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Marissa Jauntsen

Port In A Storm [Adult]

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Thank you to everyone who helped with suggestions, editing, and proofreading.

Port In A Storm

Sunday, 1st September

Marissa's Mercedes pulled into the drive of the Allister home and the young owner of the vehicle took a few moments to reapply her dark, nearly black, lipstick and check the rest of her makeup before she exited, taking a moment to adjust and flatten her pleated skirt. Mr. O'Brian was across the street mowing his lawn as she pulled up and she couldn't help but notice the way he slowed down the pull of the mower and took that moment to the one where he stopped, wiped his brow and took off his sunglasses while he smiled and waved at her.

She winked at him and smiled, but didn't bother waving back as the sway in her hips, she felt, was more than enough to keep the old man happy for awhile. She felt miserable inside. She didn't show it, of course, because, as the song goes, cover girls didn't cry once their face was on. Sean seemed like a good guy, and she hated that she had to shred him in front of Enterich like that, but, what choice did she have? She had to maintain her cover or her family's lives would be in danger. To a lesser degree she hated making Jason a weapon in her arsenal. He could certainly take care of himself but, what if it didn't go as planned? She certainly had regrets, but no apologies. She knew they would do the same in her, less stylish and certainly less expensive, shoes.

Cade opened the door as she reached the final step of his porch. She saw Mr. O'Brian across the street reflected in the glass of the storm door offering Shelly's star athlete a thumbs up and a smile. It reminded Marissa of the looks Gar and Hank gave her on Jason's farm the first day she visited him. She thrived on the attention then and now was no different. Jason, however, needed to be the farthest thing from her mind. Cade was her boyfriend, and right now, she needed him. It took a moment for the teen giant to figure out why Mr. O'Brian was gesturing at him but then an awkward smile accompanied a nod as he subtly tried to meet his girlfriend and not let her know he was getting signals from the creepy old guy across the street.

“Marissa,” he smiled awkwardly. “Hey. Uh, I didn't know you were coming by.”

“Just wanted to visit my bae,” she looked up to meet her handsome man's eyes, a playfully wicked expression smoldering in her own gaze. “Why? Bad time? Were you watching porn?”

“What?” Cade shook his head in confusion, cutely flustered as her statement caught him off guard. “No! No, I was just up in my room when you text.”

“Shame.” Marissa winked. “Soooo, going to invite me in?” She shrugged at him with the expectation that she hated to be kept waiting.

“Uhh,” he hesitated, trying to ignore another thumbs up from Mr. O'Brian. “Y-yeah, sure. Sorry. Please.” He stood aside and held the door as she entered.

The Allister home was exactly as Fuller House as she pictured it would be. Clean, tidy, and all manner of family love oozing from the woodwork. Pictures of them through the years were all over with all sorts of trophies and achievement ribbons on display for both Cade and Haruka. She could still smell the home cooked breakfast they all had this morning lingering in the air between the apple and cinnamon Glade Plug-ins. She stopped at multicolored scribbles in a frame on the wall and her dark lips smiled wide. It was stick figures and a house and a sun and it was all done in the normal fare of a child's artistic expression. She looked back at Cade.

“Uh, second grade.” He nodded, mildly embarrassed as he offered up a boyish grin that melted Marissa on the spot. He pointed to the people in the drawing. “That's me, mom, da-” He choked mildly at the thought of his father.

“Why's the sun green?” She asked with narrow eyes in an attempt to deflect him from his own thoughts.

He laughed and his cheeks flushed a bit. “I was going through a Green Lantern phase, but I forgot how the symbol in their rings went... so, after a few failed attempts I just colored it all in.” He waved his hand about like he was reliving the moment and in the moment Marissa found him adorable.

“Aw,” her hand cupped his cheek and she pecked him on the lips. “That's so cute.”

“Are you done embarrassing me?” He smiled, now holding her close after her peck on his lips.

