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The Harrowing

Warren Verona

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This fic is ready for additional players to come in.

This fic is opened to the following player:

1. Alchemist (He is Reven's Doctor from what I've been told)

2. Velvet (She is present and standing right there as all this is happening)

3. Clark (She is assisiting Alchemist with medical issues.)

4. Only the WCKs that Alchemist calls directly and requests them to be present. The WCK are not all omnipresent so so TPing to the scene just because your character smells drama.

Revenant is unconscous so don't expect much interaction from him, if necessary I'll add more of the dream sequence but for the most part it's Alchemist's show, be nice to Dr. Honeydew I'm hoping to get some really good perscriptions from him later...

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This is going to sound impossibly bitchy. I apologize for that up front.

It would've been nice if the posting order had been observed. I had the opportunity to post once, and the discussion Revenant and I had about how Velvet could assist and intervene is now largely moot. I've never had the misfortune of feeling "written out" of a fiction before, so this is a first for me, and I admit to being fairly upset.

That being said, what's done is done. I'd just appreciate if it wasn't done again in the future, whether to me or to someone else in a fiction in which I'm involved.

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Oh, I'm sorry. I hadn't intended to post 'out of order', as it were. If you like, I'll edit my post to empty, and wait for you to post before re-posting my modified entry.

I'd thought that I was leaving plenty of time between posts, but I'd also wanted to finish this story while I had some breathing room (Real life has been busy). Go ahead and post from where Clark left, and I'll get to the 'surgery' after you.

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