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[Fiction] Dear Diary


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This is not of my own creation. One of my players wrote it as a write-up (I offer exp for write-ups) and I thought it gave an interesting synopsis of my TT so far, hitting the highpoints. He gave me his ok to post it here. A couple people have asked me about my TT game and this covers some of it.


It's about 2:30 am New York time (8:30 am at the

DeVries compound in South Africa.) I doored

Julian back to his quarters about fifteen

minutes ago. He's heading over to NAADC by now.

I think Surge and Ka are asleep. I'm not sure

where Dreamboi is. He might be listening to

music in his room, or he might have made a

dreamdoor to pretty much anywhere.

My reasons for keeping a journal have changed

over the time since Doc Milleson convinced me

that it would help me come to grips with my

inner demons. It helped, but it also made me

realize how important it is to leave a record--a

record of who I was and how I developed into who

I am and will be.

It's important to know the secrets I know. A

nova named Clarion murdered my younger brother

Daniel and my younger sister April. The Teragen

know all about it. Utopia knows all about it.

Neither of them has come forward. I have no

proof and have made no allegations as I consider

it possible that both of them are interested in

the welfare of novas innocent of and incapable of this kind of

atrocity. I am not sure why the publicly anti nova organization--

Utopia--would go out on a limb like this, but it says a lot about a

potential alliance between the two.

Citadel and I were the tools by which Slider's murder was committed. I

opened a door to her room, and Denny (Citadel) Henderson beat her to

death. I assume that we were being controlled by another nova. I have

no proof of that other than circumstance. I know that the memory was

wiped completely from my mind and replaced with another. I know the

duration of the memory that was replaced, and I have seen that period

of time as it physically appeared. I received no phone calls and was

in physical proximity no one other than Denny. As that short period of

time is the only patched memory and I have no recollection of the event

itself, planning the event, or receiving orders regarding the event, I

must conclude that either the scheme hatched full fledged between Denny

and I with no communication, or the plans were laid well in advance by

another (unknown) mind which manipulated Denny and I to take action

without our prior consent or knowledge. It is possible that the mind

obtained consent from us during that short period of time, but highly

doubtful. It is far more likely that we were dominated and forced to

these actions against our wills.

Utopia knows that Denny and I did it. DeVries was able to confirm our

involvement, therefor it is absolutely certain that although

individuals in the organization of Utopia may be ignorant of our

involvement, the organization as a whole must know.

I am currently considering revealing myself as Denny's accomplice in

Slider's murder to the world. Andrew Corbin has been wrongfully

accused and hounded for the murder. I believe there is a reason for

this. I suspect that her murder was a hit arranged by Utopia. I

further suspect that Corbin was seen as a potential threat to the

organization and that her death was seen as a way to neutralize him as

well. Now, I postulate that Utopia is generally loathe to resort to

murdering their own operatives to accomplish their ends. While it is

possible that the threat he poses and the threat she posed are

unrelated, considering the temporal proximity of the imperatives and

the supposed reluctance of Utopia to countenance murder, it is almost

certain that Slider and Corbin represented the same threat and that

therefor Corbin still represents a serious threat to Utopia. If I were

to admit my involvement and thus exonerate Corbin, who knows where the

cards would stop falling?

What if the ends Utopia seeks are indeed for the best of all, nova and

baseline alike? What if they know something that we don't about the

nature of the interaction between Quantum energy manipulation and

(basically) human physiology? What if novas really are all destined to

homicidal frenzies? What if novas really are alien implantees who will

one day hatch into an unstoppable swarm of tentacled, toothed

nightmares? What if they have looked into the future and seen the

Earth obliterated by the Teragen? What if they have made contact with

an alien race which has agreed not to destroy the Earth only if earth

can unify under a single government and live in peace?

On the other hand, if any of these scenarios were accurate, why haven't

they just revealed it? I consider myself to be a pretty good guy. If

Utopia could prove to me that they really are "the good guys," I would

support them one hundred percent. I work for DeVries because they at

least own up to the moral ambiguity of what they do and what they ask

us to do. God save me from demagogues who claim to know what is right

for everyone while serving what is right for themselves.

Viasoft captured a nova--some sort of pure energy being with the power

to possess other novas--and sold it to Kurotech. The vector for it's

possession ability is contact with the quantum field of another nova.

My team was assigned to guard the containment unit while in transit.

We did not know the nature of that which we were guarding, nor did

DeVries. While in transit, Utopia stopped us, and when halted from

seizure of the package by legal necessity, Skew broke it in a blatantly

illegal act of pettiness. My team reconstructed the device and were

able to understand that it had been a containment unit for some type of

energy. During a later mission, it was revealed to us by a Chineese

Nationalist nova that the package had indeed contained a possessing

nova. We surmised that Skew's quantum interaction with the package had

provided the possessing nova with the opportunity to possess him.

There is no way to prove this now, as his quantum interactions with

many novas since has provided the possessing nova with ample

opportunities to jump to another nova.

The process of reconstructing the containment device was essential to

the deep understanding of quantum crystaline structures that led my

team to invent Nodestone (a name I thought up, by the way) in a quantum

powered burst of creative insight.

Apparently, there was a period of time in the twentieth century during

which Earth was affected by a waveform of energy referred to as

Telluric energy. Supposedly it made almost anything possible, and

reorganized reality and history to fit the facts. During that time,

Burrough's Barsoom existed and had always existed. Likewise Atlantis

was not a mere legend. Lovecraft's tentacled horrors lurked beneath

the ground, and one assumes life was difficult and horrific. For some

(as yet unknown to me) reason, this Telluric age ended and with it, all

that had been unlikely ceased to ever have existed--at least in theory.

Apparently, there are Velociraptors in Africa that carry a Telluric

energy pattern. My current employer, Stiles, lived through and

remembers the Telluric age. He still carries the energy (he hasn't

explained how) and has a secret room in the Empire State Building that

contains relics from Barsoom, Atlantis, etc. Sounds crazy, huh. I can

hardly believe it myself. I'm quite sure that he has enough money to

prevent anyone from ever substantiating what I've said, but I've given

you the truth, as far as I understand it.

Well, there you have it. The most important secrets in my other diary

in synopsis form. At this point, I'd say these are the most likely

reasons for me to be murdered. Good luck investigating any of them.

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