She smiled and kissed him. “Never.”

“So, uh,” he took a breath. He hadn’t planned on having Marissa in his home today, or any day for that matter. She didn't strike him as the sort of woman who went to anyone, but instead expected everyone to arrive at places of her choosing. She looked amazing in her plaid pleated skirt and black turtleneck shirt that seemed more like body paint than fabric the way clung to her, and here he was in a t-shirt and pair of running shorts with pulled up white socks he used to slide across the kitchen floor to the fridge (we've all done it). He gestured about the house as he gave her the quick tour without taking a step. “We have the living room, the den, the, uh, dining room... where do you want to hang o-”

“Your bedroom?” She looked up at him with pure devilry in her eyes.

Of course.  The bedroom.  It wasn't that he didn't want to take her to his bedroom it was that he knew what was on her mind and while he made out with her a few times he wasn't sure he was ready for the advanced classes, yet. Besides, if his parents came home and he had Marissa up in his room, he'd be grounded. Forever. He decided it was best, despite the gorgeous woman in his arms wishes to err on the side of caution and make the responsible choice and keep this visit PG, PG-13 tops.

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“I expected it to be messier.” The dark haired beauty commented as she walked around Cade's bedroom, cataloging new insights into her boyfriend's private life. His room was rather spartan and immaculately clean, which didn't surprise her given that his father was a retired Marine. Cade had meant to say no, he really did, but... he was only a man, he admitted to himself as he led her up the stairs into his room. Interdimensional monsters were one thing to stare down, but Marissa in a short skirt was another beast entirely. “You make my brother look like a complete slob.” She smiled and sat down in the office chair in front of Cade's computer desk. She crossed her legs and swayed to and fro with her heel on the floor as she looked at him.

“Was going to do laundry in a bit, but,” he shrugged and grinned as he sat on his bed, looking at her. “I'm sort of making it a lazy day, before this meeting thing later. What about you? I wasn't expecting you after you said you had something to take care of this morning. Everything okay?”

She half smiled, hating that his sincerity was nauseating. She could tell he really liked her and the hard part of it all was that the longer she was with him, the more she liked him too. He was kind and wholesome in that country boy way that she'd read about in her books and watched in teen dramas. She was positive he had no idea, but her bae was the perfect teenage dream; a Disney Prince amongst a town of knuckle draggers and mouth-breathers.

“I suppose,” she shrugged with one shoulder and a tilt of her head. She swayed slowly in the chair offering Cade the view of her legs that seemed barely covered by the pleated fabric. Her hands rested calmly in her lap as she spoke to him. “I can't say it was a good morning, but I've survived worse. To be honest, I was sort of worried about you.” She lied, switching the topic from her to him.

“Me?” He seemed confused. “Why are you worried about me?”

His girlfriend sighed, rolling her eyes at him. “Cadums, I'm talking about you and this whole dad thing. We've not really had a chance to talk about it.”

“Because there's nothing to talk about.” His demeanor shifted slightly towards irritation and she picked it up in his tone. “My dad is cheating on my mom and he doesn't have the courage to admit it to my face. Case closed.”

“Oh, no,” her dark hair swayed back and forth in tune with the shaking of her head. “Don't take that tone with me. I get that you're mad, I do, but it's not my fault. I'm trying to be a good friend and better girlfriend by trying to help you deal with all this. Come on, don't shut me out. I can tell you're mad about it, if you need to vent, vent, but don't let what is happening keep you in a foul, hateful mood.”

Leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees, her boyfriend rubbed his hands over his face to de-stress and catch his bearings. After a few moments of processing the reminder that Marissa wasn't the one responsible for his father, the Sheriff, running out and having an affair, he continued. “I'm sorry, Marissa, you're right, it's not your fault. I didn't mean to bite your head off, it just... it pisses me off, you know?” The sorrowful look in eyes barely disguised the anger and betrayal he was feeling. “I mean, how could he do this to us? All these years of preaching to me the Marine Corps values of honor, courage and commitment, and what? He doesn't even have the courage to admit what he's done, which is to break the commitment he made to his wife.”

