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Cyberpunk Red (2078) - Edgerunners (PC Thread)

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Edgerunner: Ximena Reina Abeja

Role: Exec

"Kill them with success and bury them with a smile."

Name: Ximena Reina Abejalarge.379149092_XimenaReinaAlbeja01.jpg.

Cultural Origins: North America (Spanish)

Personality: Arrogant, Proud, Aloof

Clothing Style: Business wear

  • Hairstyle: Long & Straight
  • Affectation: Boots/Heels

What Do You Value Most? Power

  • Feelings About People? Tools to be used and discarded.
  • Most Valued Person: Herself (duh)
  • Most Valued Possession: Nothing.

Family Background: Corpo Execs

  • Childhood Environment: Corpo Starscaper
  • Family Crisis: Family lost everything through bad management.

Life Goals: Become feared and respected.

Current Employment: Usher Entertainment Group, counter-intel and security division

Attributes -


Skills -

Awareness Skills [INT]:
Concentration [WILL] 2, Conceal/Reveal Object, Lip Reading 6, Perception 2, Tracking

Body Skills [DEX]:
Athletics 2, Contortionist, Dance, Endurance [WILL], Resist Torture/Drugs [WILL], Stealth 2

Control Skills [REF]:
Drive Land Vehicle, Pilot Air Vehicle, Pilot Sea Vehicle, Riding

Education Skills [INT]:
Accounting 2, Animal Handling, Bureaucracy 2, Business 6, Composition, Criminology, Cryptography, Deduction 6, Education 6, Gamble, Language (English) 4, Language (Street Slang) 2, Language (Spanish) N/A, Library Search 1, Local Expert (Downtown) 2, Science, Tactics, Wilderness Survival

Fighting Skills [DEX]:
Brawling 2, Evasion 6, Martial Arts, Melee Weapon

Performance Skills:
Acting [COOL] 3, Play Instrument [TECH]

Ranged Weapon Skills [REF]:
Archery, Autofire, Handgun 6, Heavy Weapons, Shoulder Arms

Social Skills [COOL]:
Bribery, Conversation [EMP] 6, Human Perception [EMP] 6, Interrogation, Persuasion 6, Personal Grooming 4, Streetwise, Trading, Wardrobe & Style 4

Technique Skill [TECH]:
Air Vehicle Tech, Basic Tech, Cybertech, Demolitions, Electronics/Security Tech, First Aid 2, Forgery, Land Vehicle Tech, Paint/Draw/Sculpt, Paramedic, Photography/Film, Pick Lock, Pick Pocket, Sea Vehicle Tech, Weaponstech


Equipment – Radio Communicator x4, Scrambler/Descrambler, Heavy Pistol x2 (4d6), Light Armorjack Body Armor (11SP), Light Armorjack Head Armor (SP11), Ammunition x50

Fashion: Businesswear (footwear, jacket, bottoms, mirrorshades, top, jewelry x2), Generic Chic (footwear, jacket, bottoms, top, jewelry), Urban Flash (footwear, jacket, bottoms, top, jewelry)

Cyberwear (58/70 HUM) – Biomonitor, Cyberaudio Suite, Internal Agent, Nasal Filters (12 Humanity, -2 EMP)

Hit Points – 35 (Serisouly Wounded 18, Death Save 6)


Militech M-76e | Acc: 14+1d10 | Dmg: 4d6 | Acc: UB Flashlight | Qual: Premium

Militech M-76e | Acc: 14+1d10 | Dmg: 4d6 | Acc: UB Dazzler (DC15) | Qual: Premium


Bio: Born Ximena Reina Abeja to successful executive parents, who provided their only daughter with everything she would need to be successful in life.  While away, finishing her degree studies abroad, a botched assignment her parents oversaw cost their family everything and before she knew it the corporation cut its losses.  They didn’t liquidate her parents, instead they were simply terminated and had all their assets frozen, and they were cast out into the streets of Night City.

