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[OpNet] Secret Bases


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Dear Abbie,

Ever since I erupted and turned my powers to battling crime and the criminal underworld, I have a problem that many of your readers can sympathyse with: for a private Nova such as myself not affilliated with any organization, it is somewhat difficult to rent an office or building, signing the check as "the Black Jaguar!" Obviously, my secrecy is very important to me, and I need a first-class base to store my equipment and vehicles, a display facility for treasures gained on my adventures, a matted place to exercise and practice Kung Fu, and so on.

I have a good deal of disposeable income, but the problem is with a location! How can I find (or build) a good base of operations or headquarters? Unlike in the comic books, lost islands not on any map, underwater bubble-domed headquarters, underground lairs, secret abandoned train stations, floating dirigibles, and space-stations are all in exceptionally short supply! Help!

- B. Jaguar, Master of Kung Fu Esq.

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Dear B Jaguar

I'm not a lawyer and it sounds like you should be talking to one. Since you are already acting as your city's defender, you might as well sign on officially. That would give your persona the ability to sign checks, buy land, and build a base. You could even have the city use it's authority to clear land for you.

Or, if you have the money, you could openly "hire" your other persona. Then you (as Joe Citizen) could cover "his" costs.

Or, if you insist on doing everything secretly and you have the money for it, then start giving political donations to the city council & the mayor. Eventually you will be able to get the clout to get a large building built with little supervision. Then you "create" your building.

Or, for a low budget solution, rent a warehouse.

- Abby

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