“You also don't know all the facts, babe.” Marissa interjected. “Not to play Devil's Advocate here, but, how much do you really know? Did you actually see him do anything wrong? Think of his position within the community: meeting people in shady places does come with the territory of his line of work plus, if I'd have come after my dad the way you say you went after yours, which was absolutely sexy of you, by the way, he'd have told me to get bent too.” She stood and flattened her skirt before she approached where he sat on his bed. She gently ran her sharpened, manicured nails through his soft, dark hair. “Cadums, all I'm saying is that maybe you could withhold judgment until you are a hundred percent positive? He could have a perfectly logical reason for everything, I mean, he is a cop. Give him a little credit?”

He rested his head against her body while he gently stroked her bare leg with his fingertips. “Thank you for trying, Marissa.” He said softly, her words doing little to break the malaise of dark thoughts tumbling about in his mind, all directed at his dad and how he ruined their family with his infidelity.

Maybe it was that anger and resentment roiling about in his soul that cried out for some manner of payback or vengeance. Why should he have to be the perfect son if his father didn't have to be the perfect husband, after all? He knew his mother and Haruka weren't to blame for any of it, but he didn't see any reason now why he should continue to toe the line of his father's expectations.

Maybe it was those thoughts that led to his moment of daring. Maybe. His hand slid further up his girlfriend's soft, slender leg, resting at the peak of her thigh, well past the boundaries of her skirt. He felt her shiver slightly, a flinch that told him she was not expecting such a brash move from Cade Allister, overall good guy and star athlete but she certainly didn't seem offended either. “You know,” he looked up at her as his hand drifted all the way back down her leg to gently trace his fingertips along the soft, black suede of her boots. “No one will be home for hours.”

Marissa's deep gray lips curled into a half smile of pride that her bae was stepping up to the plate in their relationship and being a little devious behind his parent's backs. That grin of hers didn't prompt a spoken word from her, just a hard push on his shoulders throwing him backwards onto his bed where she immediately straddled him, her lips swiftly meeting his. The surprise he felt was momentary, his teenage hormones quickly began feeding his brain everything he needed to know to adapt to the current change in venue.

His hands slid up her thighs and explored the bare curves under her skirt, assuming she had forgone lingerie that day until his thumbs caught the satin band across her hips and his fingertips explored the small patch of satin nestled snugly above her soft cheeks. Caught up in the rush of the moment his lover sat up, pushing off of him, her palms heavy on his chest. She gripped her tight turtleneck and with a single, excited gesture she pulled it off, casting it to the side at the foot of his bed.

“Oh, uh,” he stammered breathlessly, his chest heaving as he took in her athletic frame and perfect breasts covered with nothing but a thin layer of bust enhancing black satin that he was certain cost more than six months of his allowance. “N-not shy at all, are you? Wow...”

“Shut up.” She pulled his shirt up and he quickly took the cue and pulled it up and off, tossing it away as well. With hunger in her eyes she dove back down into him, her dark lips finding his as the swift heat of her breath gave warning that he belonged to her and only her for the foreseeable future.

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They'd straightened on the bed, now heavily petting one another and kissing each other with loud smacks and heavy breaths. The heat in Marissa was incendiary as she reveled in her man's touch. He explored every inch of her that she allowed him access to, tightening at the cup of her breasts and thrusting closer to him with every squeeze of her ass, it was apparent that he was being given an all access pass to her body. Thirstily she drank deep of his affections as she lightly massaged the excitement that had grown under his running shorts and her bae left nothing to be disappointed about it seemed.

