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The Tiger's Tragedy


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A bit of information on Shen-Kahn He truly hates humanity and sees the marriage of his pupil as proff of Long's Inferiority. He uses Empathy Control and Dominate and Telepathy simulataneously when his eyes glow. Efffectively this makes him able to make people do what he wants not remember it if he chooses and enjoy it. Though his physical powers are overshadowed by Long's, his mental prowess is far beyond Long. At the end of this short incident, Long is sent back to his previous Location knowing what he knows, but some part of him just can't seem to get upset over it anymore. It strikes many as him accepting his loss and moving on as Shen-Kahn commanded him. Long will have to heavily coaxed into talking about this whole matter. Long has no idea that he is being manipulated by Shen-Kahn.

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