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Star Wars!


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GM: Noir

# of players: 2+

System: Star Wars d6 by West End Games (though "d6 Space" has most of the rules). I can help supply the rules for any who need it. Just PM me. 

Era: New Republic Era with Imperial Remnant (NOT the First Order)

Pace: Far more action/adventure than intrigue

PCs: PCs can be part of the New Republic or sympathetic to it, this include former Imperials, fringers and the like and should be fundamentally 'good' as this is a heroic game, not a sith/dark side campaign.

Force users are also permitted (even the entire party if we want to go that way) such as potential/poorly/poorly trained jedi, other force users and the like.

PC origins are pretty open. Individual PCs could be former Imperials who changed sides or are trying to defect/oppose the Imperial Remnant or simply returning to the Republic, smugglers, mechanics, soldiers, operatives, slicers and so on. Some personal and combat ability is strongly recommended Some degree of space combat ability (such as the Starship Gunnery skill) is suggested as well.

A droid character is is also possible (having not had a memory wipe in a very long time or just quirky programming), but could be restrictive in some ways.

All non-human races need approval, but most of the common races should be no issue.


I am adaptable and can work around (for the most part) PC concepts and such and already have several ideas based on what few PC concepts have been tossed around already. Go ahead and use this thread to discuss concepts and ask questions or ask me in chat.

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Dibs on Young Jedi.


Character Name: Gavin Qel-Droma
Type: Young Jedi
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5'11”
Weight: 165lbs

Physical Description: Gavin is a ruggedly handsome boy with dirty blonde hair and a lean, athletic figure from years of malnourishment and heavy labor. His body riddled with a variety of small scars and larger ones across his back and chest making his baody a road map of pain over the many years he's been in service to Pibsomo The Hutt.

Personality: There's never a bright side to anything. The strong will always rule the weak and that's not really ever going to change. The weak, however, can band together. They can help one another and even though their situation may never change, if someone gives just a little bit, sacrifices just a portion of what and who they are for others... then everything can by made a little easier to deal with. He picked that up from the other slaves throughout the years. Years of abuse have stripped the boy of most of his self-confidence and courage.

Objectives: Gavin doesn't understand this strange power that he possesses, after all the Qel-Droma bloodline was stripped of its connection to the Force aeons ago. He knows that if anyone can help him it would be the Jedi, but there are no more of them it would seem and what few there are can not easily be found. He knows that were Pibsomo to discover his power, he would train the boy as a weapon and force him to abuse his gifts. He has never met his father and has only vague memories of his mother, who sold him to Pibsomo on Nal Hutta when he was just two years old.

Quote: “That's not fair!”, “That's impossible!”, “I can't.”, “There's no way we win.”

Blaster: 4D, Dodge: 4D, Lightsaber Combat: 4D, Melee Combat, Melee Parry,
Running, Vehicle Blasters

Alien Species, Launguages: Basic (F), Planetary Systems: 3D, Survival, Willpower: 3D

Astrogation: 3D, Beast Riding, Repulsorlift Operation, Space Transports, Starship Shields

Bargain 5D, Command, Hide, Investigation, Persuasion: 5D, Search, Sneak 5D

Brawling, Climbing/Jumping, Stamina 3D, Swimming

Blaster Repair, Droid Repair, Repulsorlift Repair, Security

Alter: 1D| Control: 1D| Sense: 1D

Force Powers:
Lightsaber Combat (C-M/S-E), Telekinesis (A-Varies)

Equipment: Nothing

Move: 10
Force Sensitive:
Force Points:
Dark Side Points:
Character Points: 0

Wound Status:


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Kel and Arcata would both work. You can also tweak them a little if you like or roll up something new. Whatever you like. I am here to help and answer questions.


ATM the group seems to be...

...a (soon to be) ex-slave, jedi hopeful
...a rough around the edges New Rep bounty hunter

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Here's my WIP.  Stats to follow in time, but I've got the basic flavor of the character down here.



Character Name: Jan Vicus
Type: Bounty Hunter
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 5'9”
Weight: 178lbs

Physical Description: Jan is an outwardly unassuming, soft spoken man of average height, usually dressed in a spacer’s padded jumpsuit that conceals a wiry, powerful frame beneath.  His eyes are a dark sable hue reminiscent of a bird of prey, and his dirty blond hair is worn medium length, together with a short beard framing a face tanned by alien suns and scarred from a harsh life. 