The longer she indulged him the bolder he became. She knew Cade wasn't experienced with relationships, or heavy petting, or, well, anything pertaining to lust and sex, so she wasn't about to pressure him into anything or insult him with a step-by-step walk-through of tab A and slot B, that was his parent's job. Still, he seemed an enthusiastic, attentive lover and hungrily explored her body with the fervent, nervous excitement she expected from his first time.

She had a reputation for being cruel and self-serving but she was not without her redeeming qualities. He was her boyfriend, and now, it seemed, her lover, and for that reason alone he was privy to special treatments only a select few in her life would ever see or know. Now was one of those examples as she allowed him unfettered access to her body to touch, caress and explore with his mouth, breath and body as he saw fit or until the craving growing deep within her reached its bursting point. She felt no need to rush things as he seemed to need and want this as much as she did.

Her skirt had become nothing more than an obstacle that he did his best to ignore as he helped himself to her soft, sensual curves. His roaming hand tentatively slipped up between her thighs and he felt how she quivered under his exploration but stopped short as his fingers encountered her damp, satin heat. Cade was well aware that his lover had been with a few guys and had more experience than him, but couldn’t know Marissa was always in control. She'd been the initiator, the one performing the acts rather than the one subject to them.  She would go down on a guy, or bring them off with her hand, but never allowed herself to be vulnerable to their touch in the same ways. She broke their kiss, her cheeks flushed with equal parts arousal and hunger. She looked into his eyes and bit her lip then slowly nodded at him. Her tongue clashed with his as his hand eagerly closed the rest of the distance to caress the surface of her designer panties, feeling the moist heat from within. The agility of circumventing her black satin with a twist and lift of his thumb to allow his fingers to slide beneath the fabric came to him with instinctual precision.

It was with a thrill of discovery, rather than surprise, that Cade felt that she was bare, and meticulous about it too, judging by how soft and smooth the skin of her mound felt to his fingertips. He could feel how damp and swollen she had become as he slowly slid his hand lower, allowing his fingers to slide across her sex. His touch seemed to ignite a reaction within her that made her quiver and moan into their kiss, her teeth gently biting into his lower lip from the sudden intensity of her desire. “Is that okay?” Cade asked softly as the kiss broke, his eyes studying her blissful expression..

“God, yes.” She sighed with pure contentment. “Here,” she squirmed her hips about and slid out her panties past her boots and gave them a slight shake to straighten them out before casting them off towards where her shirt flew not but twenty minutes before. Taking his hand in hers, she moved it back to where it had been and kissed him deeply, guiding the movements of his hand with her own. He felt his middle digit slide between her damp folds and graze her stiffened clit. “Right there,” she whispered before pressing her digit down upon his and curling him two knuckles deep inside her. Her moan was music and the way she shivered in his arm and squeezed his hand with her thighs offered him clarity into how much power two lovers had over each other's bodies. He knew she was a control freak and right now she was likely offering him far more than she had ever offered any man before him. She guided his hand upward, withdrawing his digit from inside her and once more rested her finger atop his and slowly guided him through the motions of massaging her clit.

“Just like that.” She said softly, pressing her satin covered breasts against him as his explorative touch gently massaged her button.

“Thanks,” he smiled, speaking softly with a bit of red flushing to his cheeks. “I'm not really... I mean, you've done this before.” His words trailed off with the slightest hint of embarrassment in his tone as a sudden worry sprang to life that he'd just implied she was a bit of a slut.

She inhaled and bit her lower lip as her eyes rolled back before she closed them and gently kissed him. If she was offended by his implication, she certainly wasn't showing it. She squeezed her thighs together to halt his massaging. “It's okay.” She kissed him gently. “And, no. You're the first I've ever let touch me like this.”

“Really?” He didn't mean to sound shocked, but her lack of shyness and uninhibited demeanor towards sex certainly made him feel like she'd done this way more than she let on. It was a fair assumption, no doubt, but in the past Marissa's experiences with other men were mostly limited to her being in complete control. Trusting Cade and allowing herself this measure of vulnerability with him made even the familiar aspects of their time together feel like new and unexplored territory.

