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Morgan Michelle Clark AKA MMC

3360013-image.jpg   karen-gillan-jumanji-3-promoshoots-2019-3.jpg


Archetype: Celebrity Adventurer

Motivation: Glory – while Morgan does a desire for fame, after all that is how she makes her living and pays for her adventures, what her driving goal is, is glory, immortality, a place in the history books her name alongside the great adventurers and explores of all time. Not an easy task in this modern world.

Background: Morgan is the daughter of two marine biologist and was home schooled for most of her school years. Her parents traveled the world, and this gave Morgan an irresistible love of exotic places. She was a scuba diving and surfing while still a child and her first adventure as a young adolescent gave her a taste for thrilling adventure. At the age of 14 she became one of the youngest Americans to climb Mt Everest her video blog of the event made her something of a celebrity and she with the support of her parent made a semi career of adventuring as a sort of teenage female Bear Gryll. She has trekked across the Australian outback, rowed up the Amazon, and dove off the Barrier reef among other adventures and all before she reached the age of twenty. Now in her mid-twenties she still makes her living as an adventurer and video blogger and has been on several Nat Geo specials but she feels she hasn’t really made that name to her she hasn’t done anything except follow in the footsteps of others her desire her goal is to find something be the first at, to make the big discovery… to do that one thing that no one else will be able to say I did that first. Having recently returned from a Solo trip by foot along the great wall of China a trip sponsored and filmed for a future special by Nat Geo Morgan is in NYC fo the new years celebration promoting Nat geo.




Body – 3

Dexterity – 3

Strength – 2

Charisma – 2

Intelligence – 2

Willpower – 5


Size 0

Move = 5

Perception = 7

Initiative = 5

Defense = 6

Stun = 3

Health = 8


Skill Attribute Specializations

Archery – 2 - Dexterity

Athletics – 2 - Strength

Brawl – 0 - Strength

Drive – 0 - Dexterity

Firearms - 1 Dexterity

Focus – 2 -Willpower

Linguistics -2- Intelligence

Martial Arts – 1 - Strength

Medicine – 1 - Intelligence

Survival – 4 - Intelligence


Iron Will +1 to Will

Agile +1 to Dex


Thrill Seeker


XP - 0/15

Agile talent – 15 xp




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Juno Reyes
Style: 0
Archetype: Soldier
Motivation: Survival (pre Hollow Earth was Duty)

Juno's a striking Latina woman, tall for her weight, giving her a lithe silhouette. Since leaving the armed forces she's shaved the sides of her head, leaving long, lustrous black hair flowing from her scalp. She has intense, dark eyes and is still out of the habit of wearing makeup day to day. When casual she likes clothes that are loose and comfortable to move in, when on the job she prefers a suit with her light armored vest under the jacket.

Juno was born and raised in San Diego, CA, and grew up on one of the rougher parts of the city. Her father Hector worked in construction, her mother in a hair salon. She had an older brother who was, to the disapproval of both parents, getting involved with a local gang. When she was sixteen, Juno lost both mother and brother in a car accident, which the police report stated was most likely the result of gang-related violence that he lost control of the vehicle attempting to escape. This incident hardened Juno's resolve to escape the conditions she lived under at any cost.

In high school she enrolled in ROTC, and after graduation she went straight into the army. Hector, who had when younger tried to enlist but was turned down due to a chronic condition, supported this move on her part. Over the next six years she served on several deployments, including to Afghanistan. In the end though she had to cut her military service short when her father suffered an injury on the job, and the treatment for it suffered complications. He needed constant care while recuperating, and the Reyes' couldn't afford to hire someone.

She got a discharge and went back home to take care of her dad. It was a difficult time, as she had to work more than full hours to cover ends, even with Hector's disability. This made being there for him tricky...she had to work several part time jobs instead of full-time, so she could juggle schedules. On top of everything else, Hector's condition wasn't getting better.

