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[OpNet] Too Hot


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Dear Abbie,

Help me please! I haven't had a moment of sleep in quiet a while. When I erupted, I became really hot. I mean I can now walk into a room and I draw the attention off all the ladies in it.

At first I thought it was cool. But after several attacks by jealous boyfriends and husbands, not to mention having three or four stalkers (that I know about), I just want it to be over. What can I do?

- Studmuffin

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Dear Studmuffin,

Since "at first you thought it was cool" is sounds like your problem is you don't want to be like this 24/7. Establishing a second, more humdrum, identity might be the ticket for you.

It sounds like you have the power to control other people's attentions. If you could focus that away from yourself you would be unnoticable. Alternatively, a treach coat, cheap wig, and/or false glasses, would help you hid your immense appearance.


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