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Aberrant RPG - What's your character like? Part 2


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might as well get me feet wet,

this isn't spartan, it's a pc i made for a friend's game.

Name: Hiroku Moyo

Nature: Follower

Allegiance: Utopia

Willpower: 3

Iniative: 26

Physicals: 5

Mentals: 5

Socials: 5

Abilities: all @ 5 on the sheet (plus Weaving) and 20 specialties

Cipher 5

Eufiber 5

Dormancy 2

Utopia 3

Quantum: 1

Taint: 0

Mega Atts: 1 in all of them

Enhancements: Precision, Athletic Prodigy, Hardbody, Blindfighting, Eidetic Memory, Multitasking, Mr. Nobody, Conflicting Accounts, Seductive, Perfect Guest


"You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning and you can't remember your dream, knowing it was really important? Have you ever woke to find yourself coated in sweat, your sheets tangled around you?" He smiles, "I always swore that when i described my condition, I would simply say that I have amnesia, but it's not that simple. Something... terrible happened, and i chose to have my memories erased. My life is better now, I work for Utopia and I know that what I do is for a finer world. And if the price is the nightmares i have every night, then I'm happy to bear that burden."

Mr. Moyo has worked in every single division of Project Utopia, he has no memories beyond a year ago, at first he attempted to learn about his past, but what research he has done has turned nothing of value up, he is pretty certain that he is asian. his power scheme seems to be devoted to remaining as human as possible, and on one occasion freaked out when he personally witnessed a high level abberrant use his powers.

i've only played one session with Hiroki but so far he seems to be a polite, quiet man who is content to let others take the spotlight. when he is needed, he acts with utmost precision.

oh and his cipher rating is the directive background taught to baselines to help them resist mental powers however the game is a very paranoid one and to even imply that i have an odd background, no matter how innocent the reason (the first character i've made w/o psi shield 5 or a couple of mental invulnerabilities) would be tantamount to screaming that i was a spy in character.

if/when i figure out stats for Spartan Clear i'll let you know, since i plan on posting on opnet as him sooner or later...

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Typically I can't find Beth's sheet. I've found Twist's however and here she is. Warning she's nowhere near a starting level character.

Name: Irena "Twist" Martin

Eruption: Claustrophobe trapped in lift

Nature: Facilitator (gains willpower for easing communication between people)

Allegiance: Morgan Nova Services (Elite Agency)

Strength 4, Dexterity 5, Stamina 5

Perception 5, Intelligence 4, Wits 4

Appearance 5, Manipulation 4, Charisma 5

Athletics 5, Firearms 3, Martial Arts 5, Endurance 3, Resistance 3, Awareness 3, Intrusion 3, Survival 1, Rapport 4, Style 2, Etiquette 4, Linguistics 3

Backgrounds:- Allies 1, Backing 3, Resourses 4, Eufiber 3, Influence 3, Dormancy 1

Willpower 7, Quantum 5, Taint 3

Mega atts:-

Mega Dex 3 (Accuracy)

Mega Stam 3 (Hardbody, Resiliency)

Mega Perc 3 (Ultraperipheral Perception)

Mega App 2 (Seductive Looks)

Mega Char 3 (Seductive, Soothe)


Teleport (combat) 2

Warp 2

Spatial Manipulation 4 (Spatial Shockwave (single target), Spatial Shockwave (area), Ripple Shield, Askew)


Irena was only 15 when she erupted in 2001. Prior to this event she was an unremarkable British teenager who performed adequately in school and was pretty and personable enough to get asked out on dates regularly. She was also claustrophobic.

Which makes the fact she got in the lift at the shopping centre that day remarkable but Irena did not want to look a fool in front of her friends and therefore did it. Unfortunately the lift got stuck and Irena panicked. The stress was enough to trigger her eruption and her powers completly twisted the lift out of shape as she attempted to escape before her subconscious shifted tack warping herself and her friends out of there. The shopping centre sued her but the courts decided the damage had been unintentional and would not have happened had the lift been properly maintained much to her relief.

Initially she was sent by her parents to the Rashoud Centre in London for training but found it incredibly stuffy and left as soon as she legally could. She quickly hooked up with a small British agency for Elites.

Until recently she'd been relatively unknown (for a nova anyway) but recently her name made the headlines when she actually risked her own neck to open a warp portal and evacuate the non-combatants from a refugee camp before the Elite she was fighting could vapourize them in cold blood. (Basically the Elite in question had been sent on a mission to kill one particular refugee in the camp - an exiled opposition politician from an obscure country - and he'd been ordered to make it look like he was collateral damage.) How she caught onto the plan is currently unknown but has gained her some favourable media attention and not a little scorn from some other elites who think she's too much of an idealist for the mercenary business. They may be right but she certainly doesn't pull her punches in a fight.

Image: Twist doesn't bother with a mask. She doesn't break any international laws (except in self-defense) and thinks the whole Persona thing is childish. She is stunningly attractive with long raven hair that she pulls back in a simple plait when on missions and wears up on most other occassions and captivating green eyes. Her Eufiber usually forms a body hugging catsuit and is either black or camoflage depending on the circumstances.

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And heres Walkers stats. Feel free to use/abuse him in yr tabletop campaign

This character was designed using core rules as a story teller character for the series I am running . I wanted a high powered warper as a mentor/ally/contact. I wanted an independent Nova who had been around a bit and was a survivor as well. I didn’t include any offensive powers as such but made him tough to kill by including Intuition/Megastam/Forcefield. The main thrust of his character was someone who was capable of going to (and had been to) other planets and stars. I used 60 nova points to reflect his long experience and figured he erupted with about 30-40 points. I thought he’d be fun and interesting to play on this board, coz he’s got lots of mystery and has been out of touch for so long and don’t know nothing about recent events (or does he?).

Name: Walker (Simon Myer)

Concept: Philosopher/Dreamer

Nature: Explorer

Allegiance: Independent


Cipher 4 Resources 3 Allies 2 Node 3 Eufiber 4 Contacts 2


Strength 2 Dexterity 4 (Nimble) Stamina 4 (Unflagging)

Perception 4 (Intuitive) Intelligence 4 (Pragmatic) Wits 4 (Level Headed)

Appearance 2 Manipulation 4 (Persuasive) Charisma 3


Athletics 2 Martial Arts 1 Melee 1 Stealth 2 Awareness 2 Investigation 2 Academics 1 Computer 2 Engineering 1 Medicine 1 Science (Astronomy, Biology) 3 Survival 3 Biz 1 Rapport 1 Style 1 Streetwise 2 Subterfuge 2 Etiquette 1 Perform 1

Quantum: 5

Taint: 5

Aberrations: Orange Glow, Bulging Braincase,

Willpower: 4

Mega Atts and Enhancements:

Mega-Stamina 2 (Adaptability/Resilience) Mega-Perception 3 (Hyper-Enhanced Hearing/Electromagnetic Scan/Quantum Attunment) Mega Wits 1 (Foresight)

Quantum Powers:

Nature Mastery 2 Forcefield 2 Warp 4 Pretercognition 1 Intuition 2

History brief: (or what you can find out about him)

