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KOTNR - House Rules & Clarifications

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Clarifications on the Wild Die


Wild die when rolling dice in Discord

The first die result of your roll will be treated as the Wild die.

For example: if you roll 4D6 and get Details:[4d6 (1 3 4 6)], then you got a 1 on the Wild die (not a 6).


Rolling a 1 on the Wild die 

To clarify, rolling a 1 on the Wild Die is not an automatic failure or botch. If the Wild Die comes up as a 1, tell the me and I will do one of three things:

1) Just add the 1 on the Wild Die to the total normally with no effect.

2) Subtract the 1 on the Wild Die and your other highest die from the total

3) Add the 1 on the Wild Die to the total normally, but award a "complication" - something unusual (and often, but not always bad) has happened that livens things up for your character.

Complication example:
In a space battle you shoot a quad-laser cannon at a TIE fighter. You roll and get a 1 on the Wild Die and are awarded a complication.

- If your total roll was still not enough to hit the TIE fighter, then you miss, and due to the complication, your roll might be applied to a friendly ship to see if you it the friendly instead, or the turret might malfunction.

- If your total roll is enough to hit the TIE fighter, then you successfully hit it (Yay!), but due to the complication the TIE fighter might now on a collision course with your ship or maybe the TIE fighter spun and hit a friendly ship, damaging it and/or forcing them to make a piloting check..

Complications can apply to any roll, not just combat, from mis-remembering information, to not realizing you just hit on the alien you are trying to talk to in their native language.

If dropping the 1 on the Wilde die and your highest die from your total would result in failure then I might even offer you the choice of taking the failure or succeeding with a complication.

Sometimes a complication is bad, sometimes they just make things more difficult or interesting, and sometimes they are just funny.


Rolling a 6 on the Wild die 

If you roll a 6 on the Wild Die, then it 'explodes', meaning you add it to your total like normal and then get to re-roll that 1 die, adding the result to the total. As long as you keep getting a 6 on the re-roll, you keep adding it and re-rolling.

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