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Pow Wow 2016 Format


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First off thanks to everyone who would like to get involved. The following post here will explain a little bit about what is going on with the Pow Wow so you can best use the information in stories you wish to write around the event.

Physical layout.

The Oglala fairgrounds are much like the average fairground you would see across the U.S. It has a row dedicated to the typical rides. Ferris Wheels, Candy apple trailers and so on. Anyone seeking those sorts of entertainment can easily find them.

The Domes are a large cluster of Geodesic domes donated by sakurako of various sizes. Some large enough to contain a gymnasium. Most are used to various agricultural or cultural exhibits. However many are set up as commisaries where you can get a variety of traditional meals not just of tribal flavor but a variety of homecooked delights from across the nation.

The Rodeo is a large are where the (you guessed it) Rodeo is held. Even before Wakinyan this was popular but now with even more people attending the stands and field has been expanded. There are several support buildings and trailer lots. This is the large area by far and logically is chosen as the site for the opening ceremony (Sun Dance).

The tents is for the traditional Native Americans. A combination campground and activity area. All lodgings here are culturally traditional. The

dancing and story circle as well as other activities are held here.

Campgrounds, just as the name implies this is off the side of the fairground where a small tent city is erected. Tents are of all types from ancient to cutting edge there is a small fee per lot to setup a tent on but a large number of Pow Wow goers use the campgrounds. There are water, shower, bathroom and first aid facilities scattered throughout this area.

Oglala itself is a small town and is eclipsed by the neighboring fairground for the 2 weeks the Pow Wow is open.

Now as far as stories go. Feel free to write what you like. It doesnt have to involve anyone but you or as many as you would like to invite. Just keep in mind I don't want anything to the extent of mass losses of life happening. Keep it smart and reasonable, if you have a question just ask me.

Concerning the arrival thread. just write up a story of your character/s arriving if you like. They do not have to meet up with Waki, it could be as simple checking into your hotel room or pitching a tent it is totally up to you.

CoMA is at the Pow Wow. They have been given a limited area to protest within. This means they can only carry their signs within that area but are still allowed entering the fairgrounds like anyone else so trouble could still be possible however there is a large presence of law enforcement to try and keep things under control

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I will introduce Sakurako as watching the fairgrounds area. She's been there for a little bit but she didn't want to announce herself for fear of attempted (but futile) DDoS attacks on her security server and systems. She will have drones circling the fairgrounds at distance and over certain areas. Just to make sure everyone is safe and there having a good time.

Origami will be my "active character", and if any BIG event occurs, Sakurako will get involved.

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OK, so Ptesan-Wi's bit is up (Becoming the Legend). It is timed to occur after the opening ceremonies and Sun Dance. It's also not closed; I imagine that Wakinyan will have some interaction with her after she leaves the stage, and it's possible that others may want to react in some way as well (even if it's just a, "what the hell just happened?" or "oh god, another India Syndrome" or "there's something not right about her" type of thing).

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Okay folks first of all let me say thanks for all those who participated in the Pow Wow this year! It was great and I hope everyone had as much fun with it as I did!

Now that it is almost been over a month game time since it was over we need to wrap up the fictions that are still out there this week. Also no more new Pow Wow fictions should be started (not that I think there are more coming) Let's aim to get it all wrapped and tucked away by August 12th!

Once again thank you all for attending!

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