His body under the shapeless clothing he prefers is likewise scarred – cuts, blaster burns and other wounds leaving a story of war on his skin.  He bears the tattooed emblem of the Alderaanian Death Legion on his chest over his heart, and bears a number of crude tally-mark tattoos on each arm above the elbow – a large number.  On his back is a stylised version of the Rebel Alliance ‘firebird’ formed out of nebulous shadowy smoke, it’s wings stretching across his shoulders and the motto “No Mercy for the Merciless” inscribed beneath it.

Personality: When the going gets tough, the tough get mean.  Jan is focused, ruthless in attaining his goals, and usually has at least one trick up his sleeve.   There is no quit in the man, powered as he seems to be by a caged furnace of sheer rage – if he appears to be backing off from a stated goal, either it wasn’t his true intention or else he’s giving himself room to charge.  He’s not heartless – the plight of innocent victims can and does move him – but years of covert warfare, murder and sabotage have hardened his shell to an extreme degree.  Before, he was a weapon under the control of Alliance High Command.  Now, he's self-guided.  And he'll never stop making them pay.

Capsule: An Alderaanian by birth, everything he loved was taken from Jan by the Empire, and now his primary focus is to make everyone attached to the New Order suffer for their crimes.  Every Imperial  - from the highest Grand Moff down to the lowliest Army trooper – who did not defect before the war was won is accountable.  The Corporate Sector bootlicks, the noble houses of the Tapani, the fat placid citizens of the Core Worlds – all who wilfully turned a blind eye to the atrocities of the Empire and lauded the New Order are complicit, and not even worth the saliva it takes to spit on them.

Of course, there’s not much call for soldiers who are not inclined to forgive or forget in this time of rebuilding and trying to set the past aside.  After the taking of Coruscant back from the Empire, Jan was politely mustered-out of the Alliance military’s infiltrator corps, given his back pay, and hopefully nudged in the direction of New Alderaan.  Instead he called in some favors, became a licensed bounty hunter, and now trawls the galaxy taking commissions on Imperial war criminals, corporate profiteers who benefited from the war, Imperial bounty hunters now wanted by Republic security forces, and former ISB agents who have landed on their feet on worlds that are outside the New Republic’s extradition treaties.  Not all of these contracts are legal, but that does not bother Jan – only the nature of his prey concerns him.

Quote: “...”,  "Legal doesn't mean 'just', and justice doesn't rely on legality.",  "Some people can move past it - good for them.  I re-live the death of my world every time I close my eyes.  And when I wake up, the pain is as fresh as it was back then."

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Character Generation

You can use a template if you like. Remember you start with 10D of skill dice and remember to pick a "knack" skill.

1) Pick your type/concept/template
● A simple description of your character's role and/or concept. Such as "Young Jedi" or "Smuggler" or "Drunken Failed Jedi" 


2) Pick your Race. 
● Your race will determine how many Attribute dice you get as a base, the range for each Attribute, and any racial abilities, quirks and drawbacks.


3) Decide of you are Force Sensitive or not.

● You can choose to be Force Sensitive during character creation for free. Being Force Sensitive does not mean you have or even need to have any force training at all. You just need to be a little more mindful about not doing bad acts, as you can now earn you Dark Side Points more easily. There are plenty of people who are Force Sensitive and have no training what so ever and never know or knew they were Force Sensitive. They just thought they were pretty lucky.

● After character creation, if you wish to become force sensitive it costs 20 cp.

● If you are Force Sensitive note it on your sheet


4) Allocate Attribute dice
● PCs get the base attribute dice for their species and an additional 6D of Attribute dice (you are the heroes, after all)

For example, Humans get 12D of Attribute dice as a base, so a PC humans would get a total of 18D of attribute dice.

The 6 Attributes are...
Dexterity — Your character’s eye-hand coordination and agility.
Knowledge — Your character’s knowledge of the galaxy.
Mechanical — Your character’s “mechanical aptitude,” or ability to interface/operate pilot vehicles, starships and the like.
Perception — Your character’s powers of observation, and ability to convince others to do things for him.
Strength — Your character’s physical strength, health, and ability to resist damage.
Technical — Your character’s “technical aptitude,” or ability to fix, repair, and modify all kinds of technology, including starships, droids, and vehicles.

● If your character is Force Sensitive, and has received training, then dice allocated to the Sense, Control and Alter force skills must come from your Attribute dice at character creation. For each full D in a force skill you gain a force power from that skill. (Approval required)

● Attribute dice can be broken up into a +1 and a +2 pip. Any number of dice can be broken up this way. +1 pips may be combined into a single +2 pip.