She loosened her hold on his hand, allowing him to once again massage her walls and drink in her myriad of reactions. “It's just sex. There's nothing to be embarrassed about.” She whispered as she inhaled in response to him sliding his hand up and tracing his fingers along her pearl. “This is about being vulnerable and emotional and it's messy with awkward positions and funny noises.” She moaned hungrily as her tongue sought refuge with her lovers'. In a moan mingled whisper she managed to murmur, “Just go with it.”

Her moaning only grew more intense over the next minute or so as her hips betrayed her, letting Cade know that whatever he was doing to her, it was certainly right. Her climax was an intense spasm that drove her to wrap her arm around him tightly as she loudly professed several religious praises littered with profanity that forced a smirk of equal parts amusement and embarrassment to her partner's expression.

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The satin of her bra, and the warm softness encased within, felt amazing against his bare chest as she kissed his neck. Her slow, relaxed movements were akin to a cat purring and nuzzling something she had found agreeable and had decided to make her own. “Cosmo was right,” she purred. Her lips made their way up to his chin then his own lips where she kissed him and gently nibbled his lower lip as the kiss ended. “Masturbation is more fun with a friend.” Her wicked smile told him they were far from done.

“I,” Cade laughed. “Am so glad no one was home to hear that. I couldn't even begin talking our way out of it.”

“Why would you want to?” Marissa asked, running her hand gently over the swollen front of his shorts, fingers lightly making their way to the waistband. She traced her finger under the band and gave them a tug. “Off.”

He didn't need much coaxing beyond that. Like any young man there came a time when no matter how shy about his body he might be, his first time would show how ready they were and with meteoric speed the pants came down and last thought on his mind was how shy he was. He tossed his shorts off to the side as she began massaging him. “Marissa, I don't have-”

“-any reason to cover this guy up?” She quipped, kissing him.

“I was going to say 'protection'.” He managed to say out of the corner of his mouth, fighting against her kisses to sneak words past her hungry advances. Ever the responsible young man, he was hoping to curb any mistakes before Marissa's heedless appetites led them both down a road of unwanted teenage drama.

She 'mm'd' in point of fact and rolled off of him, acknowledging that he had a point. She was still half dressed with her skirt now pulled up enough from the fooling around and gyrating that it displayed the perfect dimples of ass as she swayed her hips with each step towards the computer desk chair where she'd dropped her bag when she'd walked in.

Damn, he thought. She brought some. That meant that she either planned this, or always kept some on her 'just in case'. It wasn't that he didn't want to, especially with Marissa of all women. He'd have to be inane to say no to the opportunity to have sex with her. She was the unattainable, the one girl every guy in their high school fantasized about, and sports teams talked in hushed whispers about what they'd do if given the half of the opportunity he was being granted now. He wanted to, he really did, but with all the personal drama he had going on in his life, while he certainly enjoyed their time together up to this point, he didn't feel like his heart was in it. He looked down at his throbbing manhood and sighed, even if everything else was certainly in the game.

She slapped the condom down on his chest, snapping him from his reverie of mixed emotions and conflicting thoughts. In the moment he was lost in thought she'd cast her skirt and bra over his chair but decided to keep her boots, after all, he was still in his socks. Silver wrapped latex unfolded as the other eleven unfurled onto the night stand next to his bed. They hit his lamp and just fell to the floor. “You can keep the rest of the pack.”

“W-what do you have so many for?” The words were a mingling of both shock and confusion. What was his girlfriend up to that she needed twelve condoms in her purse? Even if she planned this only one should be necessary. Right?

He felt like a man dying in a desert the way she crawled back into his bed and loomed over him like a carrion bird waiting for him to be too weak to fight back. “I'm ambitious.” She smirked. She took him into her hand again and was gently massaging what she appraised to be a lovely specimen of manhood.

