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Errata for Aberrant d20

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I realize that the game has been gone for a long time and that Onyx Path doesn't really need to provide errata for it, but I'm wondering, did White Wolf ever created an errata document for the  Aberrant d20 core rulebook? I have tried looking through the Internet archive yet, but I'm going to try that next.

FYI, I just downloaded the book from DriveThruRPG.com. It is marked as a Pay What You Want selection, as are Adventure! d20 and Trinity d20.

I realize most Trinity fans dislike it, but I think it might be just what I'm looking for regarding several homebrewed "heroic" settings I've created. I've looked at Mutants and Masterminds, but it doesn't match what I want to do for something I call Guardian Chronicles. The reason for this... I prefer character levels. And I'm not a fan of the classes in d20 Modern. While browsing through the Aberrant d20 book, I had the sense that it would be perfect for my setting and perhaps another neo-Silver Age setting I call Dimension of Centras.

Anyway, if someone knows if there is errata out there, somewhere, please let me know.



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D20 Modern/Future has some useful resources, but, yeah. The attribute-based character classes and clunky progression didn't endear the game to me, although I really wanted to like it, and M&M made character creation a massive chore. Unfortunately, the only resource for Aberrant d20 I know of is the core rulebook- I never saw any errata published (even as third-party content), and a quick search through my favorite online RPG book hoard didn't turn anything up.

That being said, there are people on the forums who have actually used the d20 versions of the game, so hopefully they'll have some advice regarding the nuts and bolts and applicability of the system!

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