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Onyx Path: V5 Cults of the Blood Gods Coming Soon to Kickstarter

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Cults of the Blood Gods.

In all of Vampire: The Masquerade‘s history, there’s never been a book wholly dedicated to the diverse faiths and cults among Kindred, the ways in which they practice, their relationships with each other, and how to utilize religion in your chronicles as a force of hope and destruction. Cults of the Blood Gods is the book you want, if you’re interested in incorporating ecclesiastical horror in your games. This book contains everything you need to have each Kindred in your coterie establish a cult, cleave to a unique faith, and establish domains in the name of an ancient methuselah, being of myth, or even the Kindred protagonists themselves. Not only that, it provides the tools necessary to play members of the Clan of Death, once known as the Cappadocians, then the Giovanni, and now the Hecata, as well as new powers for members of a large number of cults, rules for creating your own religions, and an entire story set in Munich with ready-made characters, so you can play immediately upon receipt of the book.

Coming to Kickstarter Tuesday the 17th at 2pm EST.

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