To hear her parents tell it, it was the best thing that’s ever happened to them.  Five years later her parents are doing quite well.  After pulling in a few favors, they’ve managed to open a Mexican style bar and restaurant in Heywood’s Glen district.  Life isn’t perfect for them, but they’re happy.

Reina, on the other hand, could not bear to let go her life of privilege and excess.  After her studies concluded (how she paid for her senior year in college is still a mystery) she returned to Night City and immediately got to work getting herself set up in a lifestyle as close to what she had before her parents cost her everything (she still blames them).  After four years (Teamwork 4) of working her fingers to the bone and putting in late hours, she is now in a comfortable position within her corporation to have more freedom to move, less restrictive hours, and more opportunities for promotion.

Psychological Profile: Reina is obsessively driven to remain well off and successful, so much so that her psyche is damaged due to her compulsive behavior.  While perfectly able to function in day-to-day life with no visible signs of personality disorders (aside from her own horrible personality), she has placed such unbelievable stress upon herself that she often seeks excessive outlets for relief.  Those outlets are anything from drugs, sex, harm (either herself or others) and on a few occasions, even killing.

After her promotion to security, she took her first life when a client got too handsy with company property.  She, of course, followed protocol to the letter but nothing in her life had given her more of a high than the adrenaline she felt when she ghosted that gonk for being too stupid for his own good.  Since then, she has had to take more lives in the name of her profession and not only does she enjoy it, but her superiors are realizing that she has a natural talent for getting things done.  After every life she takes the partying that night is always more intense, and she feels so alive (and the sex is always an eleven out of ten).

Reina is driven by stimulation almost as much as she is wealth and power.  She needs to feel as a way of reminding herself that all the anxiety and sickness she feels while slaving away for a fortune she may never have the time to spend (she is realistic enough to realize that she may die before ever making it big, and all her work will be for nothing).  It’s for this reason she seeks out anything that will stimulate her and almost every night she can be found engaging in partying, sex, and on two occasions, altercations that could leave her dead.  It’s only a matter of time before her urges get her into some form of trouble…

Loyalty is her most valued virtue and when people are loyal to her, she remains loyal to them.  Once that loyalty is betrayed, however, there is no going back.  She seeks retribution as swiftly and as brutally as she is able, sometimes waiting months before finally landing the killing stroke.  She’s not concerned with pettiness or little white lies and all the assorted secrets everyone keeps from her.  She has those as well and realizes that no one is ever going to be completely honest with her, or themselves, for that matter, but that’s the cost of doing biz.  Only when those ‘little white lies’ directly harm her (emotionally, mentally, physically or financially) does she take it as a personal insult and seek to liquidate her newly coined ‘rival’.


Ramona Hawthorne – An ex-employee of UEG, Ramona used to work with Ximena until she developed a proposal that was, by a long shot, better than the one Ximena had developed.  Instead of splitting the credit, Ximena slandered Ramona and used her position within security to plant false evidence that eventually led to Ramona being terminated.  Ximena took the proposal for herself and pitched it, earning her a glowing recommendation to the upper echelon position she finds herself in now.  Ramona knows it was Ximena who set her up but can’t prove it.  Now broke and squatting in the streets, she’s lost everything.  Too bad, so sad.

Conrad Delinski – Everyone has a bad break up, right?  Conrad is Ximena’s bad break up, not because their relationship is toxic and strewn with substance abuse, physical abuse and emotional manipulation, but because she broken up with him four times… in the last six months.  It’s always the same: they break up and eventually wake up next to each other in the morning with no memory of who called who or why.  It’s good for a week or so, then they begin falling apart all over.  Conrad is a piece of shit, there’s no doubt about that, but not everything is his fault, she’s just as abusive and horrible, but the sex is so good they’re just addicted to the pain at this point.