As a child Simon was some thing of an oddity, he was a very bookish child interested in nearly every subject but also loved spending time outdoors climbing, walking and fishing. His family was well off financially and Simon just couldn’t decide which one of his interests he wanted to follow so after school he drifted for a number of years. He and his family were on a yachting holiday in the Mediterranean not long after Nday when he started to suffer from headaches and had to spend a day in bed. As the day wore on the headaches grew worse and he started to have strange hallucinations of drowning and shipwrecks. His family grew increasingly concerned for his health and Simon also grew worried for his family as the visions seemed to be a fore taste of the dark clouds on the horizon. The boat turned back for the nearest port but five miles out the storm hit wrecking the boat. Simons headache cleared and he somehow knew exactly what to do he had to open a gate to the port for his family to be saved. ‘Open a gate?’ he thought but there was no time for rationalisation and he just did it. After the shock wore off it was clear that what was happening to people over the globe was happening to him (remember this was the early days) and so he went into hiding. For a year he helped smuggle drugs, strictly small time. His talents had grown in that year but the chaos of 1999 and some disturbing visions he had experienced convinced Walker, as he now called himself, to leave earth. He knew by now he was adaptable and hard to kill, and had experimented, going to the moon and mars and pushing his gates further and further. The story goes, to those in the know, that one day he stocked up on a variety of mundane and unusual equipment and just ‘left’ and was never heard of since, all attempts to find him ending in failure…

Over a decade later Walker has started showing up again. Reports are that he’s made contact with his family and with a few other Novas via the opnet and in person. Where has he been? and what exactly did he see in his vision that caused him to leave? Walker is remaining tight-lipped for now aside from the odd hint here and there. According to a recent rumor a visit to the Daedalus League saw him meet with some of their top people and give them dozens of handwritten note books after swearing them to some sort of secrecy, shortly thereafter he joined the League itself. Another more recent rumour suggests he's heading up some sort of secret project that has something to do with the League as well.

Amendments:- 27.5.03

I changed enhanced initiative to foresight (from the Brainwave material which is knocking about on this site) because it makes more sense given what little I've written about Walkers self defence style.

I added Quantum Attunment because it makes more sense for Walker to have this rather than just his node, this was primarily because of his vision of the quantum universe as presented in the fiction piece A Little Proposition.

I stuck on another point of Quantum and Mega Perception because of the large number of successes needed on the Warp roll for interstellar travel.

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I posted a draft of Dave before, but I made enough changes that I'd thought do so again. Dr. Troll isn't a table top character, I built him for this forum. That being the case, I was in a quandary as how to handle experience. The solution was to run him in real time, meaning that a day passes for him for every day that passes for us and vice versa.

I put his experience earning rate at 2.5 a week (table top usually means once a week for roughly 3 experience so that seemed fair). Similarly, I did some APG things to squish him into 30 points, but since he was kept to 30 that seemed fair.

Character Name: David Smith (Dr. Troll)

Nature: Analyst (+Bravo; see Bonus pnts).

Eruption: Lost Temper

Eruption Date: June 20, 2012 (Date started, June 20, 2002)

Date of Birth: September 13, 1985

Theme: He turns into a 10ft tall, green, superstrong, regenerating,

bad-tempered mitoid. I guess I forgot to have a theme. smile

Cost Structure: 30 point character.

5 Quantum; 30 Q.Pool; 2 Taint; 7 Willpower; 6 Initiative(Dex+Wits)


-2 Addicted to Body Morph (legal)

-1 Q-Flaw: Big Muscles (only BM form: half value)

-1 Q-Flaw: Green Skin (only BM form: half value)

-1 Dual Nature (BM's nature is Bravo; weaker form of

Multiple personality. Sometimes played as "Bad Temper": BM Only)

-3 Q-Flaw: Uncontrollable Power (BM) Anger/Stress/Pain/Damage

Backgrounds: 3 Node, 5 EuFiber(Vampiric), 2 Backing(DeVries)

(Backgrounds not purchased but effectively has: 4 Resources, 3 Contacts).


5 Str 4 Per 3 App

2 Dex 5 Int 3 Manip

5 Stam 3 Wits 3 Chr


+3 Body Morph:Troll: bought as "Hard Solid":

...+1 Density Control: Increase (APC option)

...+1 SizeMorph: Grow

...+1 Force Field (defined as superfast healing/shapechange)

+2 Psychic Shield

+1 Quantum Shield

+2 Armor+Impervious(1/11)

+1 Density Increase + Extreme Density (weakness:Trollform only)

Mega-Attributes: Human (Troll)

1(6) Mega-Str(Q-Leap)

4(5) Mega-Stamina(Health,Regen,Resx2)

1... Mega-Dex(Physical Prodigy)

3... Mega-Int(Taint Resist)

Soak (Troll Form average): 48/48

5/2 Stamina

5/3 Mega-Stamina

5/3 Mega-Stamina(Res)

5/2 Mega-Stamina(Resx2)

5/5 EuFiber(Vamp)

3/3 Density Increase

1/11 Armor+Impervious(1/11)

19/19 Force Field (average)

Soak (Human Form): 23/24

5/2 Stamina

5/5 EuFiber(Vamp)

4/2 Mega-Stamina

4/2 Mega-Stamina(Res)

4/2 Mega-Stamina(Resx2)

1/11 Armor+Impervious(1/11)

Attack:Punch(bashing) Troll(9d[30]+acc) Human(7d+acc)

Movement(m)Walk/Run/Sprint: Troll(9/17/35) Human(7/15/29)

Health Levels:

Troll: Bruised(x5);Hurt;Injured;Wounded;Maimed;Crippled;Incap;Dead

David: Bruised(x3);Hurt;Injured;Wounded;Maimed;Crippled;Incap;Dead

Abilities (23+12=35)

5 Brawl(while Green; vs M-Dex), 5 FireArms, 4/5 Endurance, 4/5 Resistance,

2 Awareness, 2 Computer,

5 Engineering, 3 Linguistics (English,Spanish,French,Arabic)

5 Medicine, 5 Science, 1 Survive(space), 3 Intimidation

Experience (earns 2.5 per week, real time, every Thursday)

05 5 Regeneration

14 9 Increased Body Morph to level 2; q cost now 2

20 6 +1 M-Str(1) (Q-leap) 9/5/02

29 9 +1 Clone(1) (-3 Weak: every clone adds +1 diff to Int rolls) 9/12/02

35 6 +1 Armor(1) (0/6) 9/26/02

36 1 +Survive(Space) 10/07/02

39 3 Increased Armor to Armor+Impervious 10/10/02

45 6 +1 Mega-Dex(Physical Prodigy) 11/10/02

54 9 +1 Density Increase + Extreme Density (Weak: Trollform only)

55 1 +Brawl(While Green) 12/3/02

60 5 +Mega-Stamina(Resisance) 12/05/02

65 5 +Mega-Stamina(2xResisance) 1/07/03

70 5 +1 Mega-Int (1 => 2) 2/5/03

73 3 +1 Psychic Shield (1 => 2) 2/5/03

74 1 +Brawl(vs M-Dex) 2/5/03

84 10 +1 Mega-Int (2 => 3) 3/28/03

91 7 +1 Armor (1=>2) 3/28/03

93 2 +1 Survive

96 3 +1 Quantum Shield (See Chill's Euronet)

6 Unspent Exp as of 03/27/03

Background: He was a Chem-E grad student who lost his temper because of a massive headache. A combination of poor health and comic books turned him into a hulking Troll. After throwing the Chem-E building into the parking lot, he was captured by T2M and spent some time in a PU clinic. After finishing off his PhD while still in training, he decided that DeVries would be better, jumped ship, and joined DeVries.

