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Aberrant RPG - Final Fate of Cult of Personality (As I Heard It)


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I promised.

My information came to me by way of a good friend of mine who worked for WW for awhile last year. I'm in no position to say what s/he did or when s/he worked there, but I think every one of us has every damn right to know what I was told, if only because I think that some of the more enduring members of this board represent possibly the best, brightest and most dedicated to ever play this game.

So this is what I heard, and while I cannot guarantee it's validity, I can tell you only that my source is very reliable and intelligent.

The writer working on CoP was -- aside from being habitually late -- a horrible writer who took the project and promptly ran it into the dirt. Rumors of content that exceeded even Black Dog's limitations were true to an egregious extent, but the tanking of the book also had a lot to do with the utterly wretched writing that was therein. Whether or not Soulban was a part of it I don't know, but having read a lot of his other stuff before, I'm guessing that whatever objectionable content wasn't his doing. On one hand, he did write Clanbook; Baali and Montreal by Night, but he's also a professional and he understands what's expected of him.

Anyway, this loss came at a time when Aberrant's not-popularity was waning as it was, and while initially the idea was to shelve the project for a series of Mega-Attribute theme books, as we all know, the line was Arthaused and killed shortly thereafter.

So that's it. It's not as complex as I guess many of us would have thought.


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