  • Drives like an old lady.  Reina has an aversion to vehicles and drives exceedingly slow and always obeys all traffic laws.  She’s a control freak and it freaks her out that she has no control over other drivers on the road and they could kill her at any moment.
  • Spanish Speaker.  Ximena speak perfect Spanish, often mingling Spanish and English together in the same sentence.  This makes her a natural choice as a translator.  She dated a Valentino once, surprisingly, they’re actually on decent terms.  At home, unless there is non-Spanish speaking company, she and her parents speak exclusively in Spanish.
  • Party Girl.  Craving stimulation to wake her from the tedium of her life, she finds it hard to resist an opportunity to have a good time if she has no reason not to.
  • Awesome Parents.  Anyone who meets Reina’s parents can’t help but fall in love with them within the first few minutes.  They’re the nicest and happiest people in the world, much to Reina’s embarrassment.  She feels they’ve ‘grown weak’ and ‘shown their bellies’, but they are always trying to convince their daughter that money and power never bring true happiness.  Trips to her parents always end in some sort of fight and harsh words (spoken by Reina, who is almost immediately forgiven).  Reina is expected to dress appropriately at home and it’s one of the only places someone might encounter her in jeans, a t-shirt, and conservative make-up.
  • Pfft, Whatever.  Despite her intelligence and professional demeanor, Ximena is quite immature outside the office.  She most commonly displays these traits when she doesn’t get her way.
  • ‘Reina Abeja’. Literally means ‘Queen Bee’ in Spanish.  Her name, Ximena, is pronounced ‘Himena’.


The Queen Bee’s Soldiers

"Sorry sugar, but Miss Bee said if I break you real good, she's taking me out for tacos."

Name: Melissa Rorylarge.1047809088_MelissaRory.jpg.1b23558

Cover Job: Personal Assistant

Actual Job: Ximena’s Bodyguard

Loyalty: 7

Attributes -


Skills -

Concentration 2, Conversation 2, Education 2, First Aid 2, Human Perception 2, Language (Streetslang) 2, Local Expert (Your Home) 2, Persuasion 2, Stealth 2

Athletics 5, Evasion 5, Interrogation 5, Perception 5, Resist Torture/Drugs 5, Tactics 5

Handgun 6, Brawling 6

Cyberware (45/70): Enhanced Antibodies, Subdermal Armor (SP11), Cyberaudio Suite, Internal Agent, Homing Tracer, Big Knucks

Gear: Agent, Light Armorjack (SP 11), Very Heavy Pistol, Basic VH Pistol Ammo x50

Hit Points – 50 (Serisouly Wounded 25, Death Save 13)

Resume: Melissa was born into the upper echelon of Night City’s aristocracy where her parents enforced upon her how ‘proper women’ should behave in polite society.

Melissa just wanted to punch shit and run the streets.

From underground brawls to shoot outs in alley ways, Melissa always came out on top.  She signed up with UEG mostly just to piss off her parents, but also because she heard working security for corps would let her do all the things she loves, but legally.

Personality: Giggly and flirtatious she’ll often twirl her hair in her fingers and smile coyly right before she beats someone to death with her pistol.  Slightly unhinged and certainly a bit sociopathic, Melissa loves that she is getting paid to have munitions intercourse with someone’s frontal lobe.

She’s young still, follows orders well enough, is ditzy, and not exactly the sharpest tack in the drawer but she is loyal (for now) and has been assigned to Ms. Abeja in the hopes that she can provide the young hire with the mentorship she needs to succeed in personnel security.  Melissa is in it for the thrills and the excitement of living on the edge and being in the middle of the adventure, not so much the gratuitous violence (but let’s face it, in Night City, most chooms in her line of work deserve it).  She’s a few hard life lessons, and on stay in the hospital away from a wake-up call from reality (much like her boss).