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I am new here (though I have been reading alot of posts through a friend) and thought I'd post my character. Not much of a history yet. Hopefull that will develop here.

By the by, does anybody have a web site that I can post a pic of char at? It would be greatlu appricated.


Name: Roslyn “Pump” Kluesner

Strength •••••/• Mega

Dexterity •••/• Mega

Stamina ••••/• Mega

Enhancements: Quantum Leap, Perfect Balance, Durability

Charisma •••

Manipulation ••

Appearance •••/• Mega

Enhancements: Picture Perfect

Intelligence ••

Perception ••

Wits •••


Athletics •••, Drive •, Brawling •••, Might •••, Endurance •••, Resistance •••, Academics ••, Computer •, Medicine ••, Awareness ••, Biz ••, Rapport •, Streetwise •, Subterfuge •, Style •••, Intimidation •, Etiquette ••, Performance ••

Nature/Demeanor: Martyr/Gallant

Willpower: ••••

Quantum: ••••

Quantum Pool: 30


Boost • (Strength & Dexterity)

Bounce •

Armor ••



Node ••••, Resources •••, Attunement •••, Followers •••

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Okay, it took me forever to get around to it, but here is Stigmata (thanks for the help Prodigy!)

*not a starting level character*

Strength: 3

Dexterity: 3/2 (fine manipulation)

Stamina: 4/4 (regeneration, health)

Perception: 3/2 (quantum attunement, electromagnetic vision)

Intelligence: 2

Wits: 3/2 (artistic genius)

Appearance: 3

Manipulation: 2

Charisma: 2.

Brawl 3, Drive 2, Firearms 1, Legerdemain 2, Melee 1, Stealth 2, Awareness 3, Intrusion 1, Arts 4, Rapport 2, Intimidation 2, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 2, Perform 3.

Allies 1, Node 3, Resources 1, Cipher 2


Metamorphic blood-

Armor-3 (weakness, not continuous)

-Immolate-3 (weakness, dependent on Armor. Extra: Armor Piercing)

Claws-5 (extra: Armor Piercing)

Immobilize 3

-Claws 4 (weakness, dependent on Immobilize, Extra: Ranged)

Elemental Mastery (her own blood)-5


Precognition-4 (weakness, can only see events of death)

Psychic Shield-3


Willpower- 6

Quantum- 5

Taint- 6

Aberrations- Red skin with glowing veins, Aberrant Eyes (pools of glowing, swirling blood), Third Eye (Stig has an eye on her forehead that appears when she uses any mental powers or mega perception abilities)


Florida Annabelle Keyes grew up in a trailer in Flint, Michigan. Her single mother raised her until mom re-married when Florida was 16. When the new stepfather turned out to be an abusive ass, Florida stayed away from home as much as possible. Her mother refused to leave her husband, basically choosing him over Florida.

After this, Florida ran away with the intentions of going to the state of Florida, but ended up getting stuck in Detroit. There she met up with some squatters and did typical squatter things. She played music on street corners for change, shoplifted regularly, dealt drugs here and there, the occasional b&e, that sort of thing. Any real talent she may of had in art or music was stifled by the amount of drugs she ingested. And any money she happened to acquire went strait to the vein.

When she erupted, it was a night like any other, cold as usual in SW Detroit. She had hooked up with what she thought was a prime deal on some smack. Maybe she had too much, maybe the stuff was "bad" but that's when it happened. Her veins seized to flow, her heart stopped...seconds went by and then like an explosion of blood, she erupted. Her blood forced every amount of toxin out of her body through every poor, in the shape of spikes, needles and quills made of blood. Then in an instant it all sucked back into her, coming with it a wave of clarity and sobriety.

Always being anti-establishment, anti-authority, and pretty much anti-everything, Utopia is the last place she wanted to go, especially since she wasn't sure if she would be considered an "ugly" nova or not, and had heard the conspiracy theories about what happened to them. But with no real options immediately available, she went to the only place she knew. Home.

She worked things out with her mother who finally pressed charges against her husband for all the abuse he had done. From there her mother talked her into doing the sensible thing of going to a Rashoud facility. She quickly made friends with an eccentric (maybe crazy) Dr. Yvonne Carsola, who began to study the applications of Florida’s blood abilities to her research in hematology.

After learning to fully control her new self, Florida returned to Flint and found work at a small, yet well known barking parlor. She began with simple tattoo and piercings but then moved on to more creative ventures, creating a new form of body art, utilizing the finite control of her own blood to manipulate others, and scar their tissues in a whole new fashion.

Now calling herself Stigmata, Florida seems to be living happily ever after, but how long can that last?

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*NOTE* Yi is not a starting level character by any means, and was created almost entirely by Derek Burrows (my ST, who generated this character as part of our game, The Dynasty. Props to Derek smile

Chen Mu Yi:Yi?s life is a microcosm of Communist China. His father was a government bueracrat who, seeing young Chen?s skill with Wu Shu, immediatly put him into training for state security. The boy didn?t know anything better, so he did as he was told. He was good, everyone complimented him on his skills, and he was awarded several medals for his skill and dedication. However, he began to have his doubts. Communism wasn?t working. He could see that and wondered why noone else could. It was during a lecture from a higher officer that Chen found enlightenment in the form of Eruption. Suddenly, it was all spelled clear to him. The imperfections in the government, how he could make a proper one. Experimention with his powers later showed him to have garnered superhuman physical abilities, and his already formidable martial arts prowess had drastically increased. Soon striking out on his own, Chen, who now called himself only ?Yi? after the celestial archer of Chinese folklore, knew that his only option to garner wealth was as an elite, and at the same time he didn?t have the powers nessecary to overthrow his government. So for now Yi bides his time and plans and becomes more depressed with the state of things.

Appearence: Except for being a bit taller, Yi could be a dead ringer for a Jet Li lookalike competition. Although slightly thinner in the face as well, the two are almost identical. In the field Yi mostly dresses in light black body armor with bandoliers of equipment, from knives to guns to swords to grenades, hanging off it, though he tends to wear a trenchcoat around normal people

Str 5 Per 5 App 2

Dex 5 Int 5 Man 2

Sta 5 Wit 5 Chr 2

Initiative 21 (31)

Soak 22B/15L

Quantum 6

Quantum Pool 40

Taint 3

Willpower 6

Abilities: Might 1, Athletics 5, Drive 2, Firearms 5,

Legerdemain 5, Martial Arts 5, Melee 5, Pilot 1, Stealth

5,Endurance 5, Resistance 5, Awarness 4, Investigation 2,

Academics 2, Bureacracy 1, Computers 2, Intrusion 4,

Linguistics 3, Medicine 1, Survival 1, Intimidation 4,

Interrogation 4, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 4, Ettiquette 1

Backgrounds: Node 1, Resources 3, Cipher 3

+2 Quantum (2 taint)

+2 Mega-Str

-Irresistable Force

+2 Mega-Sta

-Resiliency x2

-Immovable Object

+3 Mega-Dex


-Physical Prodigy


-Perfect Balance


+2 Mega-Per

-Blind Fighting

-Ultra-Peripheral Vision

+2 Mega-Int



-Analyze Weakness

+5 Mega-Wits(1 taint)

-Enhanced Init x2

-Quickness x4



+1 Claws (Mastery, Aggravated)

+1 Armor (Mastery, Impervious)

+1 Boost (Dexterity and Strength) (Mastery,Reduced Cost, Extra Attribute)

+12 Att pts

+40 Ability pts

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Well, Sandy was a good girl, yes she was. Pure and true, sweet as a sugar, and twice and nice, but most of all she was a shy. She hated her looks, and hated the way people looked at her. She couldn't hide what she was, even before becoming a nova..

