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Aberrant RPG - Favorite NPCs


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Hello all, just had a few free moments and thought I'd post a little something I've been thinking about.

Who have been the favorite NPC's in your TT games? Whether your own creations as an ST or your favorite to interact with as a Player.

In the game I'm running now one of my players posted a little journal entry about the Amp Room (I give exp for IC writings.) and he had a sentance talking about how outright weird the AmpRoom was. He mentioned seeing 'two girls, a guy, and a thing' having carnal knowledge of each other on the dance floor. And with that little kernel of an idea was born Ed.

Ed, The Wiggling, Giggleing Tower of Goo.

Ed has only ever been seen pulsating and throbbing on the floor of the Amp Room. He is a 8 to 9 feet tall and 4 feet across cylinder of gelatinous goo. He's translucent and shifts colors. He appears to have some degree of shapechanging as a variety of tentacles, mouths, eyes, sexual organs appear and slide across his surface as well as a number of unidentifiable extrusions.

He never speaks or interacts with anyone and all attempts to read his mind have been unsuccessful. He simply pulsates across the dance floor in time to the beat of the music and has become quite popular. The reason is that he is not completely solid and any nova on the dance floor can 'crawl' inside his gelatinous form and get an 'Ed Trip'. Ed has effectively 5 dots of Stamina, MegaStamina and Poison with the -1 dice pool per success option. The dice pool adjustment is the systemic explanation of Ed pouring a variety of chemicals over the skin of the nova inside him, each blasting them with an incomparable sexual ecstasy. After a minute or too of sexual Nirvana Ed allows the passanger to gently ooze to the floor on the edges of the dancing and pulses back into the crowd.

Whether or not Ed gets anything out of it is unknown. But most things about Ed are unknown. No one knows how he pays cover or even arrives at the Amp Room and Andy Vance won't talk about it.

So, lemme know if you have your own wicked, weird or wonderful NPCs.

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I would have to say the one NPC that my PC's Detested was "Death Kiss", A horribly taint warped nova. I do not know if they hated him because he is a perfect example of how taint can effect a Nova on the path to power, or if they hated him for his attack that made the muscles contrict upon the skeleton of the body breaking bones and such. Left a PC or two convulsing in Pain on the ground.

His taint had warped his body into a half man half scorpion, with one dot of size morph grow permantly on. It all Ended when Flagg the teams leader snapped and punded him to little meat chunks, with his bare hands.

Imagine their grumbles when they were exposed to Xtime travel and met his duplicate in another timeline that was actualy on the good guy side... Once again Flagg Flew off the handle and went to beating him down, stopped by a few other NPC's Since Flagg in this time line was one of the Bad guys...

To this day you mention Death Kiss and everyones eyes narrow, and open the dice back picking their favorite attack die....

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My favorite idea would have to be The Extra.

You see:

A man in a business suit holding a brief case. He checks his watch.

The man (who is often taken hostage and or killed) is a nova who has gained immortality from giving his word to the only person he has ever loved and actually trying to keep it (also a first). He is amazingly rich and incredible in business by baseline standards. He has 2 levels of dispersed organs (they look and act the same as regular organs but he can regrow himself from almost nothing), Mega stamina 1, adaptability, regeneration, ressurection, a very large q pool, and dormancy 5 that only stops working when he is killed. His identity is a secret. He is part of a small group of nova's that might help out the pc's if they ever actualy caught on. May or may not answer to the name of 'kenny'.

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Strangely, one of my most popular villains is a baseline called Moira FitzSimmons.

She is a manager/PR/spin-doctor who was Alejandra's manager for a time. She hired a nova with Holo and Mental Blast to create an insubstantial ghostly "stalker" in an attempt to give the "good catholic Alejandra" some scandal for the newspapers.

She turned up again managing the Virgin brand's superteam V-Force whose "heroism" was merely a sequence of stage managed events to make V-Force look good (including capturing "mite smugglers" whom Moira had planted the mite on). The players took vast delight in exposing her. She's got 3 health levels and a Wits+Biz of 7dice.

One that I quite like is Der Blutschreiber (means something like The Bloodwriter). A german schoolteacher who erupted when an expelled kid threw a petrol bomb at his house. Der Blutschreiber is a haemo-kinetic (has the ability to control blood with his mind - think of the nasty applications) and a hormonal imbalance which sends him into a homicidal rage whenever he encounters stupidity or incompetence.

I have two PCs that have yet to meet him but whom will inevitably trigger that rage.

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