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Hollow Earth Expedition: Punch Nazis Edition

Dawn OOC

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Hollow Earth Expedition: Punch Nazis Edition

I am starting a new game.  This one is a Hollow Earth Expedition game, using the HEX rules.  The posting speed for this game will follow my posting schedule, so will be updated weekly minimum. If I go to update and you haven’t posted, that’s life. If there is a month or more where I’m the only one posting, then I’ll talk about shuttering the game. If life gets crazy and I can’t make a weekly post, you’ll know. As a note, a move is coming up and posting may get weird at that time.

I’m limiting the number of PCs to six. If I receive more than six, six will be selected and the remaining characters will have the option to join at a later time. Selection will be based on concept, backstory, and party roles. As a note, those who come in later will have wider options for characters and will not be left behind in XP.

IC Setting

Modern day. It is December 31, 2018. The ball is about to drop, and the party in Time Square is rocking. Trump’s in office, George H.W. Bush just died, bomb threats have swept the US and Canada with nothing coming of them, and the US government has been in shutdown for 10 days. Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns are the top two box office movies, Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande is the top song. Animal print is in on the fashion runways and #2019resolutions is trending on Instagram.


PC requirements

The PCs are ordinary people from all walks of life. Any background, any walk of life is acceptable, so long as they would have reason to be in Times Square to see the Ball drop for the New Year. Maybe they live in New York, maybe this is the trip they scrounged quarters for, or maybe they got lucky and won a trip to New York. Regardless, this is where gameplay starts, so this is a requirement. 

As a heads up so that people can plan their characters appropriately, you’re going to be captured at game start. The plot revolves around this, so be ready for that kind of game. Please don’t make characters that rely on Surface World Talents to work. Don’t have your character leave behind a life that they’re desperate to return to unless you want to RP through that loss. 

Also, I’m going to strongly recommend that your character be competent and cooperative. Cooperative doesn’t mean holding hands and kumbayas, it means willing to set aside disagreements for the group’s greater good. Competent characters should be able to hold their own in physically demanding situations, so I advise buying at least one rank in one of the fighting skills. Survival would be another good skill to find reason for your PC to take. If we have roles or skills that need to be filled, I will make NPCs but the PCs should be the focus of the plot.


Character creation

1: Archetype (pg. 39)

--character’s role and to guide character creation

2: Motivation (pg. 41)

--character’s driving force, you are allowed to make one up

3: Primary Attributes (pg. 43)

--15 points, 1-for-1 cost, min 1, max 5

4: Secondary Attributes (pg. 46)

--Size 0

--Move = Strength + Dexterity

--Perception = Intelligence + Willpower

--Initiative = Dexterity + Intelligence

--Defense = Body + Dexterity - Size

--Stun = Body

--Health = Body + Willpower + Size

5: Skills (pg. 48)

--15 points, 1-for-1 cost, max 5 at character creation

--Skill specializations allowed, 2-for-1 cost per Skill point spent

--The Specialized Skills: Academics, Art, Craft, Pilot, Science (have to choose a Discipline when you purchase the skill)

6: Talents and Resources (pg. 60)

--1 Talent or 1 Resource

7: Flaws (pg. 76)

--Choose 1 flaw (optional)

8: Experience (pg. 38, 79)

--15 points

9: Finishing Touches

--Name, Description, Background

10: Style (pg. 79)

--1 if you bought a Flaw, others at my discretion


Experience Chart

Primary Attribute - new level x5 xp

Skill - new level x 2

Skill Specialization - 3 points

Talent - 15 points

Resources - 15 points


Please note:

You cannot play a native of Hollow Earth or a descendant of the Atlantians at game start.

Sorcery (SotSW 47-49) - While I’m not allowing PCs to start with this skill, if you want your PC to learn Sorcery, you should focus on Charisma and plan to spend XP on the Magical Aptitude Talent. Once it is allowed, you will need to buy ranks in the Sorcery skill to do magic. 

Psychic Abilities (SotSW 44-47) - To have psychic powers, you must purchase Psychic Sensitivity Talent at character creation. You’ll want to have a high willpower, and will want to buy the Psychic Ability Talent later, where you’ll pick your psychic power. I don’t want people to start with Psychic Ability Talent and I’ll note when its allowed.

Super Science (SotSW 132-141) - This is an extension of the Science Skill, so if you are interested in this Talent, you should invest in Intelligence and the Applicable Science skill. As with the others, I’ll note when it's available to you, but will not happen unless your PC spends time studying Atlantean technology.

Beastman (MotHE 92-117) - Considered a native race of the Hollow Earth, I will offer an opportunity for people to be transformed into one of these animalistic creatures. Just let me know you’re interested and we’ll talk.

Character submissions are due by 9/11/2019 and gameplay will start around 9/13/2019.



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Nina reminded me about Zero Level Skills, and I am approving them for the game. They page 8 of Secrets of the Surface World if you want to read them yourself:




Zero Level Skills
Depending on the time and place where characters grow up, they will be exposed to different Skills as part of their daily life. When certain cultures depend on a Skill for survival, or it is considered commonplace, it doesn’t always make sense that a character would have no expertise in that Skill unless they put points into it.

As an optional rule, the Gamemaster may provide a list of zero level Skills that everyone from the culture or era has some minimal familiarity with. When using these skills untrained, these characters are able to roll their base Attribute rating without the usual -2 penalty. In 2018, some common Skills everyone would have
some familiarity with:
• Athletics
• Brawl
• Drive
• Empathy
• Stealth


You can swap them, ie: characters from a rural environment might have Ride or Survival instead of Drive as a Skill. Just talk to me.

Improving a Skill from 0 to 1 at character creation costs a half point. Improving it during play costs 1 Experience point. After the first Skill level is acquired, Experience cost reverts to normal.


If I've approved your PC already and you need to adjust for this, let me know.

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