She was raised up when novas were changing the world, in a place that said that they were the work of the devil, she knew this. When she became a nova one day praying to God. She was damned, and turned into a sucubbus, or nymph. Her body was damnd to be never touched again At least that is what she saw when she looked into a mirror. She was blazing like a sun. Her body was covered in lights but not flames. She was hot, the ashes that were her seat were her proof.

After all God had let the devil infest her with evil powers. Her faith was shattered, but more so her spirit so that she didn't even pick up her things as she ran right threw the door. Her face covered in tears as she ran. She never really knew of the world outside of the boarding school, yes she heard of what some of the other girls talked about. But she was not like them she was raised by the sisters in that school, and never really went outside of the school. She did not really believe half the stories about the outside world, all the changed when she ran down the that street that lead to the school, and along the high way a blazing ball of light at speeds of traffic. She ran and ran.Before she knew it she was in the middle of a large city. It was to her, Mass-point Organ. It had nearly 20,000 people. But then she never been out of the school grounds.. She never needed or wanted to. When she looked around at all the people, and all of them looking at her. Well she didn't notice that she was no longer a ball of light but that didn't mater much, as her head killing her and her eyes were not staying open. She passed out in the middle of the town.

When she woke up she was in a white room. She later learned she wa sin a Rashoud Faclity. it as they put it a safe room, as they din't know what her powers really were.. She was scared half to death. The doctors tried to help her over her fears of herself and other novas, she was getting better they brought her out slowly to learn with the other novas, when she saw Mat Thomson. She well had her first crush, witch was some what strange as she was 17 at the time but then again she had lived in a “cave”. He took a liking to her as well, and becuse of her new nova body..She was just so pure and sweet, really he thought it was an act, but this was not true. So when he took her into his room one night things got messy. No one died, but she went back into her old fears. That is until Jen Davis, her aunt of all things showed up .Stacy may have been her aunt but was only a few year older than her. She was a nova as well, and when Stacy took Sandy into her arms it was everything was right, and nothing was wrong.

Sandy asked why was she put into the school,Stacy only could say thatit was better than having to live with her parents,and somehow that was all she needed.

By the time Sandy learned how to use her power, and have somewhat of a grasp of her fears, she had spent two years in utopia's care. Jen was in charge of her case and was heart broken to hear that Sandy did want to work for utopia. Sandy had lived in a “cave” all her life and most of the last two years had fought her how little of the world she knew,she wanted to try things out for herself . Jen understood this somewhat..She gave Sandy a few things she would need, a modest credit line, being only in the high four figure range, a few numbers, some small stuffs, but most importantly a suit of eufiber

She traveled for a few months and was a aproched by many agents of many agencies, and she trunked all of them down until she was aproched by the Peace-keepers Inc. When she was hired to to high profile low risk jobs. She was more of a status symbol. In all her jobs she was partnered with Alex “Defender” Smith, wile powerful nova, none to pleasing on the eyes. They made an odd pair but worked well together. She grew rather fond of him, and would have done something stupid thing like marry him. That was before they took a job gaurding a man who was a mark go Totentanz, they did not know this untill it was too late, and the mad man was on them, Alex was killed, and Sandy was half way killed herself. That was the end of her life as an Elite.That was about 6 months ago

Birth Name:Sandy Davis

Nova name: Miss Fortune

Eruption: Revelatoin


Dexterity:4/1 mega(Enhanced movement)

Staminia:3/1 mega(Regeneration)




Appearance:5/2 mega(Awe-inspiring, Dreadul Mien)




Athletics:3, drive:3,Martial arts:5,Endurance:4, Resitstance:3, Linguistics:2(English ,german, and latin),medicine:2, Arts:3 Biz:2 Style:3,Etiqutte:2,Preform: 3

Back grounds

Allies:2(her aunt)

Contacts:1(firends in peacekeeper inc)







Immolate3 (light)

Edges and flaws.

Weak Sense:1(touch)


Phobia:2( Totentanz)

Cruse of venus:1(for some odd reason women hit on her...)

Eufiber attuned:2

Will power:3





Walk 7M/run 17 m/sprint 35m


((I spent all 30, boooya!))

[ 10-25-2002: Message edited by: Sandy Davis- Miss-Fortune ]

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Ya spend the point necessary to create the character ya wants. If you can do that in 10, 20 or 29 then there you go. I did have the enormous pleasure of being in a troupe where the ST was easy going enough to let us spend whatever a player wanted in order to make the character, provided you could engage the ST's interest, so I'm a little spoiled.

Nice character but I have a couple of questions. None of which should be construed as complaints or criticism.

- She's a little "zippy" for hardcore Elite work. Which doesn't mean she couldn't have done it and been lucky but she's not exactly a front line combatants. Awe inspiring is decent if she was working as "Armani Steel", i.e. low key and fit in body guard/escort work.

- Elite as in DeVries? Mid size company like the Jannissaries? Independent operation or did she just sell herself via the classifieds?

- what's she done in the 6 months since bagging it as an Elite?

- What did she do for the 2 years she was under Utopia's care? She doesn't sound ready for the rubber room even with all the fun she'd had in life so they must have found a use for her doing something besides sitting in Bahrain and ejoying the roses.

- How did she live during the numerous times she was on her own without a paying job and drifting? Escort, Vigilante, prostitute, living off her Aunt, surviving with the kindness of strangers, taking odd jobs for corporates?

- Did you consider that her "Aunt" might have been partly responsible for the actions of her parents? This is not to say that she did anything wrong but when one person in the family has "made a pact with the devil" other actions might have seemed less heinous. Just an interesting (to me) plot hook for later development.

The one thing that really lept out at me was a deceptively simple question of "what does she want"? Granted her life as a nova hasn't been tea at the palace overall but what is it that she wants in life? Is it purpose, to be normal, to help humanity, to transcend the human condition and its inherent pain, to be loved... What?

I bring it up only because the character's been around for at least 3 years following eruption and if there's a method to her drifting I missed it.

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- She's a little "zippy" for hardcore Elite work. Which doesn't mean she couldn't have done it and been lucky but she's not exactly a front line combatants. Awe inspiring is decent if she was working as "Armani Steel", i.e. low key and fit in body guard/escort work.

That is why she was teamed up with defender.He was ranked around 30 -40 in the ranking but was rather ugly..she was closser to the end of the list.She was Eye candy,and she knew it.And after all she could jump in front of a bullet,and no get hurt.

