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Catherine 'Kat' Barras

Kat : The Ride [Ep. V Sidefiction]

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The events taking place in this sidefiction are situated during the 'One lone Friday' sidefiction (Ep. V), and are describing what happened between the following two moments : Kat following Courtney outside Bunnee's Burgers, and Courtney driving Kat home - late for dinner.

This sidefiction contains smuts. You're an adult, if you prefer not to go through the excruciating pain of reading a French guy's writing, or his clumsy attempt at initiating what he hopes to be a deep relationship between two characters, then go along, read something else instead. If I get a PM telling me : "Uh, this was gross, I wish I didn't read those !", I'll invariably reply : "Then why'd you read it in the first place ? I warned you with the spoiler thingie."

I took some time and effort for this sidefic, but also received some -if not a lot- of help from the ST, so big kudos to him.
Also, he didn't write any of the smuts, so if ya got a problem with'em, it's all me.

Enjoy the ride.

The Ride


The petite redhead’s crystalline laugh chimed along the road as she felt the wind run through her hair, warmed by the sun. Although her exuberance wasn’t the only reason for her laughter, she did enjoy this collision with raw elements - those being rather merciful on such a sunny afternoon. Lifting rather quickly from Shine and powers, the conversation had turned around Shelly High’s, quite substantial in content, rumor mill. After noticing the petite redhead’s closing features hearing what was being told about her friend Sean, Courtney had decided to change target, seeing that Kat didn’t take the mockery about the boy’s appearance really well, instead choosing to unleash the fruit of teenage boredom on the blonde reporter, Cassie, on Charlie, Autumn or Jason, to the shorter teen’s amusement.

Most of those Kat didn’t really understand, given that she was completely new in the landscape and knew close to nothing about the people living here, but it was certainly fun hearing teenagers blabber about mind-boggling theories, some of these couldn’t be taken seriously even out of context.

“Okay,” Courtney grinned. “This is a soft one.” She quickly glanced at her passenger. “Sean part of Anonymous?”

Kat chuckled, then actually considered the rumor. “To be honest… After all that’s been going on… a real shitfest by the way… I wouldn’t even be surprised if he was.”

Courtney pressed on, her grin widening. “Him hacking the NSA, the CIA… Disney???”

“Why Disney ?” The petite redhead replied, giggling. "You know, I don't think they realize that they might be close to the truth."

“Oh, and also, he’d be spying on everyone through Shelly’s security feed.”


A couple minutes ago, the Senior high school cheerleader had refueled at the pump station, and Kat had bought some snacks. She was currently busy with a bar of Snickers, and after swallowing a rather large portion of the chocolate bar, she turned to the driver.

“Kay, what about Autumn?”

“She’s probably a witch, or a Wiccan or whatever. Nobody spends so much time in the woods for,” and Courtney made air quotes with one hand, “reasons. Also, some say she turned down her parents when they offered to buy her a car.” She rolled her eyes and added, “Girl Scouts… Savages traipsing around with twigs in their hair and spending more time with animals than with human beings…”

The petite redhead snorted first, then raised a curious eyebrow at the comment, but Courtney shrugged it off. Then, “Jason ?”

A shiver ran along the spine of the bustier redhead at the thought of a pair of green cold eyes. "Smart. Cold-blooded… Well, you were there when he was talking to Cook and the other Project peeps. Deals weed, but is really cagey about it - sheriff would love to get him but hasn't found any evidence. People say rival weed dealers just disappear. I've never seen what he's thinking, and believe me I've tried. And he's, uh, gifted." She made an unmistakable gesture groinward. "Saw that with my own two eyes." Her grin was equal parts mischief and salacious.

Kat rubbed the back of her head, her cheeks suddenly heating up. “Yeah… “ Something in the tone of the smaller teen raised suspicion in the cheerleader’s mind.

“Yeaaaaaah ? Cmon, Kitty, spit it out.” Courtney shot her a teethful grin.

“Ugh, fine. Back on Tuesday, before I left with my Dad… Jason was sittin’ there, and… these grey sweatpants, I swear… Like a plaster mold on his junk.”

"Right?" Courtney grinned wide. "I swear he had no idea that every pair of female eyes in the room was looking at him sideways... Except you. You might as well have had a neon sign over your head."

Half-laughing, half-growling, the petite redhead replied, "Stop it ! It's embarrassing enough to think about..."

