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Onyx Path: Scion 2: Back In the Habit! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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Last week, we looked back at the start of Scion. Now this week: how about we look at Scion 2e‘s start?

[Wayne’s World-style wiggly screen-lines, doodle-lee-do, doodle-lee-do, doodle-lee-dooo]

A bunch of our creators and I sat down and discussed Scion once the purchase of the IP from CCP went through, and it was obvious that folks had two big concerns. (These mapped to my impressions after years of reading designers and players commenting on the game). First, the system got really weird, really fast, and pretty much imploded at Demigod level. The second was that the “pop culture” take on the pantheons threw a bunch of the gods – and thus their scions – under the proverbial bus in terms of their actual mythology.

The first creator to step up and express a desire to lead the charge for the new edition was our old WW buddy Joe Carriker, and Joe was very clear that he was far more into resolving the second concern, but agreed we needed a new system. This was all happening while I was talking to Ian Watson and the Trinity Continuum crew (some of which were also on Team Scion) about the demands on the system that they would need to reboot Trinity.

This gave us our first goal for the new system: it needed to work as a system for regular mortals, and for Scion heroes, Trinity pulp heroes, Trinity Aeon psions, Scion demigods, Trinity Aberrants/Novas, and Scion gods. It needed to scale, essentially.

The efforts by both teams to come up with the system finally got us close enough after multiple iterations that we could see we needed some real “system-heads” to take everything we learned and create the system to go with both the game lines. But the development of the Storypath System in total is a different story. For another day.

Suffice to say, Team Scion had enough on their plates creating the Scion: Origin core book and the Scion: Hero core. These were bumpy times with the iterations of the new system not quite meshing into the development of those two books. In addition, Joe, after doing a great job shepherding both books and keeping abreast of the system issues, had to drop out of the project.

Fortunately, a brash young designer on the team had been working very closely with Joe, and he was able to step up and take over the Scion book development responsibilities – and he was also much more of a systems-head. Of course, that red-headed terror was Neall Raemonn Price, and it would be Neall and a whole lot of extremely talented writers and designers that brought Scion 2e over the finish line.

Which wasn’t very easy to accomplish either, and first, we had a Kickstarter campaign to launch.

Now, I know folks in our community basically understand that crowd-funding campaigns are exhausting for the creators, even if only intellectually, but there’s no real way to describe the constant demands on your brains/psyche/emotions when you’re involved in a campaign. Plus, as in this case, the development of the game doesn’t halt during the campaign, even if the creators are only storing up things to do once the campaign is over.

It’s a real…thing.

Scion: Demigod art by Michele Giorgi

Let me leave our beloved dev and his writing team in the midst of their KS-induced exhausted limbo, for just a second, and I’ll move us sideways to another part of this process: the visuals.

Mirthful Mike and I had decided early on that we’d be holding closely to the design established with the first edition books. This was to both provide a continuity linking two editions from two different publishers – a huge change between editions can be quite jarring for fans and make it harder for the community to adopt the new edition – and also because we really, really, liked what we did with the first edition visuals.

But Mike needed to do changes regardless, because first edition only had a few color plates in it, the rest of the art was in black and white. So while we were upgrading to the full color we felt the market demanded, there were some tweaks to the visuals like borders and fonts and such.

The one place I really wanted us to maintain continuity was in the cover art. Michael Komark’s majestic cover illustrations were some of the favorite ones I’d ever art directed, and we were immensely fortunate to be able to bring him back to do a fourth cover for Scion: Origin so that all of the core books would work together.

(Also, after many years, I needed to go back and remember how the heck I illustrated the pantheon symbols to add in two more – which was great practice for all the new ones we’d be doing for the line!)

So all that thinking came together, setting and system and art, for and during the Kickstarter campaign, and – releasing Neall and his gang from limbo – it was a corker. Lots of commentary, some controversy, but ultimately we came out of the KS with a lot of projects and comments to work on. And even more ultimately, we learned a lot of what not to do with both crowd-funding and the steps we take now to finish up a book after the KS.

No way around it, some weird, unexpected, and unique problems arose as the team finished the book, and from that experience we revised several core processes – dev, proofing, editing, etc. – to prevent the slip-ups that occurred from happening again. Those systems had worked just fine up until then, but it only takes one time to cause problems we don’t want to repeat. And all credit to Neall, the actual errata that remained in those first two books was contained in about a page of corrections, and the problem did not reoccur.