- Elite as in DeVries? Mid size company like the Jannissaries? Independent operation or did she just sell herself via the classifieds? She worked for the Peacekeepers from the Elite source book.

- what's she done in the 6 months since bagging it as an Elite?Well, mainly started to look at the world around ehr, she has taken up to reading the "Null"...

- What did she do for the 2 years she was under Utopia's care? She doesn't sound ready for the rubber room even with all the fun she'd had in life so they must have found a use for her doing something besides sitting in Bahrain and ejoying the roses.

When she frist came to utopia she would spend days on end cursing a praying in latin,she would not eat or sleep. When she got over that she slowly came out,and spent

time mastering her powers.Oddly she was not as powerful as she was when eruped, but she free of all taint.And she spent a good six months relaxing and learning how to live a little.Also do to her strange case, she was more than once put under the scaple.She dosen't recall this,and well if someone proved it to her,she woudl denie it.

- How did she live during the numerous times she was on her own without a paying job and drifting? Escort, Vigilante, prostitute, living off her Aunt, surviving with the kindness of strangers, taking odd jobs for corporates?

Mainly her aunt,with a few adds,and one time she possed for a semi porn mag , like Maxium..She felt so bad.

- Did you consider that her "Aunt" might have been partly responsible for the actions of her parents? This is not to say that she did anything wrong but when one person in the family has "made a pact with the devil" other actions might have seemed less heinous. Just an interesting (to me) plot hook for later development.

Well her mother and father are part of the curch of Micheal,and put her in the school year before her aunt became a "devil".So the only thing that her parents changed was that they kept her int he school longer than they thought they would..the frist plan was from the age of 5 to 13.

As for her Awe-inspiring power, it is becuase she looks like an angel.It could have been charisma but I though apearance would work better.

What does she want?Well she want to belong, but at the same time she thinks she is evil. This some of reasn she is looking into the teragen.She has an odd thing about herself where she no longer thinks she is human, as I said she some thinks she is less than human,even if she hides the feelings well.

Is there reason to her to her driffting well, yes, she is looking for herself, she thought she found it being an bodygaurd but she was wrong.The reason is she likes taking caree of people, butat the same time she would think it wrong of ehr to have children,or to be around them long,soemthign about spreading evil..after what happened to her love, she just couldn't face working anymore, she spent closse to two weeks in a bed,seeing her power,that is a lot.And now she is most likely to drift towards a an odd love,or the teragen.

And one last thing, she is not the type of preson to sart a fight but she will sure finish one,unless faced with tanz..then again tanz would kill most novas at three to one odds.One more thing, she is rather bothered by men she think are too good looking .She thinks if a man is as preaty as her, well, he is man after all,nd they tend to do more than just look aorund....I was making her in hopes for the new game,but I couldn't wait to post her.

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Name: Gerald Haney

Eruption: Late for Work, lost keys.

Nature: Follower

Allegiance: Project Utopia

Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3

Perception 5, Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Appearance 3, Manipulation 2, Charisma 3

Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Resistance 3, Awareness 5, Academics 2, Computers 2 Rapport 3, Arts (Drinkmixing) 4, Style 2, Etiquette 3, Linguistics 1 (ASL)

Backgrounds:- Backing 3, Resourses 3, Eufiber 1,

MR Node 2

Willpower 6, Quantum 5, Taint 1

Mega atts:-

MegaPerception 5 (ElectroMagnetic Vision, BlindFighting, HighEnd ElectroMagnetic Scan, Quantum Attunement)

MegaIntelligence 1 (Speed Reading, Eidetic Memory)


Molecular Manipulation 1 (Molecular Alteration)

History; Gerald doesn't talk about his eruption, he considers it a tad embarassing. In fact, those who know it tend to kid him about it. The short of it is, one day Gerald was late to work and couldn't find his keys. Stressed and worried about losing his favorite job ever (Bartender at a local club) he erupted. And found his keys, everything he'd ever lost under the couch and a credit card that had fallen behind the TV.

Deciding that he might as well do *something* with his powers he signed up with Project Utopia and was assigned to their Department of Science and technology using his skills to inspect testing environments for contamination. He likes his job, he's happy to be a part of a positive group and enjoys the money. He still moonlights as a bartender at the Amp Room a couple days a week because that has always been something he enjoys.

His MegaIntelligence and Molecular Manipulation are recent additions to his abilities and he's fairly proud of finally being able to do more than just 'look at stuff real well'.

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  • 4 weeks later...

No, this isn't a starting character. Hope that's okay.

River Horse Charlie

Name:Charles Lynn Shaw


Allegiance:Elite (freelance)


Quantum Pool:28


Taint:5 (Aberrant Skin&Features, Charlie look all the world like a bipedal anthropomorphic hippo. Not completely, but from the neck up its pretty darn close. His skin is thick like a hippo's and he has a thick build.)

Backgrounds: Resources 4, Influence 2, Euefibre 3, MR Node 1, Followers 3.

Strength 5 (Stout)

Agility 2

Stamina 5 (Resilient)

Perception 3

Intelligence 3

Wits 3

Appearence 1 (was 3 pre-eruption)

Manipulation 2

Charisma 3

Abilities: Brawl 3, Might 4, Athletics 2, Drive 1, Endurance 4, Resistence 4, Awareness 2, Academics 2, Computer 1, Linguistics 2 (French,Arabic), Biz 2, Rapport 2, Intimidation 3, Ettiquete 3


MegaStrength 4 (Crush, Shockwave, Irresistable Force)

MegaStamina 5 (Health, Tireless, Regeneration, Resiliency X2, Immovable Object)

Quantum Powers

Armor 4 (SuperHeavy)

Invunerability:Physical 3

SizeMorph:Grow 1

Charles Lynn Shaw grew up a pampered child of privilage. Bright and amiable he was however fairly disinterested in actually doing much with his life. If it wasn't for a fascination with Africa he very likely never would have ever been in a situation stressful enough to bring about his eruption.

However, on a photo safari in Africa Charles' party happened upon a particularly unpleasant bull hippo. Within seconds their raft was in a shambles, and those quick enough and smart enough were headed the short distance back to shore. Charles however, in his terror, erupted into something capable of handling the situation. Not particularly pleased with his current appearence, and not being welcome back into his parent's social circle Charles took up the only thing he felt he was capable of doing now, be an Elite, since he had no real training or interest in doing anything else.

He prefers to be referred to as The River Horse and doesn't take kindly to hippo jokes. One thing about him has changed since his eruption however. It turns out much of his inactivity prior to erupting was due to his fear of physical danger. In fact, his safari was thrust upon him by a therapist who insisted he get out and do something risky for once. Now, as The River Horse, he has found he need fear nearly nothing, an exhilerating experience.

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Might as well do this now...he's obviously not a starting character, although I think he's fairly well-rounded. Though most of the other characters on this thread could probably kick his ass..if they can hit him, anyways.

