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[OpNet] Finding Nova-Dad


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Dear Abbie

Recently, my mother and I discovered that my father--whom we believed to've died back in 2000--is actually alive. Further investigation by a private detective discovered that my father is a nova, and that the rest of his file is classified by the United States military.

I have not erupted, but my mother says that I stand a good chance of it due to my genetic heritage. Is it true that latency is inheritable? For that matter, what can either my mother or I do to reopen contact with my father? (It doesn't help that we live in Hong Kong.) Is there any other pertinent information that you have for me?

- A Concerned Baseline

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Dear Concerned Baseline,

Your mother is right, you do have a good chance of having the "right stuff". There does appear to be a genetic component to latency, but this is not a well understood subject. If you have the money, you might get yourself tested for latency. There is a test for it, but it is still fairly expensive. As the child of a nova, you could probably get Utopia (or someone) to wave the fee. Contact Project Utopia for more information on this.

Much of the US's military nova project is deliberately classified and it will be hard to dig into. You might try appealing to your local congressman. Even though you live in Hong Kong, you probably can vote in a district back home. Another good source might be Project Utopia, if you can convince them you are a pre-nova they should be interested.


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