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[Fiction] Zach Bronstein Interviews: Apep!!

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Alright I have returned yet again to deliver a peek into something new and fabulous to you, you ungrateful, undeserving, unwashed mental midgets. And frankly boys and girls, I’m a quick ‘boo’ away from soiling my very expensive trousers. ‘Why Zack? What could ever scare you? You, who stood up to Pax and called him a glory hound and an egotist to his bald ass face. You, who told Mefistofoleez that his rap reminded you of early Vanilla Ice. You, who created the ‘Why Prodigy is a Dick’ section of your column for three straight months. What could ever scare you?” Well my troglodytes, I’m glad you asked. I sit here, in some sick ass leather bar in Berlin with my latest nova star, the one the only, Apep. Ok, I’ll wait while you change your pants. Back? Good, yes boys and girls, the supposed urban legend, the mysterious and murderous Apep is not only real, she’s looking at me right now. God help me, but I feel like a steak in her eyes. But, far be it from me, your only source for the gleaming light of truth, to refuse the opportunity to interview one of the most infamous novas of our time.

Zach Bronstein: Okay, Apep. Let me start off. You’re gorgeous and please don’t kill me.

Apep: and you’re an attractive morsel. Relax okay, I don’t think I’ll be killing you.

ZB:Well, I have to say, that’s good to know. First off, I need to give the lemmings some history. I have a contact, or, maybe he has me, Mako by name, ugly by nature. Well, he told me that he wanted a presentation to other novas of one of the harder edged Terats out there. Maybe he’s not a fan of Count Orzaiz’s soft style. So he thought that Apep might be able to communicate something he wants other novas to hear. I don’t pretend to understand, I’m in this for the money. So, let’s start off, Apep, you’ve been linked to a fairly considerable number of deaths, both nova and baseline. Yet, you aren’t an elite. I have to ask then, why?

A: Most of the time, for survival. I managed to get myself in a situation where a lot of people want me dead, or worse. Sometimes running isn’t an option, so kill the pursuers, and I get to live a little longer. They’re less likely to keep coming after me if they’re dead. On the other hand playing with death is quite invigorating. Kind of puts the universe into perspective. Ever played Russian roulette? You can learn a lot from that game.

ZB: Would you be willing to describe or name these pursuers? I simply ask because, I don’t know of any reason why you’re a wanted lady except for the fact that you’ve been more than generous with your lethal talents. Did something happen prior to this? Are we talking about something that’s going to get me inundated by the Conspiracy Patrol again?

A: I'll just say they've royally f**cked over my family in too many ways for me to name, and I've only been responding in kind. Next question.

ZB: Oooooookay. Fair enough. Let’s try a different path. A little question I like to ask my subjects, helps the monkeys reading this get a clue as to what nova interactions are all about. Let’s make a list. Novas you’ve met. The novas who actually mean something to you. Whether you love them or hate them. Anyone every scare you? Impress you? Make you swoon? Piss you off so much you wanted to kneecap their mommas? How about it. Gimme ten, ten novas who have gotten a reaction out of you. Oh, and why of course?

A: .ronin, I don’t know him too well, but from some of the correspondence I’ve had with him, he’s caused me to re-evaluate myself. Few people could do that. I think I may have bettered myself a little from his influence. Not to mention, few people know the value of honor these days, but he does. I like that.

Aloe Kalamazoo. She always says something profound with her abstract puppet shows.

Truly works of art. She makes up for all the happy childhood memories I don’t have. Her ability to solidify and manipulate insanity is frightening as well. I’m glad she’s my friend and I pity her enemies.

Jager, what a fucking ass. For someone who seems to try so hard to get along with everyone, he always manages to piss me off. Maybe that’s a little harsh, I do like him sometimes. But he knows me better than I’m comfortable with and I hate that.

Geryon, I respect him for his, well, his vigilance. His nerve, his strength of character, that impresses me. He has a conviction that few do, I can only hope he rubs off on me, even if it’s just a little.

Synapse, he makes me happy. He’s always around when I need him, and he always knows how to cheer me up.