The car engaged on the Main Street, passing by the swimming pool, climbing the road to a small hill past town limits. They passed a lone house, then engaged on a dirt road large enough for a car and a half. She parked the car off the road and Kat raised a curious eyebrow, as the driver got out of the convertible and pulled a large blanket out from the trunk.

“What ?” She asked, then slightly shook the rolled blanket. “Cmon, the weather’s perfect for a little sunbathing.” She shot her an impish grin. “Besides, you curious about Jason’s weed?” She added, her free hand diving between her breasts, pulling out a joint. “Nobody lurks round these parts, Kitty.”

Kat chuckled, shaking her head in disbelief, then pushed the passenger door open, jumping to her feet and following the gorgeous redhead to where she was setting the blanket down, some fifty feet away from the car. She watched as Courtney set her cherry-red heels - matching her lipstick, Kat thought - aside and slowly unbuttoned her cream-colored blouse, dropping it on the blanket, revealing the red bra one could’ve guessed under the translucent fabric, then sat down, extending her long, round legs, her pale skin - it reflected golden undertones as it drank the sunlight - contrasting with the crimson skirt stopping half-thigh. She was holding the joint, waving her hand so the petite redhead could see it. She patted the blanket on her side, enjoining Kat to come and sit.

“Kitty, I’m not gonna eat you.” She said with a playful wink. <Yet.> She added, her voice ringing in Kat’s mind with mischief. She then burst in laughter as a warm pink invaded the petite redhead’s cheeks, who finally decided to sit on the edge of the blanket, removing her sand-grey booties and her socks. Kat composed herself, then pulled a lighter out of her jacket, before setting said jacket next to her booties and finding a spot to sit, closer from the weed, and Courtney. Kat felt like she was entering a lioness’ lair, and she was the prey.

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“So, you smoking, Kitty ?” Courtney asked, her eyes on the lighter as Kat passed it along. She tucked the joint between her lips, igniting the other end and pulling a long draft, exhaling a dense cloud afterwards, eyes closed. She extended her arm, offering the blunt to the petite redhead, who seized it between two slender but delicate fingers, before bringing it to her mouth, pulling an equally long draft on it. Kat closed her eyes. It had been a long time since she touched weed, and as she released the smoke, the world swayed a little. “Oh God…” She set her hands to the ground behind her, leaning back, her face to the sky, her mouth still open as she enjoyed the feelings, long forgotten, of the premises of a high she hadn’t experienced in at least a year. From her mouth erupted a giggle, turning into a short laugh, her lips stretched in an open joyful grin. She didn’t regret following Courtney out of Bunnee’s. It was like she’d almost forgotten what it was like, to have fun. She took another draft before holding it back to the joint’s owner.

“Yeah…” She said, bitterness in her soft voice. She glanced at Courtney. The gorgeous redhead obviously wanted to hear more. “My ex-boyfriend… got me into weed.” The high was slowly installing itself into Kat’s jungle-mind, like a program on a computer, and her emotions began seeping around herself, acrid bitterness laced with nostalgia, carried by her will to move on and her failure at achieving it, like a breeze too weak to root out the tree of her grief. A cloud of smoke raised in the air as the joint passed from hand to hand, quickly joined by a second one. “He is- was funny, handsome, and really cool to hang out with.”

“How comes he’s your ex, then?” Courtney asked, raising a curious eyebrow. She could tell by the scent of grief surrounding her companion that something had happened.

The petite redhead rubbed the back of her head, smoke blurring her thoughts. It felt as if all noises around her were a tad louder, birds chirping, the distant roar of a car engine, a soft breeze caressing the foliage of nearby trees, the babil of red squirrels fooling around, an undeniably feminine voice next to her. Kat shook her head. “In France,” she explained, “when you reach 11th grade, you pick a section out of three, Litterature, Economics and Social Sciences, and Sciences. The school ultimately decides which one to put you in, according to your grades during 10th grade and what you wished. Erwann wanted Sciences, but he wasn’t working enough… way to say he wasn’t doing anything, really… So I kinda… woke him up.” Her expression told there was more to it.

The joint changed hands for another round. “Then what?” Courtney asked, her curiosity piqued. This was clearly not break-up material, Courtney thought. That dude should’ve been grateful for the help.

“Then he turned into a workaholic. And after that, he dared calling me out on grades when I was doing more than fine. Asshole said he worried about me painting instead of working, and was being a real bitch about it.” Kat angrily pulled a long draft from the blunt, exhaling the smoke in a long sigh, before handing it back.

