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This is happening in an alternate timeline, one in which European exploration and conquest of the New World never got off the ground (due to the Black Plague being far, far worse than on Prime), and with the bulk of North America still being in the hands of Native Americans, with little to no influence by outside cultures. Timeslip transported Wakinyan to this timeline at his request; he hoped to learn more about his culture (and himself) in more pristine surroundings.

The presence of the larger "Taint-Waki" appears to be the result of yet another timeline, from which Taint-Waki was exiled by an alternate Timeslip and alternate Long after having been at least partly responsible for the destruction of Chicago and the deaths of the alt-WCK, alt-Samhra and alt-Thoughtwave (at a minimum). Unless I badly miss my guess, "Taint-Waki" is a plot device to show Prime-Waki just how bad he could become if he does not learn to control himself and his beastial nature. That, at least, appears to be the intent.

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