waves" of T2M novas in group dynamics from the very onset of their orientation and educational programs. It is also speculated this move is in light of need by Utopia to create bonds and increased friendship within the T2M Arenas. As usual the Project's Public Relations department gave a fairly bland comment of "The reasons behind this new training strategy are complex and diverse... ...the result of much research and planning by our foremost intellects".

Its this reporter's opinion that Utopia just wants to avoid more Corbins and similar ego clashing scenarios; which, despite Benders absense, are still quite a reality plaguing the Arenas at current.

Jay "The Saint" Prince, appearently still upset (not that I blame him) about his recent hospitalization by the DeVries blood-for-bucks merc, the Pursuer, took the Cafe's stage to belt out a few rather old-style-seattle-plaid-angst tunes. Revealing a talented voice rapped in that Eufiber on par with many of the Novox singers of the day. Who knew?

The crooning christian was soon joined in duet by the guitar of Jimmy "Prodigy" Meehan, proving yet again "he's the best at what YOU do" ™. After a bit a blues-riffing with mild bursts of energetic near-Skew by Meehan, the night went full improv-style concert when the Barrow's triplets (the Lovely Little Limey's who are sky-rocketing the popularity ranks faster that you can say "the power of three") burst onto the floor doing a "Lean On Me" that made ME cry, and I am a souless-reptile-of-a-reporter, really.

Prince and Gwenyvere (the one with glowing GREEN eyes) proceeded to pass the vocal ball back and forth, her sultry voice creamy-velvet sliding around his humming-brassy-bass, and brought it home.

Meehan even commerated the evening with a masterwork sketch, auctioned to the resteraunt for charity.

And at the end of that wonderful evening, I thought to myself "Utopia may be a way from saving this world yet, but they are a hell of a lot closer to tonight to saving its soul."

- Devon Marcum reporting

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Toronto, Canada -- The scene here in Toronto's primary industrial block is one of chaos and confusion. Eyewitnesses report that in the early hours of this morning a elite conflict greater than any recorded in Canadian history to date took place in a sleeping block of freight-houses.

One eyewitness claimed to recognize both members of military specialist agency Gamma Triad and also to new-face elite firm Agena Incorporated. Among the actual recognized novas were contriversial Jamaican racist Don "de Undatakeh" Starr of Agena and Amelia "G-Spot" Maddens of the Gamma Triad.

If to be believed one on-scene source claimed that several--novas perhaps as many as five--perished in the bloody conflict. Toronto authorities were baffled by the mass destruction and appearent lack of casualties.

"By our estimates, the entire conflict was waged over a space of less than 5 minutes time," a law-enforcement official was quoted saying. During that meager three-hundred second window an estimated total of over fourteen-million dollars (U.S. conversion) in damage was done to surrounding areas.

A last source identified the Northwest U.S. "crime-fighters" the Vigilant were also gracing this once sleepy wearhouse district. The Vigilant was stated as having sustained the greatest number of supposed casualties, but as that no bodies were located its seems unlikely that any of the above stories can be verified.

Local authorities upon investigating were heard saying, "Nothing of value was stored in the building where the conflict seemed to originate. Maybe these novas are all goin' crazy, or they have a hell of a need for packing foam."

What truely happened here? We may never know. Both Agena Inc. and Gamma Triad have been mirroring DeVries with nearly untouchable non-disclosure agreements so it seems likely that the truth of event will remain a mystery to all but Madden and Starr, much unlike their sordid Amp Room meetings.

- Jaren Halbrets reporting

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia -- It was four in the morning when a field technician working in Utopia's Project Eden terraforming zone looked up to behold what at first she thought to be a shooting star. Simple magnification through her monitoring surveyor told another tale.

The device revealed that the "shooting star" was in fact a man. An inside source revealed that approximately 3:46 a.m. the sky above Northern Ethiopia became lit with the fires of the largest DeVries/Team Tomorrow (T2M) conflict in recent months. The falling man is alleged to be none other than one of DeVries top-billing ops, the Pursuer.

It seems that for whatever reason DeVries opperatives had crossed in the Utopia decreed Zone of Non-agression around their granted lands in Ethiopia. During their operations the elites seem to have stumbled across two of the newer trainees in the T2M Auxiliary.

The trainees, referred to here by their T2M code-names the Saint and Blitz, were sightseeing the plains late at night trying to get a better look at some of the local nocturnally active wild-life when they stumbled upon the DeVries opperatives. While Utopia has declined an official comment, our sources informed us that elites had appearently been under a "black-op" protocol allowing for no witnesses.

It is assumed that Pursuer, likely the lead of this action, gave the order to liquidate the young trainees. In the next few moments the Team Tomorrow hopefulls would find themselves riddled with bullets, gravitonic ruptures, and worse.

Only the quick-thinking action of Morgana "Blitz" Barrows (see Barrows Triplets) saved the touring duo from death at the elites' hands. By extending her newly formed "space-time membrane" Barrows was able to affect a short range warp-effect similar to T2M America's own Slider. The young girls own unique relationship with time and space allowed her to repair her body at an accelerated rate, but the Saint was checked into the A-A Arco-Med Central in critical condition with failing potential.

In a cruel twist of irony, the Saint--whose "Lifesurge" powers have aided countless people, nova and baseline--lay helpless within the very hospital were just a few days before he made time to heal ailing children and war refugees.

The wounded T2M member was pushed to the point of unconciousness, not being able to focus the necessary will to activate his powers. Normally capable of accelerating metabolic processes and initiating cellular and biotic regeneration allowing the Saint to access enhanced strength functions as well as "healing" those in need.

Our source continued to say that in response to the attack and wounding of the trainees, Utopia initiated a police action with the intent of ceasing all DeVries operations along the Northern Ethiopian border.

Team Tomorrow Central was dispatched as an initial arm of the action. Caestus Pax, Wake, Raptor, and the Dancer were the bulk of the power behind this primary drive. Witnesses claim that it was Pax who hurtled the Pursuer to the ground, from an estimated 890 feet. Though dubious that such an impact was the famous deletes end, certainty quickly vanished with the appearance of a city-sized dust-storm (an ever-rarer occurance due to Utopian terraforming efforts) believed to be summoned by the newblood elite Windshear in an attempt to confuse T2M as to the Pursuers status.

Novaphiles and Utopics have long debated the outcome of a rematch between Caestus Pax and Pursuer. Both novas are rumored once to have been equals in terms of power but as this conflict seems to resolved, Utopia clearly made the bigger, faster, stronger mark by some distance.

Unfortunately gravitonic distortions and kinetic backlash made any close-up footage nearly impossible, aside from a secondary research recording made of an epic aerial contest between T2M vetran Raptor and Devries operatives Frost and Windshear. The winged avenger navigated both quantum powered gales of cyclonic force and iceblots of sub-arctic cold to drive both DeVries elites out of the area.

DeVries, upon being approached for comment, merely stated, "This unfortunate series of events was the result of contractual abuse by a (now) former client of ours. False intelligence and misinformation led our agents deep into Utopian-police territory, something our company has long established prohibitive policies regarding. Our sympathies extend to the Saint and we will gladly aid his crusade to better the world by contributing a sum equal his gross medical expenses to the charity of his choice in hopes to clear the air of this miasma of ill-will and posturing."

As of yet there is no word as to the Saint's acceptance of the offered donation or idea of which charity he specifically favors, though Utopia states he is well on the road to recovery.

- Hillary Retaya reporting

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