Courtney’s eyebrow twitched, and she came closer to the petite redhead, laying an arm around her shoulders. "Kitty, he sounds like an ungrateful, demanding asshole. Don't settle for that treatment."

The svelte French girl shrugged. “We broke up last November. I’m done with it.” Something in her voice said otherwise. She was sort of afraid to share too much with someone, her experience with Erwann being a painful memory. The teen’s faith in feelings of love had been shaken. Was it worth loving someone, when they could give you so much pain in return ? Her features darkened for a moment, then she turned to Courtney, noticing only now how close she was. Her vision swayed a little, and she blinked twice. “What about you ? Any… romance-related drama?”

Courtney's dark brown eyes, which had been warm and studying Kat's face, shifted away as she shrugged. "Not really, Kitty." she said offhandedly, taking back the joint and drawing on it. "I try to avoid that kind of drama in my own life." Crimson lips quirked. "It's hard to fall for someone when you can see they don't really care about you as a person."

Kat rolled her eyes, those getting discreetly bloodshot. "I wish I had Shine back then..." She thought about what Courtney just said, and added, "So, nobody interesting enough to date in Shelly High?"

"Depends on your tastes." Courtney smirked naughtily. "If what gets your lady-parts humming is jock farmer's sons who will either go on to college to study Agriculture or else go from graduation to work on the farm... Then there's plenty."

The smaller teen made a funny face. "Nothankyoubye." Courtney chuckled, then her eyes fell on Kat's tattooed arms. The Celtic patterns were starting slightly above the wrist, then got lost under the plaid blouse after the elbow. "So, where'd you get that, Kitty ?" A scrupulously manicured nail tapped on her forearm, and as Kat turned her head to answer, the joint was being held right in front of her lips, ready to be drawn on, but Kat was getting too high for her to care about the impish grin drawn on the bustier - and thinly clad - redhead's features, and she pulled a long draft on the blunt, casting the smoke aside.

"Uh... t'was my birthday gift from me to me. Took me some time to design it with the right proportions. Also, costly... Alice, my best friend, helped me afford it." Courtney raised an intrigued eyebrow. "Costly ? How much we talking about ?" Kat looked up in the sky, trying to remember. "All of it, I'd say around 2k."

The cheerleader's eyebrows jumped sky high hearing the bill. "All of it ? That's expensive for just an arm tattoo..." Her eyes narrowed suspiciously, she asked, "Show me what all of it is."

The petite redhead stood up, almost staggering, facing the sun, and began unbuttoning her own blouse, turning her back to Courtney. The blouse left her shoulders and joined Kat's jacket on the floor. Then the smaller teen removed her jeans, standing there in her black underwear, bathed by the sun, showing off perhaps what was Kat's most beautiful chef-d'oeuvre. She slowly spun on herself, in a dance-like manner, so Courtney could glance at all of it.

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Courtney smiled, pursing her lips as her eyes roamed the intricate lines and swirls of the tattoo and the pale, pale skin it traversed. "Very nice." she said, leaving Kat unsure whether she meant the tattoo or the view. She smiled again, taking a puff of the joint then extending it towards the petite French girl as her free hand patted the blanket invitingly. "Come back over here and get some sun."

The svelte French girl fell on her behind next to Courtney, grabbing the joint and drawing on it, her features painted with relaxation as she offered her now barely clad body to the sun’s warm embrace. As far as she remembered, she didn’t sunbathe often. Being a Breton, she had of course been to the sea several times, but she didn’t like sand. Sand was irritating, it got everywhere. She was definitely the indoors type, although her repeated interactions with Shelly’s youth might come to change that.

Courtney sighed contentedly and leaned back on her elbows as the warm rays bathed both of the pale-skinned girls, though Kat’s skin was almost dazzlingly pale as it reflected the sunlight.  A red-tipped fingernail came up lazily and traced some of the pattern on the smaller girl’s shoulder, marking the contrast between the ink and the white skin.  “You should definitely get some after-sun lotion on you when you get home, Kitty.”  the more mature-seeming redhead said in a soft tone as birdsong disturbed the air overhead and the caress of Courtney’s hand became a little more firm as it moved across and down Kat’s back and over her opposite hip so that the petite girl was in a half-embrace.  “If I had lotion here, I could rub it on for you…”  Courtney murmured wistfully.  “Shame.”