Name: Eric "Arek" Arvich

Eruption: Suicide attempt

Nature: Paragon

Allegiance: Independant

DOB: May 3rd, 1986 (assuming that it's 2010, I hope)

Date of Eruption: October 9th, 2002 (again, assuming it's 2010)


Strength 3 Dexterity (Agile) 4 Stamina (Hard to Kill) 4

Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits (Relaxed) 4

Appearance 3 Manipulation 3 Charisma (Polite) 4


Might 1, Athletics 2, Legerdemain 1, Martial Arts (deflecting, tripping) 4, Melee 1, Stealth 2, Endurance 3, Resistance 4, Awareness 3, Academics 1, Bureaucracy 1, Computers 2, Linguistics (Japanese, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic) 2, Science 1, Arts 1, Rapport 2, Style 2, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 3, Etiquette 2

Merits and Flaws

Pacifist -1

Dependant(s) (family) -4

Depression -1 (lapses, not constant)


Influence 2, Resources 3, Node 2, Attunement 1

Quantum 4, Quantum Pool 34, Willpower 6, Taint 5 (Aberrant Eyes: White energy spilling out of eyes Anima Banner: Greenish blue winds when powers are active)

Mega Attibutes

Mega-Strength 2 (Crush)

Mega-Dexterity 3 (Catfooted, Fast Tasks)

Mega-Stamina 1 (Durability)

Mega-Perception 1 (Quantum Attunement)

Mega-Intelligence 1 (Self Analysis, Linguistic Genius)

Mega-Wits 1 (Natural Empath)

Mega-Appearance 2 (Blind Bewitchment)

Quantum Powers

Elemental Anima: Wind 5(Elemental Shield, Wall, Enhance/Diminish, Blast, Lethal Blast)

Armor 3

Psychic Shield 2

Flight 1

Hypermovement 2 (Flight)

History: Throughout his life, Eric Arvich had one desire; to be more than he was. Although he was athletic, intelligent and attractive, he always wanted simply to be better than he was. As far as he was concerned, he was uncoordinated, foolish and ugly. To better meet his desires, he pursued Martial arts and delved deeply into his schoolwork. He was more concerned with actual knowledge and learning instead of marks, although they were fairly good.

In the summer of 2002, Eric's father died, leaving his mother, himself and his older brother alone. Although they were financially sound, Eric missed his father terribly. Compounded with his normal sense of self-criticism, he began pushing himself harder and harder, eventually suffering an emotional burnout.

Unable to live up to his own high standards, he decided that he was a failure and jumped off a cliff 5 miles from his home.

He was blown right back up to the ledge.

Unfazed, Eric repeated his attempt. And again. And again. Each time, a strong gust of wind blew him right back up to the ledge, leaving him unharmed. Finally, he felt a strong wave of pain and nausea hit him and he blacked out.

He came to 2 days later in a hospital, where he was told that he was now a Nova. Literally jumping away from his depressive state, he threw himself into his new found opportunity to improve himself. In addition to his obvious control over air currents, he was considerably tougher, healthier and more attractive than he was before. His strength, though less obvious, was preternaturally increased. He also seemed to be able to subconciously summon short, powerful gusts of wind that would deflect harm and seemed to interfere with psychic intrusion.

The next 3 years for Eric were an incredible experience. He sought out other Novas and tried to learn as much as possible, so he could improve himself further. As his desire to grow personally increased, so did his intelligence and knowledge of himself as well as others. Like the wind he controlled, his physical and mental reaction time became like a sudden, violent storm; capable of darting from place to place with unpredictable speed, although he could also be like a gentle breeze, almost unnoticed in his passing. However, unlike the changing wind, his body was static. He was frozen at the physiological age of 15. Although this did not bother him to begin with, it slowly showed him that it was a greater disadvantage than anything else.

Around 2007, however, his feelings of self-resentment returned. He began to realize that he was still limited and was feeble compared to some of the other beings out there. Again, he was left with a feeling that he was lacking. His physical age prevented him from developing a romantic relationship with others his own emotional and mental age and he began to feel lonely and isolated. Eventually, he subdued these feelings when he realized that he was both capable and worthy of self-respect, but those sneaking feelings come back occasionally, pointing out the errors of his actions and how he still is at times, very flawed.This need to prove himself led him to push his abilities, gathering significant levels of Taint, though not enough to warrant any physiological or psychological changes. Now he is content simply to try and use his abilities whenever possible to ward off any sense of uselessness he might feel. He's gotten medical proof of his internal age and no longer experiences and legal difficulties. He keeps close tabs on his family, as he does not want to lose them as well.

Personality: Eric believes that to be courteous and respectful is the best way to avoid making mistakes when dealing with others. Because of this, he is polite to most of those he meets and tries to avoid speaking poorly of people behind their backs. He is friendly, charming and approachable.

However, underneath it all, there still exists a child who wants to show himself that he is more than he feels he is. Personal power and development are the most important things to him.

Appearance: Eric stands at 5'10" and 152 lbs, with a sleek, lean build that is normally associated with runners and martial artists. He has somewhat curly, dark brown hair and bright green eyes. He usually has at least a small smile on his face, though it usually doesn't reach his eyes. He likes to wear a black body suit, along with a pair of baggy tan trousers, along with his Tai Chi Chuan sash (black, he's 2nd dan). Lately, he's started wearing arm and handguards that are similar to those used by Japanese Samurai in the middle ages.


00 6 Mega Dexterity 1 (with Fast Tasks)

06 5 Mega Dexterity 2

11 10 Mega Dexterity 3

21 14 Elemental Anima 3

35 5 Catfooted Enhancement

40 5 Mega Appearance 2

45 6 Mega Wits 1 (with Natural Empath)

47 2 +6 Quantum Pool

55 8 Perception 3

61 6 Flight 1

67 6 Hypermovement 1

73 2 Etiquette 2

75 4 Subterfuge 3

79 3 Psychic Shield 2

82 6 Willpower 6

88 10 Armor 3

98 4 Awareness 3

102 4 Subterfuge 3

106 21 Elemental Anima: Wind 4

125 5 Linguistic Genius Enhancement

130 14 Elemental Anima: Wind 5

144 5 Mega Strength 2

148 total Experience

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MY fave character is actually an NPC from my own game.

Whispered in dark bar corners by certain proteus teams, the name of The Shape.

Sometimes it gives orders, other times information.

but most of the time when The Shape is mentioned its because someone has died.

Niles Gibson, Project Utopia dept. manager and Special Liaison to the Senate Oversight Commitee on Nova Affairs, a powerful man and unfortunately for PU, a nova - but they dont know it.

How sad that PU's top man with the US Govt. is a telepath and neither side knows it....

so far ive had him be a complete Bastich to the party but they dont know where the shitstorms have been coming from.


im so evil i could hug myself

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Nova Name:--- Nature:Jester Concept:protector

Real Name:Agnelli Celeste Allegiance: TN2M Eruption:threating situation

Strength 4/2{Athletic}

Dexterity 4/2{Nimble}

Stamina 3

Enhancements:precision, fast tasks

Charisma 3

Manipulation 4/1{cunning}

Appearance 4/1{alluring}

Enhancements:persuader, first impression

Intelligence 3

Perception 4/1{Obsravent}

Wits 4/2{Cleaver}

Enhancements: quantum attunement,that creepy feeling/Redirection


Might 1, throwing 2, athletics 2, Drive, 1, Legerdemain 4, Martial arts 4, stealth 2, Awareness 1, Medicine 3, Science 3, biz 1, rapport 3, style 1, streetwise 2, Etiquette 1, perform 1, Endurance 3, Resistance 3

Willpower: 4

Quantum: 4

Quantum Pool: 31



Soak:9/7 and 18/16 .