It took longer than we wanted – and freakin’ Covid didn’t help – but the line is rolling right along!

Today, we have many new creators working on Scion 2e; Neall has stepped back from full-on development and Hiromi Cota has stepped forward into the (Nemean) lions’ den as lead developer. The Storypath System powers Scion 2e, the Trinity Continuum game lines, the They Came From…! line, and Dystopia Rising: Evolution. Our experiences with those games and how the System has been tweaked are giving us many ideas for just how well it has fulfilled those original design specs.

Which give us even more ideas for what else we can do with it, how we can tweak it and polish it.

We just released the Scion: Demigod backer PDF and are implementing their very helpful errata notes in preparation for the PoD and traditionally printed versions. Scion: God is moving forward more and more towards its own crowd-funding campaign, and we’ve expanded on the main four core books with some very meaty supplements, and by including new ways to play Scion with Scion: Dragon and Scion: Masks of the Mythos!

It’s an epic time to enjoy Scion 2e!

Scion: Masks of the Mythos art by Niko Pope

Son of the Monday Meeting! (in 3D)

OK, let’s snap back to the now and to the Monday Meeting. And its Notes.

Soooo, speaking of crowdfunding. We have indeed, as I talked about last week, decided to do the crowdfunding for Exalted: Exigents on IndieGoGo rather than Kickstarter. We just can’t wait as long as we’ve been waiting to get the project out to you folks. We need to rock and roll, so to Indie we Go Go!

Let me repeat that we’ll be using the all or nothing funding method where you are charged during the campaign, but if it fails to hit the funding goal: you get that money back. Yes, you are refunded your pledge because the campaign failed to fund. That is how it works, and that’s how we’ve set it up with IndieGoGo.

Watch out for folks saying you won’t get refunded if the campaign doesn’t fund. Not true.

But do be aware that this is not Kickstarter and any assumptions based on how you might have done it on Kickstarter may, or may not, be accurate. Best to read through James’ notes and Updates, and please do message him if you have any questions.

And then we’ll roll the campaign into Backer Kit just like we have with KS, so that part is as folks are used to.

We’re starting to move into high gear with our third Onyx Path Virtual Convention in June. This Wednesday, we’ll open up the ordering for 10th Anniversary merchandise for any of you that might want to order and receive it to wear and use during the Convention.

Our crew will be, so join the fun!

Down below, in the Convention section, I’ve included graphics that show our panel schedules. As we get closer, we should have more info to share about just what we’ll be featuring during those panels – so please keep an eye out for info and changes!

And yes, in answer to some of the questions folks have sent me, we are still looking for GMs to run games for the Convention. Also yes, you can charge for the game, and as the GM you’ll receive 50% of those funds for the effort you’re making and the fun you’re providing to your players! (Plus the Bodhana Group gets 40% as our chosen charity again this year, so it’s for a great cause).

Scion: Dragon art by Nicholas Phillips

10th Anniversary-wise, our May Scion Sale continues this week, and then we’ll have another sale for the second batch of Scion 2e projects at 10% listed price, so please do check it out now while you can!

Plus, even more for Scion month! The Onyx Pathcast has produced a new classic two-parter all about Scion 2e with Matthew and Hiromi. The first part went live last Friday and already has folks talking all over the internet! The second half arrives this coming Friday and there’s no telling what secrets and surprises may be revealed as they dive even deeper into The World!

Finally, Travis Legge and I ran the Monday Meeting crew through the new Crossroads Continent adventure he and I have been furiously scribbling on. It was really a pre-Convention playtest with our core Onyx team so that we could see how well it plays out, if the threat levels are right, and to give me a chance to run it on VTT for the first time.

This has led to us doing a two-episode Onyx Pathcast run-through of the adventure with recording starting this week because the team had so much fun! (Those recordings will be played in June, so keep your eyes open for them. And we’ll be running the CRC adventure during the Onyx Path Virtual Convention).

Which was pretty nice to hear, as I had no idea if I still had what it takes to deliver the gaming fun – especially via VTT – after being heads-down concentrating on running Onyx Path over:

Ten Years, Many Worlds, One Path!



Look here for news of our next crowdfunding project: Exalted: Exigents! (Psst, look above in the blog for more info on how we’re crowdfunding Exigents!)