  • A Bit Ditzy.  Melissa is a bit ditzy and tends to giggle a lot.  She’s not particularly book smart but possesses a measure of cunning that she utilizes in tactical situations.  Out of combat situations, she misuses words and sounds like a complete airhead.
  • Hot/Crazy Matrix.  Melissa isn’t much of a talker.  She’s social, but while working she’d prefer to hit things and so leaves most of the talking to Ximena.  When set loose, her propensity for violence and the look of euphoria she wears while she’s beating someone to near-death makes it obvious, she’s a bit unhinged.
  • Attractive.  Whether natural or the result of meticulous carving, Melissa is an attractive woman, and she knows how to make the most of it.  She’s not averse to using her looks to place her targets off guard in a social setting, making her a great distraction for Ximena.
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Edgerunner: Patrick Saanvelt

Role: Netrunner

"Derezzed, file snagged, and bye bye!"

Name: Patrick Saanvelt

Cultural Origins: North America (Dutch)

Personality: Friendly, Laid-back, Outgoing

Clothing Style: Leisurewear

  • Hairstyle: Neat & Short
  • Affectation: Fingerless Gloves

What Do You Value Most? Comfort/Gratification.

  • Feelings About People? I like almost everyone.
  • Most Valued Person: My mentor, Marionette.
  • Most Valued Possession: A pendant given to him by Marionette.

Family Background: Corporate Technicians

  • Childhood Environment: Ran on the Street, with no adult supervision.
  • Family Crisis: You are the inheritor of a family debt; you must honor this debt before moving on with your life.

Life Goals: Settle the debt, and make a name for yourself.

Current Employment: Cracks systems for the fun of it. Works for himself and sells whatever data he finds on the NET. Has backdoors into a few Corporate warehouses for getting more programs.

Attributes -
INT 8 | REF 6 | DEX 6 | TECH 8 | COOL 6 | WILL 6 | LUCK 5 | MOVE 6 | BODY 5 | EMP 4 (6) 

Skills -

Personal Grooming 2, Persuasion 2, Wardrobe & Style 2

Athletics 2, Brawling 2, Evasion 4, Stealth 4

Human Perception 4, Conversation 4

Conceal/Reveal Object 2, Cryptography 4, Deduction 4, Education 4, Language (English) N/A, Language (NETSpeak) 4,  Language (Streetslang) 4, Library Search 6, Lip Reading 2, Local Expert (Wellsprings) 2, Perception 2

Handgun 4

Basic Tech 4, Electronics/Security Tech 6, First Aid 2, Pick Lock 2, Pick Pocket 2

Concentration 4

Role Ability: Interface 4 (3 NET Actions per turn)

Equipment - Agent, Carryall, Flashlight, Inflatable Bed & Sleep Bag, Lock-picking Set, Memory Chip x1, Personal CarePak, Techtool, Heavy Pistol (3d6), Light Armorjack Head Armor (11 SP), Light Armorjack Body Armor (11 SP), Rubber Ammunition x40

Fashion - Leisurewear (jacket, top, bottom, footwear)

Netrunning - Virtuality Goggles, Excellent-Quality Cyberdeck (Hardware: Backup Drive, Insulated Wiring [doesn’t take up an Option slot]; Programs: Armor, Flak, Sword x2, Quicksilver [+3 to Speed checks while Rezzed])

Cyberware (46/60 HUM) - Biomonitor, Neural Link, Interface Plugs (-2 EMP)

Hit Points - 40 (Seriously Wounded 20, Death Save 5)

Current Lifestyle: Kibble (1 month free)

Current Housing: A cargo container, located a little bit into the eastern side of Wellsprings. Could be a lot worse, but could be a lot better too. (1000 eb/month)

Workspace: It looks better in Virtuality, Patrick swears.


Mustang Arms Mark III | Acc: 10+1d10 | Dmg: 4d6 | Qual: Standard | Ammo Trait: Cannot cause Critical Injury, ablate armor, or reduce HP below 1.


Bio: Patrick Saanvelt grew up the son of white collar workers serving a mid-size Corporate financial institution. Despite the comfortable middle-class conapt life provided for him, his parents were constantly busy, leaving a boring void which Patrick sought to fill - as energetic youths might - with the allure of The Street.

It might have ended badly in time, if Marionette hadn’t found him. The old Edgerunner took a liking to the kid, became something of a second mother, and taught him the secrets of Netrunning (along with various Street survival skills). Patrick was hooked by the thrill and challenge of it.