Quantum Powers:

Lucky one 2( Probability Corruption,but either adds or subtracts one success.Doesn't increse the chance of botching)


Armored in life 3 (Armor )



Limits:Not always on. (She only gets the benefit of this power while aware.)

Does not work if restrained.

Combat telaport. 2 False quantum imprint.( basically where her imprint form, is not where she comes out) and fade, her image and even sound is left behind.Incressed cost, take time to get to a place,anywhere within a mile or so it would take one round,anywhere with 50 miles would take few rounds,at really long ranges take minutes.

Eufiber 4, Attunement 1. Node 2, backing 3(Tn2M)

Health levels

Bruised O

Hurt O

Injured O

Wounded O

Maimed O

Crippled O

Incapacitated O

Dead O

Merits and flaws

Ambidextrous +1

Eufiber Attuned +2

weak Sense -1

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No stats yet, but I had this fun idea for a character.

Effectively, he's literally living life backwards. A very powerful precog... With retrograde and anterograde amnesia. He knows what's coming, but he never knows what's happenned before.

Obviously, A large degree of Taint, combined with a large amount of Precognition. I quite like the idea of the character myself, although it'd be bloody hard to play...

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i've an idea for a character but i'm still waiting for the right time to play him, so i haven't actually made his stats yet, but here's the concept:

A man who isn't special in any way is approached by his future self. His future self triggers the character's eruption giving him precog, which effectively becomes an unstable mental link between his future self and his current self. His power scheme will revolve around telepathy and time. He would be under the impression (thanks to his future self) that the world is coming to an end and there are certain things he must do in order to sway this end towards the benefit of his future self. He'll have a Mentor rating of 5 in his future self and a couple of dots in Pretercognition. I also came up with the idea of giving him the clone ability but defined has pulling himself out of several planck instances, but this was just more of something i thought sounded cool then something necesary. Thoughts?

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<BODY text=#000000 bgcolor=#ffffff>

<H1 align=center><font face="Arcanum" color="#BC47ED">W</font><font face="Times New Roman" size="4"><font color="#D673FF">idget:

</font> <font color="#D673FF">rogue technologist

and renegade gadget girl. </font> </font></H1>

<p align=center><font color="#D673FF">"Always shoot for over the top. Make it worth going to jail."</font>

<p align=left><font face="courier new">Name: Cassady (Casey) Winston

Nature: Rebel

Eruption: Revelation

Allegience: undecided</font>

<font color="#D673FF">"Technology oversight act? That's where you guys bust down the door, steal somebody's work and then not bother to pay them royalties when you use it. Right?"</font>

<font face="courier new">Str ••

Dex •••• / Mega •

Sta •••


Fast Tasks

Cha •••

Man ••••• / Mega •

App ••• / Mega •


Trickster, Seductive

Int ••••• / Mega •

Per ••• / Mega •

Wit ••••


Mental Prodigy (engineering), Enhanced memory, Electromagnetic Vision,

<font color="#D673FF">"It's very simple. Information wants to be free, you want to cage it and I love an underdog."</font>


Endurance •••

Resistance ••••


Athletic •• (Swimmer), Awareness •, Computer •••, Drive •••, Engineering ••••• (Electronics), Intrusion •• (Security Procedures), Investigation •• (Research), Performance •• (Dancer), Rapport •• (Intent), Science ••• (Quantum Theory, Physics), Subterfuge ••• (Lying), Style •••


Allies ••••, Attunement •, Contacts •••••, Eufiber ••••, Resources •••, Followers ••

Quantum 2 (Pool 24)

Willpower 4

Initiative 8</font>

<font color="#D673FF">"A quantum lense with multi-spectrum capability? If I had a good reason and an hour to kill then sure I could make one."</font>


At 18 years old, 5'4" and 115 pounds Widget has kept the tightly muscled swimmer's build of her pre-eruption frame. Post eruption her hair is silver, which she streaks in with a variety of colors, and her eyes are a shocking shade of violet that glow faintly when she's focused on a project.

Only erupted three months and already she's parlayed her insights into applied physics and technology to create a lucrative income for herself in the "grey" tech area of the industries. Not that she won't work with proscribed technologies, she just hasn't been caught with enough evidence to prosecute yet. In the meantime her glamour shots are going up on cubicle walls in the project's Science and Technology oversight division.

They assert this is merely diligence on their part.</BODY>

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Esmeralda Lopes is an NPC (ally/antagonist) that was actually the first plot device I used with my first group in my first game, when the game was brand new.

The group of people I was playing with they were very intersting in alternate timelines and alternate starting periods. So, she comes from the 1999 period in the standard storyline when Novas are still new.

Str 2, Dex 3, Sta 3

Per 2, Int 2, Wit 2

App(regal) 5, Man(cruel) 5, Cha 3

Athletics(Field Hockey) 3, Awaweness 1, Investigation 1, Academics 2, Computer 1, Linguitics (English, Spanish) 1, Arts 1, Rapport 2, Intimidation 4, Style 3, Interrogation 2, Subterfuge 2, Command 3, Etiquette 1, Perform 2

Allies 2

Followers 1

Influence 1

Node 2

Resources 1

Mega-Wits 2, The Voice

Disintegration 5

Will 4

Taint 8

Aberrant Eyes, Anima Banner: the sound of breaking glass(like a heart dropping on the floor and shattering), Amnesia, Hormonal Imbalance: Rage, Permanent Power: Disintegration

Quantum 5

Quantum Pool 26

Esmeralda was the the daughter (she has an older brother who is still in Spain attending university)of a family of Spanish immigrants. Her father came to the Monterey area (California) for a teaching position at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

While she had grown up in Spain, she became quickly accustomed to her new surroundings. In high school she became rather popular due to her genuine "exotic" looks and other qualities; captaining the schools field hockey team for example.

This is when she started having problems. She quickly started using her popularity and beauty as weapons to get what she wanted. However, this was an at school persona, she was still "daddy's little angel" at home. Even that started too change when she began frequent more wild parties.

With an Army base nearby, she was often the target of young soldier's pick up attempts. Mostly she would play them for some cash and some high-school prestige or just shoot them down. Sadly, at one party, "no" didn't work and she was raped in a back room. She erupted and the offender was disintegrated as she blinked her eyes clear of tears.

Now she's a confused, emotional wreck, who can't remeber who she is, where she's from and wandering the Central California Coast. All she knows is the that when she focuses on things they fade out of existence. Needless to say her family is torn up about their missing little girl.

My players were T2M members who were sent off to contain this little problem. The fun thing was that player was her older brother.

The thing that bothered me the most about Essie is that she was built totally off starting points.

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Very *sweet*! I like that character.


What happened in your game when her brother caught up with her?

<font face="Times New Roman" size="5" color="#BC47ED">W</font><font face="Times New Roman" size="2"><font color="#D673FF">idget,</font><font face="Comic Sans MS" size="1">

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Umm, it's been a while, but if I remember right he nearly died.