Lucius Clay. Now this guy, I’ve seen evolve into something really amazing. He’s really come a long way. When I first met him, he was nothing more than a thug, but now he’s gone beyond any limits conceivable to man. He might have a little thug left in him, and he can be a real dick, but I am in awe of his progress.

Corporal Punishment, he proved to me that we are more than our careers or allegiances. Yeah, I actually learned something from a XWFer. Who would have ever thought I would list a wrestler as someone I admire.

Leviathan, there is no one who has taught me more. I love him ferociously, if anyone makes me swoon, it’s him.

Ashnod, of course Ash. I’ve put her through hell and she still loves me. Amazing what mothers are capable of putting up with. I will always have the greatest respect for her.

And…Chiraben, number ten is Chiraben. There is no one that I enjoy inflicting harm upon more than Chiraben. He invokes a part of me that I don’t get to unleash too often. I fucking hate him but damn I love to fight him. He’ll be the death of me.

ZB: Ummmm. Wow. Okay, I’ll have to be real up front with you here, you just threw some names at me I’ve never run across, but hey, that’s okay. Gives me something to toss on the research pile. Interesting collection. I’m sure it’ll freak the bluenoses down at Utopia. They usually expect to hear at least one of the spandex wonders to be listed. So, let’s get a little metaphysical here. You mention a number of Terat’s among your nearest and dearest. Me, I’m just a little ‘ol monkey here, and you’re talking with me. We’ve all heard Orzaiz and Geryon give their particular views on nova/baseline relations. So, you tell me, do you hate us? Fear us? Would you rather never see another baseline again or do you think, that eventually, we’ll figure out how to live together? Pull no punches, for I am super-detached-reporter-man. I can take it.

A:I wish that I saw a future where we could all live happily ever after, but that’s exactly what it sounds like, a fairy tail. I don’t think you will ever accept us for what we are. Most of you really do believe, or won’t let yourselves believe otherwise, that we are human. You ask if I hate you? Most of the time. I try very hard sometimes to go by a one on one basis. There have been a few I have had pleasant relations with, but looking at the race as a whole, I’m just disgusted. There are so many of you, dangerously too many, and yet you continue to breed. Not so different from parasites. I don’t see why you haven’t been exterminated already. Except for the fact that most novas can recall the time prior to their eruption when they were nothing more than latent. Maybe that’s why so many of us cling to the humans for whatever reason I guess. Me personally have never had to deal with such a limitation. Humans are a dying race. They have had their time, and it’s over now. I would honestly like to believe that one day we could separate ourselves and learn to coexist, but let’s face it, that’s not likely to happen. For baselines to be happy, we would have to deny ourselves what we are in order for you to accept us, and that is unacceptable. If I had it my way, you’d all be dead and the world would be a better place because of it.

ZB: Wow. I gotta be honest here. It’s that kind of stuff that keeps Utopia on most people’s “Folks We Like” list. You say you want us all dead and wonder why you are a hunted woman? Fine, you would like nothing more than to see yours truly and his multitudes of fans lying rotting in the sun. Why aren’t you out there trying to make that better tomorrow? You’ve said that you mostly just kill to protect yourself. Why haven’t you gutted me and every other fetishist in this place? You could probably depopulate entire towns before breakfast. What’s holding you back?

A: Look, I know exactly why I’m hunted and it’s not because I don’t like humans. You’re right, I, alone could do a lot of damage. But it would only be to soon after that, that I was caught or killed. I would have accomplished nothing. I’m not in any real hurry to lessen further my chances of survival right now. Sure, there are others that will admit they feel the same way, and together we could probably take a pretty large chunk out of your race, but it’s to early, we’d only divide ourselves further if we did anything now. We’re just not ready yet. And besides, I won’t completely rule out other alternatives at this point. I’m still hoping that maybe someone will come up with a more agreeable solution. I wouldn’t say that anything is holding me back though, I’m just, waiting. And I haven’t gutted you, because we’re having an amusing conversation. I haven’t gutted them because, well, I don’t know. I guess they’re not really bothering me.

