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[OpNet] Reluctant Cannibal


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Dear Abbie

I have a disturbing problem that I need advice on desperately. I was in a certain third-world country putting down a despotic tyrant for my T2M tryouts when this problem occurred. I had almost gotten to the aforementioned tyrant when I encountered a squad of his elite heavy-weapons specialists. Not wanting to waste much time dealing with them, I decided to juice up my patented Energy Vortex Scatter-Blast to get them out of my way enabling me to arrest the villain before he got away. I put quite a bit of extra power into the beam and fried the hapless troops.

This was when the problem arose. I seemed to have overextended myself a bit, giving myself a HUGE headache in the process. I also became distracted by the, er, well-cooked aftermath of my blast. I started getting hungry, and all I could think of was sneaking off an arm or two for later after apprehending the dictator. I am ashamed to say I did so. Now I just can't get rid of this craving. Is there something I can do to get rid of this embarrassing habit? Or should I just join the Teragen?

Reluctant Cannibal

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Dear Reluctant Cannibal,

You have a serious problem. I suggest you take two approaches to this. First, buy some cows and use your powers to fry them. Hopefully you will get the same response and find out that your problem is other than you think it is.

In addition, since you are already a member of Project Utopia, you should seek medical and psychological treatment there.

- Abby

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