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J'aime Paris!

It's the least offensive French I know, honest. But I am excited about the City of Lights! Why? It's time for the third annual Silver Ribbon Fashion Show in Paris, France! This years' celebrity models include such nova notables as Patrice Dubois, Cherilynn Redd, Marco, and the gender-flexible Amorré. Once again, the show will feature Buendia originals that will be sure to turn the fashion industry on its ear. Your very own Quantum Tipster will be on hand to cover the event for N!Prime. And, if you've got the 5,000 Euro suggested donation, I'll see you there! All proceeds go to fund the Silver Ribbon campaign.

...Speaking of which, October is Silver Ribbon Month. A schedule of activities is available at any Rashoud Clinic or at the Silver Ribbon Homepage. Highlights include a concert by novox goddess, Alejandra, and a book signing at Reston's Books by Nance Lawry (who founded the Silver Ribbon organization when her son, Troy, was killed by a mob when he erupted in a Memphis bus depot).

The Q-Gang reports that Nova restaurateur Morty Cheval has closed the deal on plans for a second SuperNova Deli. Rumor has it that the citizens of Sydney, Australia will be the next to welcome this burgeoning franchise to their hometown. One of my reliable insiders says, "Don't look for a rehash (no pun) of the same SND menu. Morty is a culinary artiste. His ideas are endless, and frankly, each one is pure gold." Folks, I've tasted what this man can do with a turkey club. Put down your Vegemite, mate, Morty's coming to town...

If you haven't been to Milwaukee recently, it's time to visit. Nova sculptor "Zane" returned to his hometown earlier this summer to begin work on a 100m long water sculpture. The piece, titled "Musique sur le lac ," was commissioned for the Summerfest music festival held annually on the shore of Lake Michigan. The piece is made of "sculpted water" (too amazing to explain..go and see it!). Originally scheduled to be dismantled on the 21st of September, Zane offered to keep the sculpture up for two more weeks as a tribute to his grandmother Elsa.

Have the down-n-dirty on the Nova Scene? Be a part of the N-Spy network and send your hot tips to novascene@nprime.net. All submissions become the exclusive property of NovaScene and N! Prime.

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Being part of the legitimate press has its perks. Just this Friday past, Yours Truly had the un-freaking-believable luck to score his bad self some tickets to the opening of L.A.'s SuperNova Deli. Being the gentleman that he is, Q-Tip escorted his ever-lovin' momma to the event. You see, Momma likes to hang with the Q-Gang and be a part of the Nova Scene as much as (or even more, God bless her) than her baby boy. Boy does Momma have some stories to take to the quilting circle this Tuesday!

For those who don't have the pleasure of joining Momma at Mrs. Abernathy's this Tuesday, I'll fill you in….

Not since the solemn gathering at Jen "Slider" Lander's funeral has there been such a gathering of A-list Novas. Though his detractors may fault him for his constant grandstanding, it's the one reason I love Kikjak so goddamn much. Not since Beverly Hills Cop's Axel Foley, has a kid from the streets of Detroit been so welcome to our zip code. He pulled up to the doors of the Deli in a purple limousine. After a two minute Mega-Martial Arts demonstration, Kikjak escorted his mother into the Deli where Q-Gang spies inform me Mother Kincaid and Son split a plate of blintzes (man knows how to treat his momma).

Momma nearly tipped over when I pointed out her favorite XWF combatant strutting down the carpet. Lance "Stone Badass" Stryker even managed a salute and a wink over in Momma's direction. Winks and nods stopped though as the hostess at the door mentioned to Mr. Styker that he couldn't smoke his favorite Cuban cigars on the Deli grounds.

"Ain't no one gonna tell me when and where I can't enjoy my Havana Maduros, and that's a damn fact!" Momma and I agree, but John Q. Health Inspector doesn't, Mr. Stryker. (Note: Momma was able to smuggle in a panatella of her own to His Stone Badassness. They talked for ten minutes. Guess who doesn't have to buy Momma a present this Christmas?)

While Momma was living her dream, Yours Truly had the Cestus Pax-strami on Rye with a kosher dill on the side. To top that off I was fortunate to be sitting across the table from nova genius Cassandra. For an unquestionably brilliant woman, she can keep it real. Though she expressed some ambivalence about the whole event, she (and I) agreed that the menu was simply inspired.

Speaking of lean meat, Ironskin Andy Vance had the whole place buzzing when he showed up without life partner Jake Korelli. I had the opportunity to ask Andy about it, and it turns out Jake is at home recovering from a run-in with newcomer Adam Fury, a nova out of St. Louis. Jake's fine and will be back in Ibiza by week's end. You can catch the "The Dragon's Fury" on N!'s Call'In Out!

Just as the meal wrapped up, most of the guests (Ineffably Yours included) were shocked and pleased to see T2M's own Cestus Pax and S.O. Jennifer Love Hewitt make an appearance. The prearranged event was to present the SuperNova Deli with Slider's T2M Jacket and raise awareness for the Silver Ribbon Campaign against nova on baseline/baseline on nova hate crimes. Novation exec Shannon Lauder was also on hand to present the SND with the first in the line of SuperNova Edition Action Figures. Befitting the T2M presentaion, the action figure was a SuperNova Slider.

C.P. was unable to stay, citing a dinner engagement as the reason for his early departure. (NOTE: Q-Gang spies report Pax and JLH had dinner with Miss Hewiitt's parents at Bon Pain. Do you hear bells in the distance? Hmmm…)

Momma had to take her baby boy home Friday night and tuck him in bed. All the excitement (and tequila) was just too much. But rest assured, gentle readers, that neither rain, nor sleet, nor drunken stupor will ever keep me from a deadline. [uh-huh -- Ed.]

Have the down-n-dirty on the Nova Scene? Be a part of the N-Spy network and send your hot tips to novascene@nprime.net. All submissions become the exclusive property of NovaScene and N! Prime.

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