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[OpNet] Reluctant Merc


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Dear Abbie

I have a problem. The night of my eruption I apparently gained a severe case of amnesia. The scientists that checked me over afterwards said it was from the exceptionally high quantum level that I have. In the 8 months since then no one has came forward to tell me who I was before the change.

Now for the bad part! I am sitting here in some god forsaken part of Africa (Kenya according to the GPS) writing this on my Opnet Satphone. I am with a group of novas who have been hired to uncover this supposed terrorist camp in the desert with rumored ties to Utopia!

What am I supposed to do? Utopia is this huge benefactor to humanity but now few people want to expose this supposed dark side? How can I do that? How can I justify my actions in the next few hours when I do not even know who I am?

- Reluctant Merc

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