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SR5E: Checks & Balances (Rules & Stuff)

Dave ST

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House Rules, knickknacks and paddywhacks all go here.  You'll also find some interesting stuff lying about.  You'll notice that it's locked.  Because you don't need to post here.  There is an OOC thread to handle all of the questions and concerns.

House Rules-

  • Regeneration does not add the Body Attribute.  Only what is rolled is healed. (BOD + Hits = Full Health nearly 100% of the time, that's not fair to other players.)  This ability is also pending.  If it's too OPed even with this clause, it will be further reduced in potency.
  • Positive Qualities 'only available at character creation' may still be purchased.  You have to get with me first.
  • Thugs are only packing 4 (Orks have 5, Elves have 3 because fuck em') health levels and do not get a chance to dodge.  As long as you hit them, you can move on to damage.  They still may resist with Armor, however.  Trolls do not follow this rule.  They are always the biggest and baddest mo'fos in the room.  The Troll Clause also applies to 'bosses' like Lieutenants (earn that money!).
  • You have skills for a reason.  Stick to what you know.  Skills default for a reason, to allow you to know a certain amount.  Just because your Logic is 6 don't assume you know everything... roll the appropriate dice, see what your attribute tells you.
  • Skills in 5E got to 12, but language skills are a bit different.  Once your Language Skill reaches 7 you may change your rating in it to 'N', making you a fluent speaker of that language (no more rolls).  At your option, should you choose to raise a the Language Skill to 12, you can.  Once it reaches 12 you are considered to so fluent wit the language that you speak like a native speaker, accents and pronunciations are perfect.
  • More pending...


Shadowrun Etiquette (or, how to communicate) -

"Text Here" - This is what you said.

"More text here." - That was an emphasis.

Text Here - This is what you thought (no quotes).  Meaning mind reading spells/powers might hear you.

>>>[Text Here]<<< - This is what you said through the Matrix via commlink, email, text, etc... it's electronic.

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