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Jackpoint (IC Matrix Chat)

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>>>>>[Everett, Seattle – A body was discovered on the shores of Pigeon Creek Beach late Tuesday morning. Lone Star officers offered a statement saying that the body was that of an unidentified human female. The cause of death was exsanguination and the body was mutilated, authorities said, with the eyes and hands removed. At this time there are no suspects but the crime does match the M.O. Seen previously in murders that have taken place in recent months. Two bodies were discovered on the fringes of Redmond where the rich and elite like to 'slum' it. One victim was scalped while the second was missing her lips and heart.  All the victims to date have been females.

While this is currently under investigation Lone Star does not suspect paranormal foul play. More as this story develops...]<<<<<
-Scoops (--:--:--/----)


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...Welcome back to Jackpoint...

...Accessing services...

You have new jobs available...

>>>>>[The Thomas Crowne Affair - Find this guy an end him!  Type: Wetwork.  Interested?  <Yes/No>]<<<<<

>>>>>[What We Do In The Shadows - Just need some stuff delivered.  No questions asked.  Type: Courier.  Interested?  <Yes/No>]<<<<<

>>>>>[I Drank What? - Having some trouble with our water supply.  Type: Extermination(?)  Interested?  <Yes/No>]<<<<<

Please keep in mind that Jackpoint is only an intermediary.  Good luck out there.

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>>>>>[It's a hit.  Apparently this Crowne guy was sleeping with the Boss's son's Fiance... I dunno.  The Johnson in respectable enough.  He's small time, not alot of nuyen to be made by making him a full time gig, but, if you want some scratch to blow through for a weekend, hit him up.  The work is quick and usually pretty easy.]<<<<<
- Cat O' Nine

>>>>>[Small time crime family business (I won't say which).  If you're gonna do it, do it right, and be respectful.  These guys are big on respect.]<<<<<
- π Zano

>>>>>[Wow, a hit over an affair?  Doesn't that seem... excessive?]<<<<<

>>>>>[You should see what they did to her.]<<<<<
-Trog D'ore

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>>>>>[I wouldn't waste your time darlin'.  Not even a Johnson for that job.]<<<<<
- Doc Hollah

>>>>>[I posted it.  There are some people on hard times and we're stealing as much as we can from the grid already to stay afloat.  The people here can barely pay their protection money to the local gangs, let alone hire professional runners to help them go after whatever is sullying the water supply here.  It's not much, but everyone has chipped in what they could.  Please?]<<<<<

>>>>>[This ain't no charity here, little on-]<<<<<
Connection terminated...

>>>>>[I don't know how you did that, but you do it again and we're going to have the kind of sit down no one likes to have with me.  You're new, consider that you're only warning.]<<<<<

>>>>>[I'm sorry.  Trog D'ore is a jerk.]<<<<<

>>>>>[I don't know.  I kind of like her, Bull.]<<<<<

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