It was almost two years to the day after Juno went back home that Hector passed away. She quit her jobs the day after so she could see to the arrangements, and battle with depression and loss. A buddy of hers that attended the funeral met with her for drinks though, and he pointed her to a friend he had in private security, in a company that made a point of hiring veterans. It took Juno a little while to hammer herself into shape, but she did finally go in for an interview.

She's been working for Tenman Security Solutions for just over a year now, and has moved to the East Coast, where most of their work is done. She's still a bit of a mess in her personal life, but keeps that walled off from everything else with all the discipline she learned in the Army. Her latest assignment is to a small team that's watching out for a new, up and coming celeb as she does a New Years Day event. Just pushing back fans, stopping paparazzi and that kind of thing. Low pressure. Just the kind of milk run Juno needs right now.


Body 3
Dexterity 5
Strength 3
Charisma 2
Intelligence 2
Willpower 2

Size: 0
Move: 8
Perception: 4
Initiative: 7
Defense: 8
Stun: 3
Health: 5

Skills 15
Athletics (Running) 2
Brawl (Punching) 3
Military Bureaucracy 1
Drive (Motorcycle) 1
Firearms 3
Intimidation 2
Melee 1
Performance (Guitar) 1
Stealth (Sneaking) 1
Streetwise 1
Survival 1




Experience (1/15)
Intelligence 1 to 2 (10)
Melee 1 (2)
Survival 1 (2)

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Jim LaHaye




In another era, Jimmy LaHaye would have been one of the legends of the skies - or else an honorable grave-filler.  Great-grandson of a WW2 aviator, grandson of a Vietnam F-4 Phantom pilot, son of a Bird Colonel and himself a talented F-16 jockey, aviation fuel runs in his blood.  Sadly, he bears more in common with his maverick great-grandfather than with the more disciplined, peacetime Air Force of his father's time. Irrepressible, fearless and someone who in another age would be a flying ace dogfighting the Luftwaffe over London, in a modern peacetime Air Force he is as out of place as a P-47 Thunderbolt.  That would have been bad enough, but his gambling problem got him into a lot of trouble.  The problem isn't that he's bad at poker, it's that he's terrible at picking people to play with, tending to pick rich or high ranking people with no sense of humor, who know other people with even less of a sense of humor.  This, together with his terrible penchant for skirt chasing even those skirts he shouldn't be chasing (coughWing Commander's wifecough) is what led to his discharge and disgrace and subsequent disowning by his family after only one tour in the Middle East.

He tends to see the humor in everything short of atrocity or truly dark matters, and usually has a one-liner, a quick-thinking improvisation, or an infuriating smirk to throw at a situation.  He's almost as clever and charming as he thinks he is, which makes him somewhat of a pain in the ass to deal with.   He makes a living as a daredevil and stuntman specialising in stunt driving and flying for air shows, TV and movies.  His ability to pilot anything with wings and quite a lot of vehicles without them too provides him with a steady flow of work.  He loves to fly, to show off, and to make pretty women either laugh or blush - both if he can manage it.

Physically he is a roguishly handsome man, appearing to be no older than his mid twenties with bright, laughing green eyes and shoulder-length brown hair swept back rakishly .  His voice, though educated, has a definite Louisiana French lilt, especially when he is being charming - or thinks he is being charming at any rate.  YMMV.



Archetype:  Adventurer

Motivation: Thrill Seeker – LaHaye is easily bored, craving excitement and stimulation.

Primary Attributes:

Body 2
Dexterity 4
Strength 2
Charisma 2
Intelligence 3
Willpower 2

Secondary Attributes:

--Size 0

--Move = 6

--Perception =5

--Initiative =7

--Defense = 6

--Stun =2

--Health = 4


Pilot: 4 (8) [Skill Mastery]
Drive: 4 (8)
Gunnery: 3 (6)
Firearms: 1 (5)
Survival: 2 (5)
Gambling: 1 (4)
Stealth: 0 (4)
Athletics: 1 (3)
Empathy: 0 (3)
Brawl: 0 (2)

Talents and Resources:  Skill Mastery: Pilot; Keen Sense: Sight

Flaws:  Impulsive

Experience 0 / 15

Style 2



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Name: Ali Badren
Archetype: Doctor
Motivation: Duty

Ali Badren lived within a constricting home in New York City. His father Amin, a Lebanese doctor who had immigrated to the United States and married Mara, Ali's Catholic mother, and they'd had him and his younger sister Leyla. Despite the apparent blush of diversity in such a household, the weight of parental expectation smothered the children anyway.

