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Aberrant RPG - Plot ideas

Dr. Zero

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Im running a new campaign with some new players... here are a few ideas I had for plot that I was hoping for some feed back in. Be critical! I am great at storytelling but not so good at plot, if that makes sense. My best game required me to follow my players schemes, not visa versa but my new group is not nearly so ambitious...

1. Proteus behind EVERYTHING. I am having the normal amount of Utopia stuff (the group gravitated toward Utopia so far) like drug busts, putting out fire, dealing with trouble makers, investigaving organized crime, etc... but I wanted Proteus to be behind every little bit of it down to setting up the drugs. This way I make Proteus a MUCH bigger conspiracy than it was before, almost Matrix size albeit not omnipotent or all seeing... They are testing loyalties, destroying novas, doing field taint tests and singling out nova psychology from behind the scenes. The plot is that the players eventually realize they are not only privy to a conspiracy but mere playing pieces in it. Panic ensues...

2. The harbringers: More Terat than Terat... A group of 5 extremely powerful novas, a far cut above the average, were originally Teragen and basically broke away to become an even more secretive extremist group centered around one of the most powerful novas in the world. His name is Simon and has pretercognition and can see who might potentially erupt. He is deathly afraid of Mal and has decided to use his powers to build an army using the other novas. How? They send dangerous Novas to attack these individuals and try to trigger their eruption. This usually fails but still triggers enough to unbalance the normal rate of nascent nova appearances. The characters are Utopian intervention/investigation team and keep meeting up with strange and powerful novas at others eruptions... etc, ad all...

So... am I full of cheese or are these legit ideas? I dont care if you call me cliche, be brutal, just back up how you thrash me laugh

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1) How does Proteus control all of this? With Hyper-Intelligent, and/or Precognitive novas out there, they need one hell of a organization and some impossibly brilliant people at the top.

What is the nature of the conspiracy?

What is Proteus out to accomplish? If you go by the book, they are setting up novas to go to war with mankind.

2)Why is Simon more powerful? Why is he afraid of Mal? For that matter, how are you running Mal? What is he like, and what are his goals?

3)Were does the Aeon Society stand in all of this? What about Max Mercer?

At some point and time, Proteus is going to approach or attempt to kill one or more of the PCs. How do you plan to handle that?

Is there any hope of untangling Proteus from Project Utopia, or does the Project have to go down as well?

Are there any redeeming qualities in Proteus?

Are the Terats equally as scummy? Do they have any redeeming qualities?

These answers will help.

My suggestion right off the top is go for ReignofEvil.com as an early adventure.

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