But then Arasaka returned to Night City, and in 2073, bought out his parents’ employer. It sounded as if they were about to be axed in the incoming reorganization – until they weren’t. An enigmatic Arasaka exec contacted Patrick, who alluded to having a history with Marionette, and informed him that Patrick owed giri for the magnanimous retention of his parents, a debt that would be collected one day.

This disturbing encounter, and the absurdly relieved reaction of his gonk parents convinced Patrick to cut ties for good. Once Marionette deemed him to be ready, she too kicked him out to start operating on his own, but gave him parting gifts: upgrades to his cyberdeck, a custom written program called Quicksilver, and a pendant she said used to belong to a good friend.

In the past few years of freelancing, Patrick developed a sufficient foundation of professional rep that more opportunities are opening up. The prospect of a kibble-free diet looms ahead…

Psychological Profile: Patrick is a laid-back, casual individual who wants to enjoy life. He wants the thrills and satisfaction of netrunning, and the comforts of his middle-class childhood (or better, if he can make it big), but on his own terms. If he wanted Corporate shackles, he’d have never gone out to the Street. He treats everyone with an easygoing, friendly air unless given reason otherwise.

“Marionette”/Deborah - Patrick’s mentor is a rarity, a pre-Red Netrunner turned Techie, alive and going strong. Though over 80, she still only looks 50 and moves with the grace of a woman several decades younger (thanks to cyberware and other tricks).

NCPD White Hats - Underfunded and under equipped as they are, some netrunner cops have chosen to put Patrick on their list of ‘black hats’ to bust.


  • Nonlethal Ammo. Patrick uses rubber bullets in his gun. He says he’s not a violent person and doesn’t like leaving bodies, but he’s brain-fried at least one other Netrunner in the past. Deep down, it’s easier for him to offload responsibility if someone else is directly responsible for a present corpse. 
  • Arasaka? I Dunno... When business is involved, he hedges around the idea of involvement with Arasaka, positive or negative, whenever it's brought up. Mystery-sama (as Pat privately nicknamed the man) scared the hell out of him, and much as he wants the debt paid and done, he's worried coming to the megacorp's attention will only make things worse somehow.
  • Doesn't Gussy Up. While Patrick doesn't neglect hygiene, he's never particularly groomed or wear anything other than than easy, comfortable clothing unless he absolutely has to. If forced to, then expect complaints.
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Edgerunner: Megan "Quake" Richter

Role: Solo


CnsLAa1.jpgName: Megan Richter

Cultural Origins: North American

Personality: Stoic, Dedicated, Chill

Clothing Style: Leisure/Urban Flash

  • Hairstyle: Shoulder length, sidecut
  • Affectation: Metal

What Do You Value Most? Loyalty

  • Feelings About People? People are untrustworthy, until they prove otherwise.
  • Most Valued Person: Father
  • Most Valued Possession: Old photograph of mother.

Family Background: Combat Zone

  • Childhood Environment: Streets and gangs
  • Family Crisis: Family debt

Life Goals: Get out from under obligations so she can start living her own life.

Current Employment: Private security contractor

Attributes -


Role Ability: Combat Awareness 4

Skills -
Awareness Skills [INT]:

Concentration [WILL] 2, Conceal/Reveal Object 4, Lip Reading, Perception 5, Tracking

Body Skills [DEX]:
Athletics 5, Contortionist, Dance, Endurance [WILL] 2, Resist Torture/Drugs [WILL], Stealth 2

Control Skills [REF]:
Drive Land Vehicle 2, Pilot Air Vehicle, Pilot Sea Vehicle, Riding

Education Skills [INT]:
Accounting, Animal Handling, Bureaucracy, Business, Composition, Criminology, Cryptography, Deduction 3, Education 2, Gamble, Language (English) Native, Language (Street Slang) 2, Language (French Creole) 4, Library Search, Local Expert (Pacifica) 2, Science, Tactics 4, Wilderness Survival