For example, if you break 2D down into pips your get two +1 pips and two +2 pips. If you like, the two +1 pips can be combined giving you a total of three +2 pips instead.


5) Select Advantages and/or Disadvantages (Optional)
● Select any Advantages or disadvantages that fit the character and concept. Advantages 'cost' skill dice, whereas Disadvantages award you extra skill dice to allocate.


6) Allocate Skill dice
● All PCs begin with 10D to allocate to skills (though Advantages and Disadvantages can raise or lower this amount)

● Everybody gets to pick a skill you have a particular knack for. Mechanically this means that when raising that skill you skip the +1 pip entirely, allowing the skill to be advanced at a cheaper/faster rate. Make note of this skill.

● Skill dice can be broken up into a +1 and a +2 pip. Any number of dice can be broken up this way. +1 pips may be combined into a single +2 pip.

For example, if you break 2D down into pips your get two +1 pips and two +2 pips. If you like, the two +1 pips can be combined giving you a total of three +2 pips instead.

● You can also spend beginning skill dice to get specializations. Every 1D spent this way allows for three specializations; add 1D to each specialization.

● We will be using the Martial Arts rules from REUP. Ask if this is new for you.

● Record your skills with the Attribute dice added in. That is your skill total.

For example, if you have 4D Dexterity and you place 2D into Blaster and 1D into Dodge you would express it as...

Blaster 6D, Dodge 5D


7) Force Points
● Everybody Starts with 1 Force Point. Force Sensitive characters start with an additional Force Point. Spending a Force Point doubles all of your dicepools for a round. If you spend it in an appropriately dramatic and/or heroic fashion, it will tend to come back at least by the end of the story and sometimes even bring another Force Point along with it.


8.) Equipment & Spend Credits
See me about some starting equipment for your custom template and then spend your credits on equipment and such. 

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I would like to play a force-sensitive scoundrel of a sort, focusing on mind tricks and sleight of hand. Thinking about the "Kid" template/concept, Human unless we have primarily Humans then it might be interesting to be something like a Togruta or Zabrak urchin. I have the D6 rules, do we use 1st or 2nd edition?

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4 hours ago, Anatoly said:

I would like to play a force-sensitive scoundrel of a sort, focusing on mind tricks and sleight of hand. Thinking about the "Kid" template/concept, Human unless we have primarily Humans then it might be interesting to be something like a Togruta or Zabrak urchin. I have the D6 rules, do we use 1st or 2nd edition?

Not sure how Noir does DSPs but in my experience I've dealt with players who've made Mind Tricksters before who were not Jedi or Sith.  Basically using using the Force asa means of manipulation to 'luckily' get their way.  There is such a thing as abuse of power when it comes to the Force and too many people think that just because they haven't hurt or killed someone that they haven't done anything wrong.  That's a bit of a misnomer in my opinion.  Whether you're using it to cheat at sabaac or sneaking by guards, you are, essentially, robbing people of their free will for short time which is a tyrannical act.  Used sparingly for the greater good is one thing, but I've watched the 'Mind Trick/Illusionist' template be abused in many a game.

Consistent abuse of power and robbing people of conscious choice is a very slippery slope that can lead to the Dark Side quickly.

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Using the Force to trick with the intent to defend: "You don't need to see his identification.  These aren't the droids you're looking for."  is canonically acceptable as an alternative to violence - Kenobi could have just sliced their way out of Mos Eisley.

Using it to defraud someone of their rightfully owned property, trick someone to materially benefit yourself, and run con games is, as Dave said, a highway to hell.

A grey area would be in 'Menace' where Qui-Gon uses the Force to affect the outcome of the throw of the chance cubes, pushing Watto in a heavier wager.  If Qui-Gon had then gone on to use the Force to affect the outcome of the pod race, he'd have been on the slippery slope of using the Force as a tool to fulfill his desires.

This is why Yoda says "a Jedi must have the most serious mind." and the common advice of masters to padawans is "Be mindful."  Check yourself, examine your motivations for using the Force before using it.  It's not a toy or even a tool - you are it's tool, one tiny conduit through which the Force enacts on the galaxy.  That mindset is the way a Jedi avoids the Dark Side.

Of course, an untutored youth who stumbled backwards into Force powers might not know that, but a player should always be aware.