After a last draw on the joint - which joint was now sternly diminished compared to its original size - the petite redhead passed it on, leaning on her elbows and against the taller frame lying right by her side. Skin to skin contact didn’t bother her, focused that she was on her surroundings, her mind scanning every stimuli enhanced by the weed, the warmth of the arm crossing her back, the almost undetectable breeze that shook a couple leaves every now and then, but also the twirly backwash affecting her balance, which caused her to rely on the contact with her companion’s skin to somehow feel still. Jesus, that’s how it feels to smoke after fasting for so long. She deeply breathed in through her nostrils, her olfaction driven crazy by the smell of Nature, the dry grass, late summer flowers, dry and dusty dirt from the road, the heady scent of the dissipating joint smoke curls, and the more heady scent of Courtney’s flesh now oh so close to her face. After-sun lotion… She’s probably right… “You’re probably right… Shame…” She replied, oblivious of what Courtney implied, captivated by everything.

She was aware of a faint movement from Courtney as she dragged the last puff from the shared joint then, sitting up, stubbed it out carefully on a flat stone, grinding the butt of the roll up until it was not even smoldering before laying back once more.  “Well, that’s Bannon’s regular weed.”  Courtney sighed, tucking a hand behind her head as her other hand continued to idly caress Kat.  “To think, before the summer I had him pegged as a loser part of Sean’s loser club of loserness, tolerated only because he dealt grass.  I didn’t even bother trying to read his mind, I was that convinced he was a nobody.  And now, Marissa has him on lockdown and I missed my window.”

“Marissa?” The French girl remembered the meeting at the bleachers, the dark-haired beauty and her radiating presence. She also remembered the hospital, and the uproar, flashes of red light, and the same girl shaking her off her fright. Marissa… and Jason ? That seemed unlikely. She took a minute to appreciate how warm the sun kept, savoring unsuspected pleasure at the heat’s caress. This seemed like a good excuse for her to plan on more tanning as long as warm days were a thing. She slightly moved on her elbows to get closer to the beautiful young woman lying by her side, pressing an arm against her companion’s skin, gently nudging her. “Isn’t she dating… that big guy… Cade?”

“Looks like, sure.  But she told me last Friday night to keep my hands off Bannon and he was hers.” Courtney turned slightly towards Kat, propping her head on her hand and leaning on an elbow as she spoke.  “I was all set to see that as a challenge between Queen Bitches, but now we're friends so…”  she gave a one-shouldered shrug.. “She might be dating Big Montana.  But she's got Bannon on layaway and I pity the girl who makes a pass.”

Kat’s lips pursed into something close to a pout, as she thought about what she knew so far about Marissa. Not much. “Queen ? Bitches ? Queen Bitches ?” She asked in an amused voice. “You guys own the school ?” She added, looking for facts to supply her few impressions.

The answer was a soft snort, followed by a chuckle.  “I guess?”  Courtney said.  “I don’t know how it is in the land of adorable French pixies-”  and her fingers trailed up Kat’s arm almost ticklingly.  “-but here the hottest girls run the social scene, and the social scene runs the school.”  She sighed softly as her fingers toyed with the ends of Kat’s short hair.  “I used to think that was all that mattered - and now there’s actual monsters and psychic powers and Marissa and I are friends and the Nerd Herd are kinda cool - some of them anyway.”  She traced the line of Kat’s jaw with a fingertip, then gently turned the smaller girl’s face to hers.  Courtney smiled slightly, leaning closer.  “The world’s gone mad, Kitty.” she whispered, her breath a puff of warmth on Kat’s cheek right before she pressed her crimson lips to the surprised French girl’s.

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I wrote most of this fic while listening to some psychedelic rock, but I thought I'd share it only for the peak of the high. Hope you'll enjoy.

The petite redhead half-gasped, inhaling her companion’s breath in doing so, yet did not recoil, and time seemed to slow for a short second of uncertainty. Courtney could both feel and sense doubt in Kat’s reaction, but the very reason Kat chose to follow Courtney out of Bunnee’s swept it away, as the slender teen shifted her weight to one arm, moving a timid but delicate hand to the naked shoulder of the other girl. She closed her eyes and returned the kiss with piqued curiosity, exploring the shape of her lips with her own.