“I-it's not that I don't want to,” he said as she gently stroked him and looked at him expectantly. “I do. It's just-” Without warning she took him into her mouth and in practiced motions her wrist and tongue halted wherever he was going with that thought. His lower body tightened and his toes curled as his nerves lit up in sensation he could only describe as 'new'.

Cade rarely swore, but as every muscle tightened and he muttered 'oh, fuck' she knew he was well on his way to becoming sexually proficient. Creative and timely cursing was an acquired skill, after all. She looked up at him as her dark lips encircled his girth and let off long enough to meet his eyes and sensually say: “I'm listening.” She went back down on him, taking him into her mouth numerous times as her lover's brain struggled to remember how wording went. She stopped long enough to smirk evilly at him as she gently blew on the tip of his cock, sending an electric shiver throughout his hips.

“N-nothing,” he replied, swallowing hard. Whatever he'd felt a moment ago, he just didn't care anymore, at least, not for the moment. Her head bobbed down on him once more, twice more, and then he was gone as everything he had disappeared into her. He swore in the tune of a pleasurable groan as the reason why every guy at Great Falls High was blowing up her phone suddenly became shockingly obvious. As she withdrew she continued on with gentle strokes and wrist action as her lips and tongue continued to passionately attend to his needs.

He clenched the covers of his bed tightly as he felt the apex of this stamina running its course. “Mari, I'm... I'm gonna-'' He didn't have the chance to finish his warning before his climax swept him away in a torrent of explosive convulsions and muscle spasms. The ecstasy didn't stop and, to his surprise, neither did she. Finally his pleasure abated as she slowed the rhythmic suction and finally allowed him to relax, letting him slip from her mouth..

Wow, holy shit,” she sat up. Her chest heaved as she caught her breath. “That was... that was a lot. Don't you ever...” she made a slow jerking motion with her hand. “You know?”

He shook his head. “You didn't have to, uh,-”

“Swallow?” She motioned to the immaculately clean room around them. “Where was I going to put it? You don't even have a water bottle up here. My mouth could only hold so much!” There was an awkward silence as the two locked eyes and then suddenly the room was filled with choked laughter. They broke down and she slapped his leg. “Fuck you,” she laughed. “It's not funny.” Her man just kept giggling, raising up a hand and signaling with his thumb and forefinger in the universal sign for 'a little bit'. Her shoulders bounced as she tried to hold in the laughing and finally conceded with a nod and a smile. “Okay, it's a little funny.”

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The laughing helped as a long overdue icebreaker for the nervousness Cade was feeling about all these new experiences that seemed to be happening all at once. He leaned up and took her by the wrist, gently pulling Marissa towards him. Taking the cue she leaned in and rested herself atop his broad chest and one leg straddled over him.

She began to gently kiss his neck and he traced his hand down her body, exploring her curves with new familiarity. “I can't believe this, or that,” referring to the blowjob she'd just given him. “Is happening. This is not what I was expecting when I woke up today.” She impishly giggled, letting her breath warm his neck.

“I can't believe we did all this and I didn't put any music on.” She replied halfheartedly. They shared a chuckle as she traced her own finger tips admiringly over his sculpted, athletic body. “I'm sorry if I surprised you, I just,” she sighed on his neck. “I needed this. It's been a morning and I needed something to make me feel, I don't know, normal.”

“You want to talk about it?” He asked, ever the gentleman.

She traced her finger across his chin and neck admiring just how Adonis-like her lover really was and taking some measure of pride in knowing that he was all hers. “No. I didn't come here to talk. Honestly I just came here to make out but, well, that got a little out of hand.”

“Yeah.” He agreed with the mother of all smirks on his face. “Just a little.”

“I swear, after all that, I'm so wet right now I'm actually aching,” she whined with a bit of a wince in her expression. “I didn't even know that was a thing.”

