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Veil's Party Fic

Rashima 'Veil' al-Hariti

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Okay, I'm going to start this in a few days and would like to lay down a few guidelines. This fic is meant to be about a party, so no trouble or conflict. I will be having DeVries Elites present at the party who will remove people as needed.

No empathic manipulation like what happened in Lemmy's latest fic either. Veil will go through the roof if Slattern starts another orgy - you guys are in a Muslim country after all.

I really don't want too much seriousness and angst either. There'll be plenty of the former in Bailey's Assembly story and has been plenty of the latter recently in other fics.

Otherwise, apart from the setting and Veil's NPCs and performances, you guys can do whatever you like.

For more info on Veil, I will update her Public Faces entry.

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Okay, it's started. It will be broadcast, so keep it relatively polite, folks. :P

Veil now has Mega-App 3 with Appearance Alteration, Mega-Charisma 2 with Natural Agitator and Soothe, Body Modification: Chromatophores, Extra Limbs x 10, Tendrils x 10, Patagia and Webbed Hands/Feet, Empathic Manipulation 2 [Area] and Hypnosis 3 [Area; MIRV], and has reached Q3. Otherwise, everything else is the same for her sheet in the 'What's Your Character Like?' thread in Aberrant Discussion. I'm posting this for everyone to be able to react to her accordingly.

Be good, everyone, and have fun. smile

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