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Use of Cannon


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I'm not really sure if this should be here or in the OOC section but I figured that fictions would have the most impact on Cannon characters.

So, I would like to know if there are any hard and fast rules on using Cannon charcters and if so, just what is allowed?

I realize a basic "do not kill" rule is probably in play but is there any rules or guidelines saying that we cannot use Cannon characters in our stories?

If use of Cannon characters is not allowed, then I'd like to know if there is some sort of "stable" of "NPCs" that are common to the boards and where I might find such a thng.

Thanks in advance.

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The use of canon characters is allowed, however, please remember that everyone has a different view of how a canon character would react in a gien situation. Therefore you may get someone telling you that so-and-so wouldn't have done that. However, no one will stop you from using them in that way; the warning was just to let you know that you could end up in a lively debate with a couple of people. laugh

There is a small "stable" here: NPC Post . You should probably still contact the person who made them to ask permission. Just as a side note, any of my NPCs are fair game; just ask me because I may have something else I need them to do at the same time. Generally, I am open to my NPCs being used though. smile

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I want to say that I'm not trying to be mean, I just couldn't resist... laugh

Use of cannon:

Load powder.

Ram down the ball, making sure that it is tight against the powder charge.

Prime fuse.

Touch lighted match to the touch hole.

Blow big bloody holes in enemy ranks.



And so on until Europe is conquered. Or until the English kick your arse at Waterloo.

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