Fighting Skills [DEX]:
Brawling 2, Evasion 6, Martial Arts (Judo) 6, Melee Weapon

Performance Skills:
Acting [COOL], Play Instrument [TECH]

Ranged Weapon Skills [REF]:
Archery, Autofire 6, Handgun 6, Heavy Weapons, Shoulder Arms 2

Social Skills [COOL]:
Bribery, Conversation [EMP] 2, Human Perception [EMP] 2, Interrogation, Persuasion 2, Personal Grooming, Streetwise 3, Trading, Wardrobe & Style

Technique Skill [TECH]:
Air Vehicle Tech, Basic Tech, Cybertech, Demolitions, Electronics/Security Tech, First Aid 2, Forgery, Land Vehicle Tech, Paint/Draw/Sculpt, Paramedic, Photography/Film, Pick Lock, Pick Pocket, Sea Vehicle Tech, Weaponstech


Equipment – Smart Glasses (Targeting Optics, Chyron, Customized Plug-In Port), Anti-smog Mask, Caryall, Radio Communicator, Flashlight, Rope (60yards), Binoculars, Handcuffs, Agent, Very Heavy Pistol, Heavy SMG, Light Armorjack Body Armor (11SP), Light Armorjack Head Armor (SP11), Ammunition (VH Pistol) 40, (HSMG) 80

Fashion: Leisurewear (footwear, jacket, bottoms, top), Urban Flash (jacket, bottoms, top)
Fashionware: Shift-tacts (Glowing red; triggered when angry), tech-hair, chemskin

Lifestyle: Housing - Cube Hotel (Rent: 500), Food - Kibble

Cyberwear (70/70 HUM) –

Hit Points – 45 (Seriously Wounded 23, Death Save 😎


Arasaka Zenith | Acc: 14+1d10 | Dmg: 4d6 | Acc: Smarlink | Qual: Std

Beretta PM-26 PDW | Acc: 14+1d10 | Dmg: 3d6 | Firing Modes: 3 rnd burst, Autofire 3, Suppression | Qual: Std

Judo | Acc: 14+1d10 | Dmg: 3d6 1/2 SP | RoF 2 | Manuevers: Counterthrow, Escape Grab

Bio: Megan's parents were unfortunate victims of Pacifica's fall to anarchy. Her father worked on one of the construction crews as a foreman, her mother was a company medic. They weren't so much fired from their positions as the company ceased to exist overnight, and before they knew what was happening it was too dangerous to move around the streets. They found solidarity with a pack of similar residents and helped found 'The Eastgate Hussars,' which was essentially a cross between a neighborhood watch and a street gang; a model adopted by other gangs moving in, albeit on larger scales. For a time they held their turf, and there was a semblance of something approaching order.

Megan herself ranged beyond the boundaries of Hussar territory out of wanderlust and loneliness. There weren't many kids her age on the block she grew up on, plain and simple. She learned to protect herself, training daily with several of the Hussars, and that combined with a child's sense of invulnerability to make her overconfident in her abilities. It all came crashing down with breathtaking speed though. (continued)

Psychological Profile: Megan Richter is methodical in her approach to life; a symptom of someone who has fallen victim to her own impatience too many times. This applies especially to giving trust and forming relationships; though she tends to put forward a relaxed and convivial attitude, she is much slower to build trust than she might seem to be. The flip side of this is that she holds herself to high standards of integrity so she can honestly say she can trust herself. Similarly, when someone has earned that trust from her, she keeps it close and values it dearly. Less than a handful of people in the world currently enjoy that status with her.

Beyond trust issues, Richter is not given to complain or give voice to her troubles; preferring instead to take action whenever possible. Her actions, as with most things about her, are planned in advance as much as possible...though Megan is not given to complex scheming. She prefers simple, direct plans when that's feasible and only adds complicating factors grudgingly and with prejudice. Indeed her planning process is more of a mental exercise to force her to slow down and think things through than anything.

