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[OpNet] Luckiest man alive


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Dear Abbie,

Ok, I feel stupid doing this. But I have a problem.

See a few weeks ago I was almost hit by a Chevy. And I do mean almost. Only as it was about to hit me I got this really nasty headache, and suddenly the thing careens off to one side as it's rear axle snaps, and smashes into a pole. I'm left alive, but with this god awful headache that won't go away.

So anyway, I it's stress and head home. Over the next week I find that everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, goes my way. It's like Lady Luck just decided that I was the best godamned lover on the planet and was staying by my side like some two bit hooker on a rich mans leg. Anyway, I keep getting these headaches.

Finally I go down to this Rashoud facility, make an appointment, go in, sit down, and am immediately asked "What is your Nova power?" My answer is "How the hell should I know? You're the scientist here." So what goes after this is a battery of tests to see what I can do. Apparently nothing. Apparently I don't shoot energy, don't fly, am not invulnerable (the steel needle they used to take blood proved that. Nothing.

Now, let me just say that my job isn't the most respectful. I write erotic poetry for magazines, and I'm a janitor. Not the best profession in the world. So anyway, they eventually come back to me and say "Sorry, Mr.____, you're not a Nova. We've got a few painkillers here for your migraines. If you actually do erupt, please come and see us again." Thats it. I got given the door.

Thing is I KNOW that I'm a Nova. I mean, you can't quantify luck, but I've got it in spades. I've never heard of a lucky Nova, but that seems to be what I do. But Utopia refuses to even recognize it and these damn headaches just keep coming.

So my question is: What's your advice? What the hell am I supposed to do now?

- Luckiest man alive

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Dear Luckiest man alive,

You can start by taking the pain killers for that headache. If they work, then you aren't a nova.

I have heard of "lucky" novas, and if I have, Utopia has as well. It sounds like your powers prevented you from being detected. If so, presumably there were sound reasons. Maybe your next door neighbor (or wife, or parents) are members of the Church of Michael Archangel, and coming out might be fatal for you. Maybe leaving the clinic early avoided a terrorist attack. But whatever the reason, your luck wants you to stay in the closet for now. You might have a dose of subconscious precognition as well.

I think you should trust your luck. The headaches will fade in time. You might try a lottery ticket, going to Vegas would be pushing it since the casinos frown on "unfair" powers.

- Abby

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