“Well,” he held up the condom she'd given him not long ago between two fingers. “If you feel like you're ready, I'm ready too.”

She looked at him and smiled. “Baby, I just sucked you off it's going to- oh, my god.” She looked down in surprise that his erection had returned and, true to his word, he was certainly ready. She snapped her gaze back up to him, looked at the condom held between his fingers and then back to him. “Give me that.” She snatched it deftly and before he even realized it was gone she was already tearing the packet open.

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She'd finally put on some music. Marissa's playlist filled the quiet walls of Cade's bedroom and the country loving boy found his personal space filled with the pop/hip hop stylings of Ava Max, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Camilla Cabello. She knelt atop him, his back to his headboard and after a few moments of discomfort she slowly began rocking her hips. The sway of her movements set sensations through both of their bodies that neither could put into words. Within a few more moments she was working her body to the rhythm of her music.

She kissed him passionately as she continued her movements, her low moans of pleasure and the way her body tightened around him seemed to work for and against him in concert. It was a quick lesson for the both of them; that the most pleasurable things in life were never meant to last. Still, they had the moment and neither were willing to relinquish it to anything else but their own greedy, needful lust for one another. Cade found himself focusing on Marissa, following the prompting of her non-verbal and short, breathless, verbal cues as they both reveled in their new experience. Her breasts became a sanctuary for his lips. She arched her back and welcomed his attention with moans and murmurings akin to 'just like that' between her fevered breaths while she ran her fingers through his hair.

His hands gripped her hips and he'd gently thrust as she writhed ecstatically atop him, pulling her down softly against the upward roll of his hips. Her sharp nails dug deep into his shoulders as their pace increased, spurring him on by matching his tempo with her own, voice raised in praises to religious figures punctuated by deep gasps for breath. Feeling the second, stronger climax at her lover’s hands stirred such emotions that it nearly brought her to tears, and for his part Cade was thankful for the music, as without it it may have brought phone calls from the neighbors as Marissa’s voice rose in peaks, telling him to do things to her that he'd only heard before on the internet. A part of him felt ashamed for being turned on by how unabashedly and expressively carnal and open with her desires Marissa was, but when she said not to stop, he didn't.

As her pleasure crested and ebbed he shifted and sat up, effortlessly carrying her with him, positioning her on her back with himself above her. She'd controlled everything so far, always making sure that no matter how they fooled around she was always on top and over him. Her head rested gently at the foot of his bed and she looked at him with an expression that demanded an answer, her control seemingly unravelled after her orgasm, so much so she seemed unwilling or unable to argue. His explanation for the shift came in the voiceless thrust of his pelvis that sent him as deep into her as he could go, and Marissa’s eyes widened and her back arched taut as with a shock she realised Cade was brushing up against depths she didn't even know she had, not just physical but emotional, even spiritual. Her legs clamped around him and embraced him to her, her skin slick with the sweat her lover was working up. Her deep gray polished, clawed nails found their way to his ass and he felt the sting of them urging him on when she gripped tightly.

Cade’s mind still reeled as he looked down at his lover as somewhere between clarity and madness from the passions she was inspiring he kissed her deeply, a distant part of him thinking that when it came to his first time this was nothing like how he pictured it, least of all he certainly didn't think it would be with her, Shelly High's hottest and meanest resident. Yet here he was, making love to her, and she was eager for more of him, and she was his girlfriend, no less. Sort of, they still weren't putting a label on it. Her breasts glistened with sweat as the heat between them began taking its hold through their exertions. She bit her lower lip between kisses, her eyes locking on his as she silently urged him to finish before raising her lips to his ear and in a whisper that was equal parts moan told him to release inside her.. When that familiar sensation finally rose up within him, his vision constricted to her face, and he swiftly felt the paralysis of ecstasy wash over him, his rhythm breaking down and faltering into short spasms. Picking up on it, feeling him throb within her, Marissa  gently rolled her hips, instinctually smoothing the jerky movements of her lover to prolong both of their pleasure. In a matter of moments he collapsed beside her gasping for cool air and a moment's respite.

