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[Fiction] somethign strange

Agnelli Celeste

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It was a hot night, full of passion desire,hate and greed. It wa s the end of winter in most of the world, but in the south town, they knew no seasons. It was always hot. It always sunny,and was in what used to be a waste land of sand. This was a start of a good night. Agneli was not going to let her free day go waste. She was going to let it all hang out. She was going to dance.

She didn't notice out odd things were, rather she did not bother with caring. It was her night to have fun. That is what she was going to do. Have fun. She did not care that no one was looking at her. Sure it was strange to be in a club,and not have to turn down drinks left in right. But she was in a large club, and one that often had novas in it. So it was not that odd, and after all she was here to have fun, not to see what was wrong. Sure small things were not right, no one was talking to here, but she wasn't int he mood talk, just dance,and listen to music. To be part of a crowd, but not be with out people?

?Kiss kiss bang bang.?

Small cuts were on her knuckles. She did not feel them, really nor did she see how they got there. But they were there.

?Big panic. Hello is me you that you are looking for? I beat you never heard that one before. Everything inside of me, is cleaner Kiss kiss bang bang?

something was shot into her eye. She did not know what, but it must have been nothing, and she went on dancing. Not caring. IT was nothing big. Just something in her eye.

?What about all your back ward bends, and so call friends. The ones you could depend on. Look at them now, where they now. And look whose now holding the smoking gun.?

The air around her hand seemed to get hard for a bit. A flash of light and blink of the eye she was in a parking lot, and something was flying away from her. It was dark, hot and then she was back in the club dancing. nothing really felt out of place about the club It felt as if everything was cool. Then it all went black

((I am stopping it about here, because the next post will have names of other characters and most of witch will be used in negative ways. these things, are not reflecting on what said charatcer really are, or do, but meerly what my characters sees them as doing. She will be talking of of Apep, Achnod, Ronin, Solotare, Jager, and Sandy. Seeing as I do nto have to ask myself to post about myself. .I ask those of you who do nto want to be talked of in the next post, please PM me. If you wish to see what I am going to post before I post, PM me. I will gladly take you characters names out of the post,and gladly show you before hand.Lastly the next post is I said based on my character's view of the world, not fact.I am nto here to offend, but meerly livin things up))

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Waking up in a cold damp room. It was small, l near lightless.Only a small flame the size of one candle burned in the, middle of the room.IIt gave off a hallowed light. Not enough to really see. even with her good eye sight.

The air in the room had a feel to it that something was just not right. It just felt odd. It was something in the air. It was full of something. It hurt to breath in, and it made a strange sound when something moved threw it. Or at least what she knew of sound.

Sounds when broken down were just small ripples in mater. Waves of energy that bounced off of and threw things. It caused things to move based on the tone and pitch. In an odd way, people really felt it. It was not like the effect of loud base sound, where it caused bones and organs to rattle inside of the skin. IT was true for the inner, ear when you heard someone speak. The tinny bones inside of the ear just do it better than the hand. But the hand does it as well. Most people just never notice it.

The thing about this young woman is that her inner ears did not work at all, She in fact had none of the inner bones need to hear. She was deaf. She didn't really know ahat.Or at least she did not think so anymore. IT was odd, being deaf, and then being able to do something like hearing hear. But never having heard before. She saw the effect of vibrations in mater. It was then in her mind translated into what most would call sound. But to say that was sound would be right. But in no way would it be the same as what other people would call sound.

It was stange.Someone who wished to hear for her whole life, be doomed to think she was. And that she would never know it.

She heard no sounds of people. In fact the sounds were coming from the flame and her. It was odd she heard he flame, and to her it was as loud as person. It made some sense now, why she had a hard time around flames, but did it really? It just made her feel odd. She had to get out of here.

Moving to awall. she pushed into it.It was hard,Solid and sounded thick.But she had to be free.Taking her time she moved about the room to see if she could tell if any of the walls were less thick.No luck.The walls were just as thick,hard and solid as the frist one...Ome one thing left too doo.She pulled her hand back, baling it into a fist. she thrust it into the wall with all the force she could.

the wall let her fist sick into it.Grains of rock flew at her.Her hand push into a mesh of metal.rods.she rolled her fist back as her next fist hit.As her first fist hit again.,,her arm ran into a metal refocement rod the wrong way andher skin split open a bit.Not that long or deep, but painful.Still she cleanched her teath and aimed her fists more carefully.

The wall, took man of punches, but when it came down, it did so in a large part faling down in a solid chunk, sending white light that cuased her to grab her eyes...

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The light was blinding and yet she knew what she had to do. She did not know what happening. She did not really know, but there were shadows in the room. Shadows like people and the sound of bullet fire. But the sound was far away. So it was not the shadows that were shooting. It couldn''t have been but it was clear that the shadow were trying to get her.

As they soon charged forward with knight sticks in hand. She did not want to hurt them, and tried to use at little force as she could..But she was soon swinging at the shadows with enough force to knock them off of her as they were toys. With each punch another man fell down to the ground like broke toy. Not dead, but they would all not be happy I the morning.

Then it happened the light turn off and she was in the dark, blinded again by the change in the light she fell down on to her knee covering her eyes. Then she felt it. A foot to the head. It was much more forceful than a human could have done. She was on her feet in a blink of an eye, and starting at a a man in business suit. Oh my it was Williams fed nova. That was just not going to float with her.

"You young lady are going away for a long tie. With what toy did just here you are going away from 10 years.At least They like girls like you in the box."

Well, she was not going to have any of that.SHe stood up and got into ehr stance.And she let out a cry of pure anger, as she went onto WIllson, with a furry of blows.Unlike the shadows, she did not hold back with this man.SHe punched at him over and over, kicking and forcing him to back away.BUt Willson was novas as well, a verry skilled nova.Wile he was not Pax,he had tricks of his own and was not one to fight fair.So he let ehr push him around.OOnly stricking when he knew he woudl hit.ANd each time he hit it was a like a peck of a niddle.Nothing big, or flashy but they added up and the fight was going his way.

"YOu see that you can't win, little gri"

again a flash of ligh .This time it hit Williams across the room.It was not just light but a firey blast.SOmeoen wanted ehr to getaway.But who...

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