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Aberrant RPG - Exerpt from a recent XWF telecast


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Exerpt from a recent XWF telecast:

<font color="#FF0000">(applause)</font>

Jerry "JoJo" Dylan:..."Wow! Another great XWF match. A spectacular match to end a spectacular night. Right Dustin?"

Dustin McShane: "Right JoJo, but we have one more piece of business to take care of tonight. Let's go to the ring, where Doc Mendez has the tag team of 6 Pack and The Eviscerator, who have something to say. Doc?"

Doc Mendez: "That's right Dustin, I'm standing here with up and coming tag team 6 Pa..."

<font color="#FF0000">(6 Pack grabs the microphone and the crowd erupts.)</font>

6 Pack: "That's right! 6 Pack and The Vis are here to say something to that big blowhard, The Face. For weeks now, you've been running around here spouting your "pansy ass" this, and your "pansy ass" that. Well, why don't you find yourself a partner and come bring the "beatdown" to the Vis and 6 Pack?"

<font color="#FF0000">(Crown is deafening with applause.)

(6 Pack looks around nodding at the crowd.)</font>

6 Pack: "That's right, let's see you try to drop the "FaceHammer" on The Eviscerator. Now I think the Vis has something he'd like to add."

<font color="#FF0000">(6 Pack holds the microphone up to the Eviscerator.)

(The crowd starts chanting "Vis, Vis, Vis".)

(The Eviscerator slowly looks around the crowd."</font>

The Eviscerator: "..."

<font color="#FF0000">(6 Pack grabs the microphone back)</font>

6 Pack: "That's right big guy! We've got three words for ya'! EAT OUR SHORTS!!!

<font color="#FF0000">(Crowd goes crazy.)</font>

Doc Mendez: "Well JoJo, Dustin, you heard it. A challenge to the Face."

JoJo Dylan: "Wow! What a shocker!"

Dustin McShane: "You said it JoJo, that will be some fight!"

JoJo Dylan: "And we'll bring it to you, right here next time. Goodnight Folks!"

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