Services every Sunday, whether it be at church or the mosque, Leyla couldn't be something ultimately as 'unproductive' as a Hollywood actress, and it was only natural for Ali to prepare for Johns Hopkins, Harvard or any other university with a first rate medical school. Programmed for obedience in his upbringing, though slowly and surely stewing at the enforced pressure on him, Ali dutifully plodded along.

Granted, a kind person like Ali might have chosen to be a doctor anyway, but to have the decision foisted on him was an entirely different kettle of fish! Ultimately, he went through the University of Pennsylvania, diligent in his studies and bleeding out his frustration at the gym and through the punching bag. In the middle of medical school, he learned about the death of his childhood friend James Lee and came back for the funeral during the winter break.

At Times Square, he went out alone, wanting time to think about his life and how he was going to handle the new year...



Primary Attributes
Body: 3
Dexterity: 2
Strength: 2
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 3

Secondary Attributes
Size: 0
Move: 4
Perception: 6
Initiative: 5
Defense: 5 (7 when using Medicine in combat)
Stun: 3
Health: 6
Style: 2

Athletics: Base 2 + Levels 2 = Rating 4 (Av. 2)
Brawl: Base 2 + Levels 2 = Rating 4 (Av. 2)
Diplomacy: Base 2 + Levels 2 = Rating 4 (Av. 2)
Drive: Base 2 + Levels 0 = Rating 2 (Av. 1)
Investigation: Base 3 + Levels 2 = Rating 5 (Av. 2+)
Linguistics: Base 3 + Levels 1 = Rating 4 (Av. 2)
Empathy: Base 3 + Levels 3 = Rating 6 (Av. 3)
Medicine: Base 3 + Levels 3 = Rating 6 (Av. 3)
Stealth: Base 2 + Levels 0 = Rating 2 (Av. 1)

Combat Skill - Medicine



Experience Log
Starting XP (+15)
Talent: Combat Skill - Medicine (-15)
Capture Fic (+2)



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Siobhán Berrigan



The recording artist, actress and fashionista known by the monomyn Siobhán (pronounced “Shi-vawn”) got her start as "Bloody Holly" the vocalist for the all-girl punk/metal band "Tinkerhell." The band found some very moderate success, never really achieving what they were capable of due to near-constant internal strife between the rest of the band (Siobhán just wanted her friends to get along and to perform), though Siobhán's vocals and playing always stood out.

The constant conflict eventually led to the bands breakup and, with encouragement from her mother during a brief bit of depression about the breakup, to Siobhán stepping out on her own as a solo artist, switching genres for more broad, mainstream appeal. 

True success quickly followed her debut album "Always With You", garnering her popular and critical acclaim, as well as a mantel full of awards. Her second album "In My Eyes" quickly followed to more acclaim, where Siobhán not only sang, but also played and recorded all of the instrumental tracks, though a band was hired for the tour, including one of her former band mates (Siobhán tried to get them all, to help them all out, but the old wounds were too deep for most). 

Though she wrote some of her own songs, Her own songwriting, though heartfelt, was a bit amateurish and she was convinced to stick with the material that the label had written for her,. Her first acting role, though not award winning, did show promise and she continued to improve with each role as more and more acting parts were offered to her.

More and greater success, as well as all the trappings thereof, followed Siobhán on her solo career. Gradually she lost herself to it and the influence of those around her such as her overbearing mother, agent and label execs. Her life became shallow as the kind and caring young woman fell into the grip of fame. Her life was filled with social media posts about fashion, parties full of fake smiles, false friends and yes-men, and the chase for ever more success and fame, spurred on by her mother.