Courtney’s mouth slightly curved into a triumphant grin as she pressed on, her palm cupping the thinly clad pixie’s cheek. She folded her legs to sit up, freeing her other hand to brush it up against Kat’s nape and slowly tilt her head backwards, and tossed a leg across the French girl’s waist, setting her knees on each side while her fingers ran along Kat’s neck and shoulder blade, summoning shivers in their wake. At this point, Kat needed to remember how to breathe, her heart racing and stealing way too much oxygen from her lungs, and as she softly broke off the kiss and opened her now fairly bloodshot eyes, she didn’t regret the sight of the crimson-haired beauty haloed by the sun who was towering her, staring at her with hungry eyes. She was in for all of it.

She had been bad at catching the hints, even if she pinned that on the weed, and as she was about to voice her comment, a voracious kiss sent it into oblivion, lighting up some -if not many- red lights in the petite redhead’s mind while she laced her arms around Courtney’s neck. That’s Bannon’s regular weed. The high was doing a formidable job at keeping her breathless, as an unstoppable flow of sensory input overflowed the teen’s frail focus and blew her mind - the cherry scent of Courtney’s cherry-red lipstick as she bit on her upper lip, the floral aroma, jumbled with fruity sweetness, of her skin as her mouth trailed on her cheek, pecking here and there, mingling with the intoxicating smell of strawberry her hair released as it brushed on Kat’s nose, while Courtney’s warm lips explored her jawline, then her neck, extorting a rattling sough of gusto from the petite redhead, who buried her nose in the crimson mane, drunkenly and avidly breathing its smell.

Kat’s fingers hardened on the cheerleader’s shoulder as she pulled herself closer, feeling white teeth playing with the skin of her neck, and a shiver ran along the spine of the petite redhead, feeling much like a prey being toyed with by a predator, followed by Courtney’s fingertips, dancing up the alignment of vertebrae until they stopped on the clip of her bra. Click. The sound bounced and echoed throughout Kat’s buzzing jungle-mind, and black bra joined blouse, jacket, blue jeans and sand-grey booties on the floor as Courtney pressed on her assault on the smaller teen with an impish grin, a scrupulously manicured nail tracing the outline of the tattoo on Kat’s shoulder, quickly followed by lips burning with expectation, pecking on the small dots of ink darker than midnight, in contrast with pale skin in desperate need for more sun - and more caresses. A rasping sigh lost itself in the sudden cooler breeze picking up, unable to smother the warm embers awakening in the petite redhead’s innards, as Courtney’s mouth began moving lower and lower while her hands did their magic, riding up the slender teen’s ribs, brushing against the soft and mellow skin of her humble breasts and wringing another appreciative groan inside Kat’s throat.

A firm hand slowly pushed her back to lay down, two brown eyes locked into hers, glistening with hunger - Kat could hear the beating sound of her blood pulsing to her temples, could feel the heat slowly invading her cheeks, the soft fabric of the blanked under her back, the long forgotten feeling of someone else’s hands on her skin. A familiar face, framed with short and dark hair, flashed in her mind, and for a split second, she felt ashamed, then scolded herself. Why should I care about an ungrateful demanding asshole ? The thought shattered, replaced by something more raw, commanding she gave her attention to the Now. The touch felt electric, violently soft, Courtney’s lips blowing a short, smooth kiss to the tip of her nipple, causing the svelte French girl to inhale sharply, her chest heaving as her mouth opened in a silent gasp. That… was new… Take that, Erwann. And then it came back, again, and Kat ran a hand into the cheerleader’s hair, gently pulling her head closer as if asking for more. The cherry-red lips parted on the mellow, pale skin of her breast, and a mischievous tongue darted, nimbly flicking on her pink, erect tit, coaxing a doleful moan from the petite redhead, before venturing on her sternum. Courtney’s hands were roaming around Kat’s ribs, her fingers tracing the intricate lines of the Celtic patterns, so dark that they seemed to drink the sunlight. The soft caresses left shivers in their wake, hands dancing on skin in a sort of back and forth strangely mimicked by the petite redhead’s pelvis. 

As Courtney’s tongue traced a burning line to her collarbone, Kat lifted a knee to push on her buttocks, cupping her cheek with a hand and lacing the other arm around her back, and planted a fierce kiss on her mouth, rolling on the blanket to gain the high ground, her grey eyes darkened with lust and mischief drawing a wry smile on the crimson-haired beauty’s features. The latter didn’t expect this playful show of strength from the svelte French girl, whose body was beginning to adapt to the rough - at least in her eyes - training she endured every morning. Kat’s breathing was sharpening, matching the pace of her beating heart supplying the heat necessary to ignore the now cooler temperature of the evening.

