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[OpNet] Crystallike


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Dear Abbie,

I am a garbageman in NYC, and I have this problem, that after my eruption a month ago, my body begins to grow more and more crystallike! I begin developing sharp splinters growing out of my elbows, which wreck my working clothes more and more. And if this wasn't enough, my face begins to "freeze", I begin having pain when I want to smile!

A friend of mine said i should turn to the Utopians, but i don't know if i can trust them.. Please tell me what to do before my wife leaves me because she is pretty affeared of the changes i am undergoing!

- Shard

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Dear Shard,

At this point your choices are to trust someone to help you or to go on as you have. You have already decided you want help. The Teragen would tell you to leave your wife and embrace your changes. DeVries would give you a job out of public view. That leaves the Utopians.


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