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[OpNet] Family Trouble

April Rice

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Dear Abbie,

I just erupted a little less than two months ago, and I'm starting to have some problems with my family. First, my parents have been acting kind of weird. If I'm around, they're always really tense - they try to act normal, but they just aren't really pulling it off. When I'm dormed though, everything's back to norma. I guess that would be ok, but now I always feel clumsy and slow when I'm dormed, so it's getting pretty uncomfortable. It's like they just can't handle me being a nova - even when I'm not doing anything obvious, like flying around or moving really fast.

Also, my little sister has gotten the idea that since I'm a nova, she might become one too. Right now that's no big deal, but I'm kind of worried that she might try to make herself erupt someday and get herself hurt. She's always tried to be like me, and she can be pretty reckless sometimes.

- Big Sis

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Dear Big Sis,

Relationships can change, dramatically, for novas after eruption. Many of your parents' plans and dreams for you have been fulfilled or surpassed in the blink of an eye, and now they must be re-written from the beginning. Stick with it, it's only been a few months. Like getting married, or being maimed, or growing up, etc, these sorts of massive life changes can take years to resolve, and your parents didn't have any chance to prepare ahead of time.

Try counseling if things don't get better.

As for your sister, there is a test to see if someone has the "right stuff". The test is too expensive and involved for general usage, but she is a likely candidate. A word of warning, the op-net is full of "cheap and/or quick" pre-nova tests. If you go that route you might as well just flip a coin. Utopia's website has more information on who to contact for the real deal.

If she is a pre-nova, have a long talk with her about not putting herself in danger, there are easier and safer ways to erupt. Dangerous situations do make some people erupt, but others just die, or erupt with the wrong powers and end up maimed. If she isn't a pre-nova, tell her that, but also have the same talk about dangerous situations.

- Abby

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