The sun was now close to the horizon, and the occasional breeze running across the area had turned into a mild but constant flow, playing with the coral locks falling before Kat’s eyes as she bent over the gorgeous body laying below hers. The petite redhead blew them off without a thought, picking another soft kiss from Courtney’s cherry-red lips. She thrilled when the other girl’s hands locked onto her waist, pulling her closer, and then began, in turn, exploring her companion’s skin, with lips reddened by kisses - and lipstick - and shivering hands, slipping those under the strap of Courtney’s red bra and pulling them off her shoulders, her mouth following the faint mark they left till it reached her breasts, venturing near her cleavage then backing off towards her neck, her lips, stretched by an excited grin, landing there a humored peck. She could feel the vibration of Courtney’s soft whimper of protest in her throat, could not ignore the warmth of the arms laced around her waist, pulling her closer and closer till her chest was pressed to the other girl’s, and a third time, she voraciously pressed her mouth onto Courtney’s, while the scent of her skin once again blew her mind in a colorful blast of floral aromas. She timidly poked Courtney’s lips with a flick of her tongue, as if asking for right of way, her breath spreading its warmth in a silent but excited giggle, and the snug barrier opened, greeting the intruder with renewed interest, Courtney’s tongue suddenly leading a heated dance while her arms released their lock around the petite redhead’s chest to get rid of the bra straps, one of her hands then sliding down Kat’s back to rest on her buttocks while the other began brushing against her belly as Kat broke off the intense kiss and took a deep breath. Delicate fingers caressed around her ombilic in concentric circles, going lower, and lower, surreptitiously sliding inside her panties, inch by inch, kindling the aroused heat overrunning the slender teen’s whole body.

Kat’s stomach suddenly produced a malcontent growl, depicting how much she lusted for the crimson-haired beauty, but also reminding her that weed generally made people hungry for food. This had the effect of a cold shower on her, and the sudden change in her expression startled the cheerleader, whose fingers stopped at the very boundaries of the petite redhead’s forbidden fruit. Courtney raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

Kat swore in French, and reached for her jacket, pulling herself out of Courtney’s warm embrace, and fishing her phone out. “Fuck !” She swore again, noticing the hour. “I’m. SO. Late ! My dad’s gonna kill me.” A wicked giggle chimed in her back, and she glared at the gorgeous beauty staring at her, resting on her elbow with her bra pulled down around her belly.

“Oh, that is adorable.” A mischievous smile crossed the cheerleader’s features as she watched the petite redhead dressing up as fast as she could while letting go of a profusion of profanities that would make a French sailor turn pale. She sat down and adjusted her own bra, before grabbing her blouse with a frustrated sigh. A few moments later, both of them were dressed, and Courtney was slowly walking back to the car, the blanket now rolled and folded under her arm. “Hey, Kitty, I’ll drive you home.” She offered the slender teen who followed her with worry painted on her face and apparent lipstick marks on her lips.

“Thanks…” The petite redhead replied, rubbing the back of her head while heading towards the passenger door, her jacket thrown over her left shoulder.

“Your dad’s gonna look at you funny if you don’t do something for these,” Courtney pointed at Kat’s lips and shot her an impish grin, and a warm pink flushed the French girl’s cheeks, who grabbed a tissue and her phone from her jacket, and tried making the obvious less obvious, after sitting in the car. The Senior high school cheerleader closed the trunk, and took a couple strides, reaching the driver seat. An awkward silence floated between the two young women, broke an instant later by the taller redhead. “Hey, that was fun !” Courtney gave her a warm smile, her eyes studying Kat’s face.

The statement lingered on the petite redhead, who was thinking about what had just happened, and drew a faint smile on her lips, stirring up something warm in her chest, slight reminder of the intense heat that had driven her crazy a couple moments ago. She glanced at Courtney, her grey eyes shining with appreciation and her cheeks still flushed with a charming pink, in contrast with her pale carnation. “Yeah, that was fun !”

As the engine started, a wider grin stretched Kat’s lips as she added : “Guess now I know where to look for weed…” Another wicked giggle echoed through the nearby woods as the car made its way towards town.

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