One of the few places she found true happiness was in a hobby her wealth had opened up to her. Riding. Siobhán had always loved animals, having worked at animal shelters in her late teens where she would often train animals and teach them tricks to improve their chances at adoption, and she always adored the beauty and intelligence of horses. Riding was pure joy to her, working with the horse and not just using it like one would a motorcycle or some such.

To stay fit and toned, Siobhan has a personal trainer who has introduced her to crossfit and she often enjoys various types of nature retreats for cleansing the body and mind. She has begun taking some self defense instruction as well, as her fame has grown, due to the inordinate number of stalkers and the like she seems to attract, making her need bodyguards near constantly. 

Now it was the end of 2018 and Siobhán had been invited to perform her new single "Unfinished" in Times Square for the new Years Eve party. She always loved live performances and in her mind the cold just gave her more fashion options after all.






Name: Siobhán Berrigan

Archetype: Celebrity

Motivation: Truth (once inside the Hollow Earth)

Primary Attributes
Body: 2
Dexterity: 3
Strength: 2
Charisma: 4 + Charismatic 1 = 5
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 2

Secondary Attributes
Size = 0
Move = Strength 2 + Dexterity 3 = 5
Perception = Intelligence + Willpower 2 = 4
Initiative = Dexterity 3 + Intelligence = 5
Defense = Body 2 + Dexterity 3 - Size 0 = 5
Stun = Body = 2
Health = Body 2 + Willpower 2 + Size 0 = 4

Athletics 2 + Strength 2 = 4
Brawl 2 + Strength 2 = 4
Drive 0 + Dexterity 3 = 3
Empathy 0 + Charisma 5 = 5
Stealth 0 + Dexterity 3 = 3
Animal Handling 2 + Charisma 5 = 7
Art: Composing 1 + Intelligence 2 = 3
Diplomacy 1 + Charisma 5 = 6
Performance 4 + Charisma 5 = 9
Ride 2 + Dexterity 3 = 5

Talent: Charismatic, Total Recall

Flaw: Danger Magnet

Style: 1


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Teagan Shae Ammer

Teagan was born to the well-to-do Ammer family, the only child Wynnona and Evan Ammer. Her childhood was relatively idyllic, with top-notch private schools, several family vacations a year, and all the toys and experiences a doted-on child could ask for. She showed a remarkable intelligence and aptitude for the sciences from a young age and her parents ensured she had the support to nurture her talents. To ensure she stayed fit and healthy, her parents also signed her up for at least one sport or ongoing outdoor activity each year. She loves swimming, running, and rock climbing the most. 

When Teagan turned 15, her mother had a stroke and died on the way to the hospital. Her death devastated Teagan and Evan, though the two dealt with it in wildly different manners. Evan began to spiral into social alcoholism and (thankfully generally benign) drug use; Teagan leaned heavily on her friends and even expanded her friend group looking for emotional support. This lead to her exposure to role playing, which has become her primary social hobby. Her father eventually remarried a much younger woman three years ago and while Teagan thinks her stepmother is a fine person, the fact that she’s in late twenties while Evan has just tipped over into his sixties still creeps her out (in fact, Lillian is only about five years older than Teagan). Evan and Lillian have spent the past three years mostly out of the country on the world’s longest honeymoon.

Teagan was accepted at Columbia University and is in her senior year for her Bachelor’s of Engineering. She’s been an exemplary student, done internships during the summer, and has several (graduation-contingent) job offers already. As a person without the need to work, she’s taking her time deciding what she really wants to do. She’s also put in an application for a Master’s program at MIT because those people get to play with the best toys. Generally cheerful and carefree, Teagan is looking forward to her future.



Archetype:    Engineer
Motivation:    Discovery

Body                2    
Dexterity         2
Strength          2

Charisma        2
Intelligence     4
Willpower        3

Size                 0
Move              4
Perception     5
Initiative         7
Defense         4
Stun                2
Health            5

Athletics:       5     7     3+    
Craft:             5     9     4+
Science:        5     9     4+

Talents:    Skill Mastery (Craft), Skill Mastery (Science)
Flaw:        Impulsive

Style: 1


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