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Warp and Weft


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I touched myself as I read this. Could it be Tomas' influence on me? I don't know.

Awesome, awesome stuff. I have only one nitpick: the use of the word "disinterested" when "uninterested" is meant.

disinterested: having no stake in the outcome of a decision or contest; (A disinterested third party settled the dispute.)

uninterested: having no care for a subject or thing; (Tomas stared out the window uninterestedly.)

Sorry, I'm a fool for vocabulary.

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The more I read of Tomas, the more I see the parallels with Timeslip. A wretched upbringing and twisted emotional development translated into a woefully underdeveloped super-ego and extremely powerful id... and then, the gift of a node to allow all of those dark desires to manifest. Mind you, Timeslip's not quite so bad as is Tomas, but the parallels are there nonetheless.

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