ZB: This is getting interesting. Before I moved up to being The World’s Premier Nova Interviewer I interviewed other sorts of people and on occasion I interviewed a couple serial killers. Sat down with Manson before he finally got shanked, talked with Ferman while he was on death row. You’ve expressed a greater disdain for human life than either of them did yet I’m not getting the same kind of vibe here. I mean, I’m getting that ‘nova cooties’ kind of feeling that I’ve gotten off a few other novas, but I’m really not getting the bloodthirsty, ravenous disdain for human life here. So, you’ve got the scaly skin, do you also have the scaly mind? I mean, the way most people view snakes is that they aren’t actively hostile, just that when they get annoyed they react, it’s just that their reaction is deadly. Nothing personal, just natural. We view novas as being so far above us, but I wonder, have you gotten in touch with something more primal? What’s it feel like?

A: Yeah, you could say that I have, but I don’t think you have the capacity to understand what it feels like. Were you able to remember all that humanity has been conditioned to forget, or if you had the ability to break free of the strictures placed upon you then maybe you could imagine. But you haven’t and you don’t, so you can’t. But many of us do, or at least have the potential. It’s different for all of us, and not an easy thing for me to put into words . . .But for me, I guess because I have broken away from the ethics of society, and formed my own, I think it’s easier for me to recognize my truer nature. Before I realized this, it was just a part of me striving for dominance, but now I can harness it and direct it towards my own progression. That primal essence is part of all of us, and it can be easy to get lost in it. I figure you can ignore it all together or grasp the strength that bleeds from it.

ZB: Wow. Not exactly what the good Count Orzaiz chants for us on his weekly press

Conferences of ‘The Teragen aren’t Bad Guys’. Now, a lot of Terats don’t seem willing to talk to the media. You, the Count, Geryon’s little rants and just a few others. One thing

I notice is that you all say completely different things. Is the Teragen a group with one belief or a few dozen? Do you have anything in common with Orzaiz or Geryon or Ashnod?

A: Of course we all say different things. We are individuals after all. Our beliefs all stem from the same ideas, but you can’t expect how we each perceive those ideas to be the same. The only thing Orzaiz and I have in common is the appreciation of a good time and love of the One Race. Geryon and I are alike in a lot of ways, if anyone in the Teragen is truly a kindred spirit with me, its him. My goals and Ashnod’s are the same. Our means are different and at times we don’t agree, but we both understand where the other is coming from.

ZB: Ok, last question then. You’ve intrigued me so I want to offer you a platform. A lot of novas read my work. More than would admit it. So, you’re talking to a bunch of people who haven’t made up their minds about the Teragen. What do you want to say to them? What is going to help them see the light, to figure out that you and your buddies have actually clued into this greater truth and that you just want to help everyone ‘evolve’ in the right direction?

A: I don’t know if I need to say anything. I’m not out to recruit anyone. Anyone who belongs with the movement needs to get there on their own. I believe it’s only a matter of time before the rest of us catch up. I think anyone who believes everything that the media has to say about anything is a fool. I personally don’t think I’d care for those people to be amongst the Teragen anyways. Besides, some of what is said, is in fact true. Some just don’t have the stomach for it. Anyone else though, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Not really anyways. There is no evolving in a wrong direction. You either do it or you hold yourself back. I think we just manage to do it painlessly (unless the pain is intended of course) and without fear. If you want to remain a dead end, then by all means stay on the quantum couch for all I care. We know what we are, that’s all. If you’re lost maybe we could help, maybe not.

There is no greater truth. Truth is a matter of perspective. What truth there is, is inside. That sounds corny, I know, but we all need to stop lying to ourselves. The Teragen aren’t just a bunch of rule breakers who want an excuse to wreak havoc, some maybe, but for the most part we just realize that it is preposterous for baselines to dictate to us what is right and wrong. I don’t want to go into the Null Manifesto here. We’ve all read it. You either sympathize with it or you don’t. If you haven’t realized that you’re not human anymore by this time, then you very well might be beyond help, or just damn slow at catching on. It’s time to let go of what you were. The only thing worth holding onto, is the future.

Well that’s it toads and frogs. With those words the Scaly Temptress of the Teragen up and left me without so much as a ‘by your leave’. Considering I’m still possessing a pulse, I’ll consider that the best I could hope for. Hope you learned something here kiddies, because I think I did.

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