Known Allies:

"Giz" - A technician posted in Quake's squad while she served with the Hellrazors mercenaries, Quake and Giz established a fast friendship after he took fire and she dragged him into cover and administered enough first aid to keep him alive until they could be extracted. Throughout the course of her service in the unit Giz was a confidant and occasional lover until she left. Quake benefitted from Giz's technical expertise as well, as he often offered her unique 'gizmos' to field test. Her customized smart glasses that can interface with smartguns is one such device.


? –



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Gunnar 'Einherjar' Torenson

Role: Techie

" Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, strike like a thunderbolt."

 Gunnar Torenson

Cultural Origins: West European (German)

Personality: Rebellious, antisocial and violent.

Clothing Style: Nomad Leathers

  • Hairstyle: Short cropped
  • Affectation: Mercenary tattoos

What Do You Value Most? His word.

  • Feelings About People? Despises almost everyone. ("Maggots." is his favorite term for the public at large.)
  • Most Valued Person: No-one (Somewhat of a nihilist, Gunnar barely values his own life.  It's mostly simple cussedness that keeps him going)
  • Most Valued Possession: A photo of himself with an old flame. (Yes, he's still got a touch of the big hearted romantic in him.  Well hidden, and very scarred.)

Family Background: Pacifica Combat Zoners

  • Childhood Environment: In Pacifica, learning to fight and survive.
  • Family Crisis: Family were wiped out in one of Pacifica's innumerable gang wars.

Life Goals: Save an old flame from prison.  (A matter of honor as much as romance.)

Current Employment: Works alone, a self-employed jack-of-all trades Techie.  Main clients are Solos and combat types, wanting weapons fixed or upgraded.  Gets most of his supplies through scavenging combat zones, but has attracted the notice of 6th Street, who want him to work for them.

Attributes -


Skills -
Role Special:
4 (Field Expertise 2, Upgrade 2, Fabrication 2, Invention 2)

Awareness Skills [INT]:
Concentration [WILL] 2, Conceal/Reveal Object, Lip Reading , Perception 4, Tracking

Body Skills [DEX]:
Athletics 4, Contortionist, Dance, Endurance [WILL] 4, Resist Torture/Drugs [WILL], Stealth 4

Control Skills [REF]:
Drive Land Vehicle 1, Pilot Air Vehicle, Pilot Sea Vehicle, Riding

Education Skills [INT]:
Accounting , Animal Handling, Bureaucracy , Business , Composition, Criminology, Cryptography, Deduction 4, Education 3, Gamble, Language (German) 4, Language (Street Slang) 2, Language (Spanish) N/A, Library Search, Local Expert (Pacifica) 3, Science, Tactics 2, Wilderness Survival

Fighting Skills [DEX]:
Brawling 6, Evasion 4, Martial Arts, Melee Weapon

Performance Skills:
Acting [COOL], Play Instrument [TECH]

Ranged Weapon Skills [REF]:
Archery, Autofire, Handgun 5, Heavy Weapons, Shoulder Arms 5

Social Skills [COOL]:
Bribery, Conversation [EMP] 2, Human Perception [EMP] 2, Interrogation, Persuasion 2, Personal Grooming 4, Streetwise, Trading, Wardrobe & Style 4

Technique Skill [TECH]:
Air Vehicle Tech, Basic Tech 4, Cybertech, Demolitions 3, Electronics/Security Tech 3, First Aid 4, Forgery, Land Vehicle Tech 3, Paint/Draw/Sculpt, Paramedic, Photography/Film, Pick Lock, Pick Pocket, Sea Vehicle Tech, Weaponstech 4


Equipment – Light Armorjack Body Armor(Modified with Duraweave inlays) (12SP), Light Armorjack Head Armor (SP11), V. Heavy Pistol (4d6): Custom Smartlink, Concealable, Ammunition(Standard x50, Armor Piercing x20), Techtool, Computer, Agent.

Fashion: Leathers (Bottoms x 1, Jacket x1, T-shirt x5, Boots x 1), 3x light tattoos.

