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Aberrant RPG - Characters In Depth


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Allow me to explain.

Around about last christmas, I was traversing the AeonAdventure Yahoo Group, when a guy had done a very, very indepth writeup of Poison Ivy he had done for a MUX somewhere. The details I don't quite remember, but they're not that important anyway.

When I saw how incredibly real the writeup made the character, I thought to myself "Wouldn't it be cool if I did a write-up that intense?" And so, I began this immense writeup, beginning with our good prof Sydney "Photon" Holland.

Unfortunately, me being me, other things took my attention, and the project lingered in my hard drive like so many others. However, earlier this afternoon, I was having a casual look through my hard drive when I rediscovered the original Poison Ivy writeup, as well as my unfinished write-up on Sydney Holland.

No longer having any projects of any sort (like, say, studying for exams), I decided that tonight, I would complete my grand write-up, update that which needed to be updated, fill in the blanks, and finally, post it up in place of Sydney's original write-up for all of you to see.

Now, as it turned out, by the time I was done, I didn't come close to getting it the size of the writeup I was trying to emulate (If I'd doubled the size of the file, I'd have it about right...). But, lo and behold, I got to the end and realised there was no longer anything else to report. And as I uploaded the new profile, I came here and wrote down this fantastic story about a project left for dead that miraculously recovered. Why? Well, most people here enjoy a good yarn as much as the next person, plus it has the added benefit of increasing the suspense.

But, I think that's enough:

Revised Write-up for Sydney "Photon" Holland

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy, and all feedback greatly appreciated...

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Cool, I especially liked the idea of Sydney's appearance being frozen at the moment of his eruption, poor sod, stuck in a brown suit and lab coat forever, ARRGGHHH. For some reason I'd always visualised him previously as ghost like and transparent.

In light (pun intended) of his quantum powers the exploding particle accelerator makes sense as well.

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