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34 minutes ago, Gavin Qel-Droma said:

But, Untutored Youth is no excuse either.  There's no free ride on 'I didn't know' when it comes to the light and dark.  You take Force Sensitive, and you play the Force's rules.

Very, very true.

Just being Force Sensitive (and therefore having 2 Force Points to start) makes you very lucky if you spend them right and for good things, and that is without any actual training. So you could be force sensitive and not even know it. Otherwise I am not sure how you explain any training, but there are possibilities. And do not forget that it usually takes a few dice in a single force skill to do almost anything reliably.

And option could be that you were a youngling that survived and never continued with your training at all, but still know enough to (more or less) avoid the Dark Side when using force abilities.

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ATM the group seems to be...

...a (soon to be) ex-slave, jedi hopeful (Dave)
...a rough around the edges New Rep bounty hunter (GD Bannon)
...a slicer (Jeremy)
...a former ISB agent who switched sides (SalmonMax)
...a scoundrel type/possible force sensitive? (Anatoly)
... Smuggler/outlaw (Nina)

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Here is my char, will have to set the equipment and credits with Noir later.



Character Name : Acato Seros

Type : Gray Jedi

Gender / Species : Female / Togruta

Age : 21

Height : 5’6

Weight : 130 lbs

Physical Description : Acato is relatively slim, though athletic in build, with muscles rather long than thick. Her skin hue is a tan red, and white stripes cross in elegant curved patterns around her skin, her cadet blue down-to-ribs length lekku and montrals, the latter being curved first out then in towards the top. Her white face markings begin from her eyebrow, spreading to her upper forehead as two peaks, accompanied by one dot on the central forehead and one on the nose bridge, before falling down, crossing her outer eye corners and linking as a spike on her chin, decorating her cheerful features in a helmet-ish fashion. She sports grey-blue eyes, and a headdress featuring several teeth and pearls from her homeworld.

Personality : Acato rather consider the glass as half-full in most of situations. She is attentive and kind, motivated by an urge to avoid loneliness. Born on Shili, she enjoys a good hunt, and the adrenalin fighting provides, much to the disappointment of the Padawan who taught her into the Jedi way. She is curious about a lot of things, and if it wasn't for her lack of skill with ships, she would have explored the whole universe in the blink of an eye.

Objectives : Find a new teacher to learn more about the Force and the Jedi way, for her previous one, a Padawan having survived Order 66, was tracked down and killed by Imperials, several years ago, after managing to get her to safety. She did not have enough time to be taught much, but a new path opened before her feet, waiting for her to explore it.

Quotes : "Are you going to eat that ?" "Come on, it's not like the universe is falling apart !" "Eh, one's gotta do its part !" "Need a hand ? I'm sure I can find a way to be of help." "Sometimes, I feel like I want to go home... but then I look up to the sky, and I see all those stars asking to be visited. I can't imagine a way of going home without having a nice story to tell about each one of them !"


13D+6D Attributes total, 10D skills total

Knack skill : Lightsaber


Acrobatics 5D, Lightsaber 5D, Melee Combat 6D


Survival 3D, Willpower 3D, Language : Basic 5D, Togruti 5D



Sneak 3D


Climbing/Jumping 4D, Stamina 4D


Lightsaber Repair/Engineering 3D



Control 1D

Sense 1D

Alter 1D

Force powers : Concentration (C), Life Detection (S), Telekinesis (A)


Advantages : None

Disadvantages : None

Special Abilities :

Camouflage : Togruta characters possess colorful skin patterns which help them blend in with natural surroundings (much like the stripes of a tiger). This provides them with a +2 pip bonus to hide skill checks.

Spatial Awareness : Using a form of passive echolocation, Togruta can sense their surroundings. If unable to see, a Togruta character can attempt a Moderate search skill check. Success allows the Togruta to perceive incoming attacks and react accordingly by making defensive rolls.

Story Factors :

Believed to be Venomous : Although they are not poisonous, it is a common misconception by other species that Togruta are venomous.

Group Oriented : Togruta work well in large groups, and individualism is seen as abnormal within their culture. When working as part of a team to accomplish a goal, Togruta characters are twice as effective as normal characters (i.e., they contribute a +2 pip bonus instead of a +1 pip bonus when aiding in a combined action ; see the rules for Combined Actions.