After she was tracked down, one of the players ( a typical brick) thought it would be good to charge in try to knock her unconscious. It took a second but her brother recognized her, tripped up the charging brick and nearly got the brick "faded." Of course she was scared out her mind, thinking here are all these novas here to kidnap her and wondering "Why is that one calling me "Essie?""

To make a long short, the brick lost an arm (as opposed to his life) and someone knocked her brother out.

The second meeting involved a sniper rifle and a lot of moxinoquantamine and a sedative. She was subdued and taken in to Project Utopia. There she received a very steady dose of mox, and frequent telepathic memory construction therapy sessions. Her brother flew in their parents and all in all it was a happy ending.

Except for the brick who lost an arm...mwa ha ha! There's a lession to be learned there. Though I forget what it is.

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  • 2 months later...

Cruel as a starting character. (I have no one to play with *sniff sniff*)

Concept: weird um,thingie/personified emotion/dancer

Name: Gregory Thorn

Nature: Caregiver

Allegience: Independant




Might 2

Athletics 3

Martial Arts 3

Stealth 3

Endurance 3

Resistance 3

Awareness 3

Medicine 2

Rapport 3

Intimidation 5

Subterfuge 1

Perform 3

Allies 1 Willpower 7

Dormancy 5 Taint 0

Resources 1

Quantum 1

Q Pool 22


Obsession -2

Secret -1

Disfigured -2*

Bad Vibe -2*

Eufiber Rej. -2

Speech Impediment -1*

Sexy 1 (just cuz)

Ambidextrous 1

Nova Points

1 Attributes

4 Body Mod: 2 Adhesive grip

1 Extra Limbs

1 Tendril

1 Claws

3 Mega Strength


3 Mega Dex


3 Mega Stamina


3 Mega Per


3 Mega Wits


3 quickness

3 redirection

3 Mega App (not the pretty kind)

(face of terror)

Oh, and Hi. :-)

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The formatting is going to suck, but here is Meridian at 30 points. This was pretty much as he was in Training Days. In later stories he has gained a bit of experience.

Birth Name: Ronald Arthur Douglass

Nature: Explorer

Nova Name: Meridian

Eruption: Exposure to Quantum

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 195 #

Skin: Fair

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Attributes & Abilities

Str- •••

Mega Str- • (Leaper)

Might- •

Dex- ••••• (Fast)

M Dex- • (Perfect Balance)

Athletics- ••• (Basketball)

Drive- •

Martial Arts- •••

Melee- •

Stealth- •

Sta- •••• (Tough)

Mega Sta- • (Regeneration)

Endurance- •••

Resistance- •••

Per- •••• (Intuitive)

Mega Per- • (Blindfighting)

Awareness- ••

Int- •••

Academics- •

Computer- •

Linguistics- •

Medicine- •

Science- •

Survival- •

Wit- •••

Mega Wit- • (Quickness)

Meditation- •

Rapport- •

App- •••

Style- •

Man- ••

Cha- •••

Command- •

Perform- •

Willpower- •••••

Quantum- •••

Taint (Perm)-

Taint (Temp)-


Ally- •

Contacts- •

Node- ••

Resources- •••


Force Field- • (Wall)

Warp- •

Intuition- •

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I'm from San Francisco. I know some gamers, but we are pretty much addicted to one storyteller for a WOD series. Other storytellers haven't quite measured up but then again that was mostly D&D. I'd be willing to learn/get in on online gaming too. Any help would be welcome, Delicious. ty

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  • 2 weeks later...

well, i cant find a local game, so my char is strait from character creation.

Teulisch Faust (german for 'devilish fist', and i misspelled it on purpose. correct spelling would be teuflisch)

6', black hair, blue eyes, dressed in a stylish blue suit of eufiber.

Str 4(mega 1, percise)

dex 5(mega 1, fast tasks)

Stam 4(mega 1, adaptability)

per 3

int 3(mega 1, engineering prodigy)

wits 5(mega 1, artistic genius)

manip 2

cha 2

app 2

art 5, martial arts 5, biz 3, weave 1, athletics 1, drive 1, firearms 1, melee 1, stealth 1, awareness 1, academics 1, computer 1, engineering 1, intrusion 1, linguistics 1(german), medicine 1, science 1, style 1(4 w/ eufiber), ettiquite 1, edurance 3, resistance 3.

Will 10, quantum 1, taint 2

quantum pool 22, initive 12

resources 4, eufiber 5, dormancy 5, influence 3(art), contact 1,

armor * (impervious)

Flight * (-1 dice, permanent)

Body mod- Claws (str+2 lethal)

Claws * (aggrivated)

eufiber attuned +3, weak sense(nearsighted, baseline only) -1, Low pain threshold (baseline only) -2.

total soak is 8/6, or 16/14 with eufiber.


Faust, once an accountant with a hobby of building and painting models, erupted in a fit of angry frustration as yet another high-price model broke mid-assembly. after a brief fit of destructive rage, he sculpted a better one from scratch, complete with working parts.

His claws are sharp fingernails, excelent for sculpting, as well as bone protrusions on the hands and forarms. when he charges up, they become wreathed in quantum fire.

Faust did a mission as an elite eary in his career, but found the violence distastefull, and has since signed a freelance contract with DeVries, making good money for his skill with art (sculpting, painting, writing, and composing). ==================

an artist/warrior, good for a variety of possible games, should i ever find one.

Jager- im in north carolina myself, in Raleigh.

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Originally posted by Teulisch Faust:

Flight * (-1 dice, permanent)
Claws * (armor piercing)(-1dmg, permanent)
Claws(agg) * (linked 3 dependant 2 to claws(ap), lv 1 power)
How do you subtract one dice from Flight? There is no normal role with the power unlike say Q-Bolt. I haven't seen many ST types that would let something like that fly. Pun intended. wink

I don't quite understand what you are doing with the claws. Could you explain?

And what are all you guys doing up in the RTP area? Charlotte rules! laugh:Psmile
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Originally posted by Meridian:
Originally posted by Teulisch Faust:

Flight * (-1 dice, permanent)
Claws * (armor piercing)(-1dmg, permanent)
Claws(agg) * (linked 3 dependant 2 to claws(ap), lv 1 power)
How do you subtract one dice from Flight? There is no normal role with the power unlike say Q-Bolt. I haven't seen many ST types that would let something like that fly. Pun intended. wink

I don't quite understand what you are doing with the claws. Could you explain?

And what are all you guys doing up in the RTP area? Charlotte rules! laugh:Psmile
flight does have a dice pool, of dex+flight. reducing the dice pool as a 1-pt weakness to pay for a 1 pt strength to duration is fairly standard by the players guide.

the claws for this character have two modes. normal, which is permanent lethal armor piercing, and a 'powered up' when energy surrounds the hands for more damage. at a 3 pt weakness, linked is simotaneous no dice penalty. by itself, that would mean 3 bashing if it was used and power it was linked to was not used that same round. but with the 2 pt dependancy, it wont work at all without the other power already active. the 5 points of weakness lower it from lv 2 to lv 1, which pays for the aggrivated extra.
the permenant claws are more for sculpting at high speed. the linked claws are for combat, and also a basis for later powers (like q-bolt or immolate) that would be linked to them and use the same energy type.

the real problem seems to be all the abberant players in the NC are in different cities. no wonder i cant find a local game :P
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