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Side by side they lay naked, their heads at the foot of his bed, staring at his ceiling. They relaxed and recuperated, letting their breathing slow and return to normal. “You okay?” Cade finally asked, breaking the silence.

“No.” Marissa sighed, mingling it with a chuckle. “I think you ruptured something.” She rested her hands on her lower portion of her stomach and they both laughed. “It smells like sex in here. You are so dead.”

Cade shrugged. “I'll cope. Let's face it, of all the things to get grounded for, right? Can I ask you something personal?”

“Oh,” she side eyed him with a seductive coo in her voice. “Getting brave now, huh? Sure, what's up?”

“I didn't hurt you or anything, did I? Being your first time and all I read that,” he paused as Marissa began laughing. She rolled towards him and kissed the flushed cheek of her white knight.

“Baby, my gymnastics growing up and something I ordered from Amazon took my Biblical virginity almost a year and a half ago. So, no bleeding, no drama, just a lot of getting over that you are nothing like what I have under my bed.” She pecked him again on his cheek. Her smile lit him up inside. “You are very sweet to consider me though, thank you.”

He smiled back at her, “Did I just get romantic praise from Marissa Jauntsen, the Marissa Jauntsen?” He joked.

“Yeah, yeah,” she slapped his arm. Her voice was lazy but sharing his joviality. “Shut up. But, yes. I would say that was certainly praise worthy. I can't lie, I want more.” She wasn't lying. The moment he was inside her and the sensation struck every lustful chord in her body, she knew in that instant that she was addicted. Masturbation and self pleasuring was all fine but the connection and passion that she experienced with a partner was nothing short of intense.

Cade looked down to the other end of the bed. “Think maybe you'll take your boots off this time?”

“If you take your socks off.” She quipped swiftly before they both began laughing again while he wiggled his toes under the white cotton. She reached up and snatched her phone off his night stand, cutting the music. “Shit. We don't have time. We have that thing and I look like-”

“You just had sex?” Her bae offered her a logical shrug.

She was already up and looking for discarded clothing, not seemingly shy about her nakedness in the slightest. All her boyfriend could do was simply admire just how perfect she was. “Yes. Filthy, sweaty, porn star sex and I need to get home and get ready for this... whatever the hell it is, at Jason's murder shack. I look like a mess. A hot mess.” She was already pulling the straps of her bra up over her shoulders and looking around for her shirt, trying to remember where she cast it to when she tackled her man to his bed.

“You look amazing, no matter what.” He offered while rolling out of bed and casting the condom into his wastebasket. “Are we going together, or separate? You can always shower and get ready here.”

“No, no,” the waistband of her satin panties snapped taught around her hips. “I need a complete do over, shower, clothes, makeup, I don't have any of that with me. Just meet me there.” She scooped up her purse and her thick heels thumped on the floor as she made her way to his bedroom door. She shook her head and pulled her hair back into a hastily done ponytail, wrapping it with a scrunchie. She spun about and approached her man, almost forgetting to thank him for the wonderful time. “You are the best. Thank you. I needed this so bad.” She kissed him once then again and was gone. Echoing through the house he heard her yell. “Text me! See you soon!”

Then it was quiet. He could Marissa's Mercedes start up and she drove down the road. He was still standing there, naked, but in his socks, trying to wonder if the last few hours of his life really happened. His phone chimed, breaking him out of his thoughts as he walked over and checked it. A text from Marissa. Already?

[Stop standing there and go take a shower. Kisses!]

He laughed and walked to the bathroom to shower, remembering at the last moment to remove his socks.

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Fic wrapped and closed.  2XP for Marissa - It's not easy to write sm00tz, and this was an excellent outing from the comfort circle.  Plus writing for both characters in such a scenario carries added burdens.  Well done


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