Move : 10/12

Force Sensitive ? Yes

Force Points : 2

Dark Side Points : 0

Character Points : 0

Credits : TBD


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dEVKsPJ.jpgArcata Kadir
Ex-ISB Agent

Physical Description:









Blaster 6D (+2D)
Brawling Parry 5D (+1D)
Dodge 5D (+1D)

Law Enforcement 5D (+1D)
Streetwise 4D+1 (1 pip)
Willpower 5D (+1D)

Astrogation 3D+1 (+1 pip)
Space Transport Piloting 4D (+1D)
Communications 4D (+1D)

Investigation 5D (+1D)
Search 5D (+1D)
Sneak 4D+1 (+1 pip)

Brawling 3D (+1D)
- Martial Arts 6D (+3 spec)


Move: 10/12

Martial Arts Techniques
- Weapon Block: Can use Martial Arts to parry armed attackers even when unarmed
- Disarm: Moderate Martial Arts to disarm opponent of a held object
- Instant Stun: Moderate Martial Arts to stun opponent for 1 round

Advantages/Disadvantages (+3D total)
Extraordinary Memory (+1D all KNO skills) (-1D)
Noble Birth (2x start funds) (-1D)
Paranoia (+3D)
Wanted by Empire (+2D)

Cash 5600 - 4150

Blaster Rifle, 6D atk, 5D dmg, 1000cr
- Power packs x2, 50cr
Holdout Blaster, 6D atk, 3D dmg, 275cr
- Power pack, 25cr
Combat Gloves, 200cr

Blast Helmet / Blast Vest: +1d6 Physical +1 Energy (head and torso), 200+300cr
Imperial Operative armor: +1 Physical, +2 Energy (full body), +2 Physical, +1D+1 Energy (torso only) - Slimline; can be worn with blast vest/helmet

Encrypted Commlink, 250cr
Jammer Pack, 1000cr
Datapad 100cr
Credit Chip, 100cr
Sensor Pack (detects comm signals), 300cr
Aquata Breather, 350cr
Dampening Aerosol (3 charges, 1cumeter/charge, -1D from blaster bolts passing through it.)


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Name: Kel Uno
Type: Slicer
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 5'7
Weight: 160 lb.

Physical Description: Kel is a young man of moderate height, with not much in the way of muscle or physique, though he is active enough to avoid putting on too much weight. With messy black hair, green eyes without any particular glow, and an outfit straight out of the 'street style, but not stylish' catalog, Kel might seem like another 'credit a million' vaguely disreputable individuals on the fringe. 

Personality: A certain Corellian audacity, balanced with calculation. Kel has a certain mercenary bent - if he believed in causes, he would have joined the Alliance - but that doesn't mean he considers himself a ruthless or violent man. Direct conflict never suited hm much, slicing calls for creativity and a willingness to think laterally. Most people in the galaxy don't really think about how connected everything is, and just how that can be exploited...

Capsule: Kel could have done just fine as a gifted criminal slicer on Corellia. There had been a very big, very successful operation against a bigwig affiliated with Imperial authority... Except certain utter idiots he'd worked with had went and gone crazy with their earnings, and spouted that had brought the attention of the Imperial Security Bureau. It was a sign of how stupid those unnameable were when they flipped in the belief it would save themselves.

Kel only escaped because he'd went ahead and fled the planet the moment word reached him of the authorities having detained his associates. Since then, he's lived the life of a nomadic fringe slicer, always in demand. The Battle of Endor occurring a few months after he left Corellia made it all the easier to keep out of the Galactic Empire's sights. Let the New Republic take over. Kel knows he can stick to the shadows and make a comfortable living. One day he may return to Corellia, after all, a perfectly legitimate wealthy man.

Quote:  "Hey, when your best talent is slicing, you learn to think of how to apply it in all sorts of situations." "But enough about my greatness."



Dexterity 2D
Blaster 3D, Brawling Parry 3D, Dodge 3D

Strength 2D

Knowledge 4D
Streetwise 5D, Willpower 5D

Perception 4D
Forgery 6D

Mechanical 2D

Technical: 4D
Computer Programming/Repair 7D, Security 6D

Blaster Pistol - 3D Atk,  Damage 4D, Ammo 50, Range 3-10/30/120
- Power Pack x1
Holdout Blaster - 3D Atk, Damage 3D, Ammo 6, Range 3-4/8/12
- Power Pack x1

Gear: Portable Slicing Datapad, 2 Fake Identities w/Documents (Difficult x1, Very Difficult x1), 2 sets of Street Clothes, Comlink, Glow Rod, A/V Recording Rod, 1,200 credits

Advantages: None
Disadvantages: Wanted for a Crime

Move: 10
Force-Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 10


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