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Where's Revenant?

Warren Verona

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Since I will be gone for some time (hard to say how long), instead of everyone waiting on me for posts I figured during the battle at Procyon's pad Revenant was severely injured.

His body was located several floors from the roof (amid a host of dead Terats of course). He was supposed to be laying down suppression fire for Sean (and was successful and slipped away) while Revenant was supposed to be right behind him. Unfortuneatly that was not the case.

When discovered he is battered, broken, and mauled in ways that would make even Wakinyan cringe and prolly chuckle once or twice), buried beneath a heap of rubble and bodies (all thoroughly whooped up on, cuz Reven and O'Doyle rule!). Hovering at death's door he managed to siphon one health level from a fading terat that stablized his own body. With no life and no quantum in his stores, Revenant will look like a mummified body, desicated and quite unappealing. All his flesh is intact (save for wounds) it is just pulled so taught over his body he may as well literally be 'skin and bones'. Think of him as a preserved body you see on the ol' discovery channel documentries, just far more preserved (with excellent teeth and bone structure, he's an avid milk drinker).

Whomever discovers him is left to the Knights, no manner of healing will awaken him, however in time as he regains health and quantum his body will 'reform' with unerving cracks and pops. A telepath will discover that he is consumed by a nightmare tortured sleep, and any attempts to awaken him prematurely could result in synaptic shock or cardiac arrest.

He is suffering a Harrowing. A moral battle where his demons battle his angels for control. This is the third one he's suffered in his life and they get more and more painful each time.

Looks like Babylon is going to have to wait. Sorry waste everyone's time. Once I get more time and a reliable means to get back on the boards to do some posting (as slow as I am heh) hopefully we can finish getting it back up and running.

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