Cyberwear (23/50 HUM) – Cyberarm(left) with:-Big Knucks (Heated mod – applies mild fire status),Techscanner, Subdermal Grip; Neural Link; Right hand Subdermal Grip

Hit Points – 45 (Seriously Wounded 23, Death Save 8.)

Home/Lifestyle - Gunnar lives in a lockup (cargo container) on the edges of the Pacifica combat zone. It ain’t much, but it’s home. Sort of. At least for now.

Workspace: A mess of blueprint paper, tools, and odds and ends of junk that may or may not be useful.

Inventions of Note:
Custom Neural Lock Smartlink – Acts as a smartlink modification but also is keyed to a particular neural link pattern, without which it simply will not fire.


Bio: Gunnar Torenson has never known an easy lesson in his life. Born and raised in Pacifica, his family scrounged and scraped a living in the combat zone. He took to two things well – building and repairing devices scavenged by his family, and violence. His intellect helped him with the first, and his size and ferocity with the second, and the young man could well have become a fixture in Night City’s underworld if not for the murder of his entire extended gang family, including his first girlfriend, by a rival gang.  Losing his taste for the backstabbing paranoia of Night City, Gunnar left what was remaining of his home and travelled, signing on with whatever merc group would have him and fighting in brushfire
wars and corporate struggles all over the world. His skills at weapon maintenance, security and demolitions stood him in as good a stead as his aptitude for warfare, but his poor people skills and violent, rebellious attitude have inevitably led him back to Night City, minus an arm and all out of second chances...

Psychological Profile: A life of harsh conflict and hard knocks has made a hard man.  Gunnar has no time for weakness or sentimentality, his concept of 'warriors honor' the only check on his violent temper most of the time.  He despises weasel words and people who pretend to verbal cleverness, preferring straight talk amongst allies - deception is for enemies, after all, and the surest way to get on his bad side is to play games with him.  He is not, as people have found out to their shock and dismay, merely a violent thug however.  His technological skills and his delight in setting intricate mechanical or electronic booby traps display a subtlety of thought that is not at all obvious when speaking to the man, and his lifetime of war has left him with a solid tactical grounding that many street-raised edgerunners may lack.


-Kingsly, the government official – During Gunnar’s travelling mercenary days, he crossed paths with a Fixer by the name of Kingsly Horowitz, a weaselly man with a tendency to play both ends against the middle so long as it benefited him. Gunnar caused him a severe public humiliation after a deal went sour and the big Techie lost his temper and beat Kingsly until he pissed himself in front of an entire bar.  Nowadays, Kingsly has moved on to a different kind of Fixer work as part of Night City’s political machinery. Has three friends who might conceivably help him get even. Kingsly isn’t likely to risk direct confrontation again, but will almost certainly try to backstab Gunnar indirectly if he gets a

-R.C, the boosterganger – R.C. ‘Arcee’ Koontz, street enforcer and up-and-comer of the 6th Street Gang. Him and Gunnar just don’t like each other: like a more explosive mixture of oil and water. Can throw himself and 1 close friend at Gunnar. Confrontations between them invariably turn violent.  Only the fact that 6th Street want Gunnar working for them keeps RC from being able to get the traction to off the big techie, but it's only a matter of time.



  • Cigars.  He's always got one in his teeth, though it's not always lit.
  • Maggots.  If you've not seen war, if you're not prepared to shed your own blood to see the enemy bleed, if you think you can benefit from violence with clean hands and are better than him because of it, if you'd rather lick the boot than rip the leg off - you're a maggot.  Deal with it, and be better.
  • Anger Issues.  He's got them.  Morose and sullen most of the time, when poked this bear will turn vicious.  And no, his bark is not worse than his bite.
  • Brotherhood of battle.  Einherjar has a lot of time for those he's shared a battlefield with, even those on opposite sides - so long as the conflict is now past.  Mercs and veterans, if they can prove their bona fides, tend to get some slack.



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