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Rio: Recuperation


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Ok, for the fiction I proposed this afternoon in chat, I'd like to try something new - setting up some order for it. I'd like to use this discussion thread to cordinate a little.

The fiction is open to Flicker/GMoT, Velvet, Neil and Silvan. Wakinyan and Pteasn-Wi will be able to participate in the early part, since they are in Rio and leave the morning after. Like Reven did in Dreams, I'd like to have a posting order (randomly determined, except Sylvan, since she's kicked it off):








If people agree to trade their order, that's fine; you can also elect not to post when your turn comes. I don't mind, just so long as we have some mechanism in place to ensure that everyone has a chance to post, despite our schedules and availability.

If you don't wish to post in this story, feel free to not. Just because you are around, doesn't mean you'll seek out and talk to the moping glowing girl.

My rough (and I emphasize rough) outline is as follows:

-Sylvan kicks it off, giving her state of mind and location

-the other characters interact with her or each other

-at some point, someone (I'm thinking Velvet for this one, but doesn't have to be) comes to give her some tough love and point out to her that she's not at totally at fault, that her father bore some responsibility for what happened.

If anyone has anything to add, please, pipe up! Including, "Sylvan, you're being too organized. Knock it off!"

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Although I hate to bail on a fiction, especially one with such lovely opportunities for angst and catharsis, Velvet's heading back to Chicago. She received an IC PM from a third party that Revenant was hurt (before anyone else informed her) so she's spazzing. And with 50 people in the house, it'd be rough to get in any healing of her own.

I have no problem with Velvet and the tough love part, though, if you want to do it at a later date, or rehash it (GMoT would also be good for it here, I think). It would probably come up with our two characters in some fashion at some point, anyway, heh.

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Re: the recent development in the thread, with Vixen suddenly unable to assume her "human" form.

The problem seems to be not physical or taint-related, but psychological. While there might be quick-fixes for that too, I would rather get some milage out of this one, since she takes it for granted that she can look normal whenever she feels like it. This also gives her an excuse to go to Rio for a bit, and get some advice on the subject from other novas and a psiad.

That's it for now. We return to regular broadcast.

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