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Aberrant RPG - Madman Wounds 11 then Takes Own Life in Amp Room Shooting

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<font size="4">Madman Wounds 11 then Takes Own Life in Amp Room Shooting</font>

by Aaron Grossman

N! Prime Staff Writer

Ibiza -- The popular nova-only nightclub known as “The Amp Room” exploded in terror last night, as baseline Enrico Swarez blasted his way inside with a sawed-off shotgun, and opened fire on the patrons. As many as 10 novas were injured in the attack, some critically, but all are in stable condition and are expected to recover fully within a month or so. Most severely injured was the club’s owner, baseline Travius Diaz. Diaz is scheduled for surgery at Ibiza City Hospital, and is listed as critical and unstable.

“There were these loud blasts, and then a couple patrons fell to the ground bleeding,” said Amp Room employee “Iron Skin” Andy Vance. “When Travius got hit, I grabbed her and shielded her from the rest of the shots. I can take shotgun blasts pretty well, and I didn’t want her getting hurt any worse.”

The Amp Room’s security guard Elites and the Ibiza Police eventually cornered the gunman Enrico. With his exit cut off, Enrico began uttering paranoid anti-nova sentiments. “They must be destroyed,” he was heard saying. “They will turn against us. They are twisted, evil, aberrant monsters. They will spread their taint through out the nova population, and then it will be to late.” Finally Enrico turned the gun on himself, blowing his head all over the street.

A search of Enrico’s apartment turned up a variety of anti-nova literature, including pamphlets from The Church of Michael Archangel. Also uncovered in the search was a copy of best-selling horror novel Aberrations written by author Seth Keaton. Highlighted within the book are several passages detailing the transformation of novas into Lovecraftian monstrosities, as well as the last passage of the eighth chapter:

The <font color="#990000"><s>Deviants</s> </font> Aberrants stayed underground, plotting their strategy. Obviously they were too warped, twisted, and evil to hide amongst the nova population. And they were not numerous enough to defeat the novas with a frontal assault. No, another tactic was needed, and they knew just what to do. They would spread their taint through out the nova population. And then it would be too late.

Mr. Keaton is vacationing in the Alps, and could not be reached for comment. Count Raoul Orzaiz had plenty to say about the event however.

“The actions of this madman are vile beyond comprehension.” Count Orzaiz stated. “Where as the alleged acts of terrorism committed my associates were in furtherance of an ideal, this man acted only in the hope of sating his bigotry and xenophobia. Next time the media wants to inflame and exaggerate Teragen involvement in terroristic activity, remember this day, and ask yourselves who better deserves the title of terrorist.”

Surprisingly, Cestus Pax of Team Tomorrow delivered a similar statement.

“Count Orzaiz and I never see eye to eye on ANYTHING, and his affiliation and lifestyle disgust me personally. But I must concur with him on this matter. This attack is no less vile than any of the terrorist activities of the Teragen. I have often stated that we are all human together. That is directed at baselines as well as novas. The actions of this gunman are intolerable, and anyone out there who considers him a hero or a martyr is sadly deluded.”

The Amp Room will be closed for the next few weeks, due to the shooting. When it reopens, Andy Vance will handle all buisness affairs with the guidance of Novelty Consulting until Ms. Diaz is able to return.

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