Onyx Path Media!


This week:
Matthew sits down with Hiromi Cota in the second of a two-part tour of the Scion line! Word on the street is that the first part was amazing, so check this out for your Scion needs!

As always, this Friday’s Onyx Pathcast will be on Podbean or your favorite podcast venue! https://onyxpathcast.podbean.com/

Onyx Path Media now has its own blog on Tuesdays! THURSDAY THIS WEEK! We’ll continue posting our highlight of the week here, but Tuesday will be the day to visit if you want to catch up on actual plays, interviews, deep dives, and other assorted Onyx Path media!

Please check out our attached media schedule for the impressive number of videos on our Twitch channel this week! In particular, keep those eyes open for our Storypath Showcase, where we give an excellent profile of our various Storypath games and how to play them!



Another one of the media entries submitted to us two weeks ago was Simulacra TV, who have been producing some fantastic actual plays for the Trinity Continuum games over the last few months, and have also been dabbling with the World of Darkness! Do check out their YouTube channel here: https://youtube.com/c/SimulacraTV


The Onyx Path News goes live every single week to discuss recent and upcoming releases, dive into some of our most anticipated books, and answer questions from the audience. You can find it on our YouTube channel (click the bell to be informed when we go live!) but if you missed last week’s episode, here it is: https://youtu.be/mcATzPCidXw

Virtual Tabletop!


The Scion: Origin Compendium is now available on Roll20!


It’s native to Roll20, so not for use elsewhere, but perfect for starting your Roll20 Scion game – plus, the official Origin & Hero sheets are already available!

And the first of our official sheets designed for Roll20 are now available!


The first of our official sheets designed for Foundry VTTis now available!

As they say:
Direct Link: https://foundryvtt.com
“Foundry Virtual Tabletop is a self-hosted roleplaying
platform with support for hundreds of game systems with modern
features and a developer-friendly API. Foundry VTT is a one-time
purchase where your players connect for free using a web browser.”


More VTT offerings and projects will be arriving this year!

A Quantum Leap (A Trinity Continuum: Jumpstart),The Adventures of Teen Tomorrow (A Trinity Continuum: Aberrant Jumpstart),Quantum Entanglement (A Trinity Continuum: Aeon Jumpstart),are all on Astral TableTop.

Also on Astral TableTop is the Secret of Vinsen’s Tomb for Realms of Pugmire!

Check out Astral TableTop for two free projects: Scion 2E: A Light Extinguished and Scarred Lands: Gauntlet of Spiragos and this Dagger of Spiragos module for sale: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/336406/Dagger-of-Spiragos-5e–Astral-VTT

On DrivethruRPG, here is the main filter for all of our current VTT content:


A few highlights of our platform agnostic DTRPG content:


Our Sales Partners!


We’re working with Studio2 to provide our traditionally printed books out into your local game stores. Game stores can order via their usual distributors, and can also contact Studio2 directly. And individuals can check out our projects via the links below!


Looking for our Deluxe or Prestige Edition books, dice, and screens? Try this link! http://www.indiepressrevolution.com/xcart/Onyx-Path-Publishing/


As always, you can find Onyx Path’s titles in PDF and PoD versions at DriveThruRPG.com!

The first half of the Scion 90% off Onyx Path 10th Anniversary Celebration Sale is on now!

  • It includes:
  • Scion Second Edition Book One: Origin
  • Scion Second Edition Book Two: Hero
  • A Light Extinguished (A Jumpstart for Scion Second Edition)
  • Heroes for the World (Ready Made Characters for Scion Second Edition)
  • Scion Second Edition Book One: Origin (Phone Version)
  • Scion 2e VTT Hero Signature Tokens
  • Scion 2e VTT Origin Signature Tokens

The annual D&D Sale on DTRPG starts today. Scarred Lands and Pugmire
PDFs will be on sale along with almost 17k other D&D and OGL PDFs: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/sale.php?manufacturers_id=4261

Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

You can now read our fiction from the comfort and convenience of your Kindle (from Amazon) and Nook (from Barnes & Noble).


Check out the Trinity Continuum: Aeon novellas Dawn and Meridian in the Kindle store!

On Sale This Week!


