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New Aberrant PDF Now Available


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I have it. I read the character bios only because i was curious. My initial impressions are as follows:

- I wanted more Player Character examples than they gave. I had the impression i was reading a Mutants and masterminds book available archetypes. The new edition has no stats for the big npcs, no stats no fun comparing to what we previously got imho.

- I get that this is just the main book but i really wanted more than what we got. The fact that Eastern Europe has been lumped together(im from Poland and know people from Lithuania, its like we were just not relevant) makes me suprised. Maybe there will be stuff in Novas around the World later.

- Also, i cant help but compare this to Progenitor or other games. Greg Stolze should have been on this book. Not much suprised me tbh, maybe Transcendence. Nothing stops GMs from developing their own weird takes on this game but hey, thats what would happen anyway, San Paolo explosion is the new big mystery.. except i wanted multiple new things. Well, waiting for followup supplements seems in order.

- The art is great in most of the places, but thats subjective.

- In media inspiration i would have written way more titles, for example the webseries Worm handles supers in a rather novel way(beeing a super is horrible and gets progressivly more horrible) or numerous others.

- The setting is more bright compared to the first edition. Yes the Aberrant War is around the corner but that is in the future, the current time is important. Is this better or worse? In a way it enables new stories so im ok with it.

- These are the foundations and im hoping for more. Would i run a game with this? Yes, but that is because i never ran or participated in an Aberrant game and would love to try it.

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