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"Day of the Dead": Post-Mortem

Sakurako Hino

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I'm just curious. I'm having fun doing it, as well as Teknokat. Nothing says action like a shadowy deal gone south.

Feel free to post opinions here! (And yes, Kirby, I know you're Teknokat, it's in your friggin' signature! wink )

Addendum: Since this is now the afterstory de-briefing, I've changed the title of this thread.

That is all.

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The one thing I didn't like, paying for Endeavor's wardrobe budget. Then having the wardrobe get shredded. The scripts were haphazard but put together well. Can't wait for the outtakes on the DVD. wink

Hmmm... Inspiration...

Where would Outtakes form the "Day of the Dead" story be put? *big evil grin*

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Umit reminds me of a game I was in acon..The story teller was a german who was not fully fluent in english,and he was decribing a meanising garden...And one the players went on to blowing it up..as he was refering to as "her and she"."So you hit her,and cuncks of her fall off, but she dosen't seem to be bothered by you,and is still staying still" Or something like that.

It was just based on the out takes..Oh it was funny.Th other novas watched and tried to hold back laughing.

But for comedy, you have to udnerstand that white wolf has never done a game where there it is ment to be funny.Yes things about some of there games are funny, but they are not as awhole funny, most are sad.Take Aberrant, your charatcers may or may not know that oneee of these days she is going to be so diffrent that either she or the rest of world will stop being able to see eye to on anything.And strangely this most likely the most upbeat game of white wolf I played.

I have not played A!, but Trinty, is in a time when humainty is fight it's basstard son, with the only thing stand in there way being that son's younger brothers and sisters.There are alians who want to whipe humanity out,, becuase that can become novas.The game is wripe with fear,hate,and justly so.Not so much room for a comedy.

And yes I enjoy the story, you two make a good team, just rember.Do more and I will read more!

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I think the story turned out great! Unfortunately I was not wise enough to wait for the story to be finished, I read it part by part. So, while I understand that it takes time to write a story, I would really have liked to have seen it completed faster! I hope you both take this as the compliment I mean it to be!

I found the interaction between TK and E interesting, I noticed several times how alike they are (at least im my mind) but also how very different.

So if you still have enregy and ideas, I want more!

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I liked it! Nice, lighthearted fun. One thing that struck me - and this is just personal preference - is that Techokat and Endeavor seemed to have all these devices they kept pulling out of their pockets for just such an occasion, and usually I prefer it when the protagonists rely on more spur-of-the-moment kinda stuff. But that's me. smile

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I can probably answer a little of Teknokat's "Gadget pop-up", in that the story begins in one of her safe-houses. She tends to stash some tech in her safe-houses. Although, I can count the number of gadgets she ended up using on one hand:

1) Holo-projector (She brought it with her)

2) Instant Ice Canister (Kept a few in the safehouse)

3) Micro-missile launcher (ditto)

4) Hot-wire bugs. (plot device. I admit it laugh )

She mostly ended up using her capabilities, and what was around her, rather than just grab something (the only one I really just "popped out of nowhere" was the hot-wire bugs, the rest I had logical reasons for being in pick-up range...).

Besides, Teknokat isn't that strong, nor is she prescient. I allow myself one Q-type* gadget per story, the others I demand actual reasons for carrying them...

*Q-type - from the odd phenomenon of Q always giving Bond strange gadgets that always ended up being used...

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I didn't really notice that. Endeavor had only four "gimmick" toys with her. All of them made sense. Teknokat as far as I can remember had just as few goodies. Endeavor and Teknokat came in prepared. But not completely prepared. If you notice, for every idea that we came up with, there were unforseen wrinkles. And then, that vicious brawl between Endeavor and Montenegro showed the gang wasn't completely prepared for a long knockdown drag-out. The saving grace was with Teknokat getting creative. It's always best to save the last ditch plan b stuff for when you need it.

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Well.. I should list what Endeavor hav with her.

1: Her clothing was made with hinopolymer, so, she had some armoring.

2: Her rain poncho had both hinopolymer and armor plating.

3: Her sword.

4: Her cans of 'splode.

5: That inflatable mat thingie.

6: Oh, not to mention that flash-dazzler option on her outfit.

7: Then there was all the data, blueprints, and the spare change of clothes. And a snack.

A little more than needed for a trip out on the town, but it works.

Distilling this down to it's roots, here's the play by play:

Endeavor did come somewhat prepared for different situations. But, she didn't whip out heavy artillery from under her skirt. Most of the toys she could carry in a small backpack. The two only big deal things I see are all the tricks on Endeavors now shredded original outfit, and the sword. Otherwise, it's clean. You of course notice one of my methods, that when a toy gets overused, it gets broke. Endeavor's favorite blouse and poncho got tore up. As for the sword, it was rendered a non-factor from the onslaught that Montenegro and Smith had on her. As for the Walther PPK... That was an embellishment. Just to show that Endeavor's influenced by more than Anime.

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