This week, we’re giving everybody a chance to join us in celebrating our 10th Anniversary with Onyx Path 10th swag! Shirts and mugs and stickers proudly trumpeting our 10th Anniversary go on sale on our RedBubble store this Wednesday! Just in time to order for attending the Onyx Path Virtual Con in June!


Also this week, the first TC: Aberrant novella, Panopticon, written by Lauren Roy, becomes available for purchase in PDF/ebook and PoD versions this Weds on DTRPG!


Because dates for physical conventions are subject to change due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, we don’t yet have a list of upcoming physical conventions. Instead, keep an eye out here for more virtual conventions we’re going to be involved with!

Tabletop Scotland is due to take place on 27th and 28th August 2022 and will play host to at least four Onyx Pathers running our games and sitting on panels live and there in the room with you! If you’re UK or Europe based, it’s an excellent con to visit and within traveling distance from Edinburgh, which takes flights from a lot of places! Consider paying Tabletop Scotland a visit. https://tabletopscotland.co.uk/

Right now, we’re planning the 3rd Onyx Path Virtual Con in June.

This year’s Onyx Path Publishing Virtual Convention page is now live on Start Playing Games:


Check it out now for the GM sign-ups section if you want to run games during the con. More info on events and panels and all yet to come!

How to list a game:

Here are our panel listings:


And our Actual Play Schedules:


And now, the new project status updates!

Our full list of projects will be available monthly on our blog! Check out April’s full list report here: http://theonyxpath.com/release-roundup-april-2022/

Development Status from Eddy Webb!

(Here are the projects that moved to the next stage of production):

Final Drafts

TC: Anima – Anima Jumpstart – Cascade

  • Eddy: The first of the two TC: Anima jumpstarts is redlined! This one covers a cool cyberpunk mystery, which should be fun for Anima players.

Manuscript Approval

Scion – Tasty Bit – Making History Modern

  • Eddy: Redlines were light, so the final draft was fast, as was the development! Hopefully approval is just as quick, so we can get this to everyone at the end of next month!


Scion – Dragon Jumpstart

  • Matthew: Off to editing already for our Dragon Jumpstart. If there’s anyone reading who has run a game with one of our Jumpstarts, I’d love to see in the comments which ones you’ve really enjoyed!

Art Direction from Mike Chaney!

In Art Direction

  • Ex3 Exigent – Doing up the add ons and stuff for Indiegogo
  • TC Adventure! – Getting remaining artwork contracted.
  • Ex3 Adversaries – Awaiting color comps from artists.
  • W20 Apocalyptic Record – Remaining art contracted.
  • TC Aeon Mission Statements – Fulls are in.

In Layout

  • TC Aberrant Novas Worldwide – I’m about ready for first proof.
  • SCION Masks of Mythos – With Ron. Working on Character sheet.
  • SCION Dragon – With Josh. I’m also working on this Character Sheet.


  • Dead Man’s Rust – Going out to backers today.
  • Dead Man’s Rust VTT Assets


  • Scion Demigod

At Press

  • Scion Demigod – KS Backer PDF out to backers, closing errata.
  • Squeaks in the Deep Screen – Files ready for Press. Working on PO with Printer.
  • Squeaks in the Deep – Waiting for proof from traditional printer.
  • Squeaks in the Deep Bookmarks – On way to KS shipper.
  • Paranormalists Handbook – PoD proof on the way.
  • Hunter: The Vigil 2e Cover proofed and returned to printer. Interior files prepped and ready to go.
  • HTV 2 Screen – Files ready for Press. Working on PO with printer.
  • Tales of Depravity – PgXXing input.
  • M20 The Operatives Dossier – Awaiting errata.
  • TC: Aberrant: Terat Novella – PoD proof on the way.
  • Trinity Continuum: Assassins – Awaiting errata.
  • TC Panopticon – PDF/ebook and versions on sale Weds on DTRPG!

Today’s Reason to Celebrate!

Last week, we lost two giants of comic book art who helped define decades of visuals, and pushed forward the standards of how creators are treated: George Perez, the master of three or more characters active in a single panel – he made all that detail work dynamically, and Neal Adams, who helped modernize comic book art and stories – particularly in his dynamic use of viewpoint panels. He helped move Batman away from the camp TV Adam West version back to the “dark night detective”, and tirelessly fought for creators’ rights. Thanks to you both for pushing the boundaries artistically and professionally.

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