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[OpNet] Cold shoulder


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Dear Abbie,

I have a chilling problem. I erupted five months ago and since then I can not get close to people. My powers let me create as well as control ice, but when ever I get nervous my powers force the temperature down well below freezing.

I work for a vary powerful business and am constantly meeting new clients. Right before meeting them I get nerved up and the temperature drops. That is not the worst of it thou. I have a lover and when ever we get close and start to get hot I get nervous and my powers drop the temperature. It is recking havoc with my business life and you can only imagine what it has done to my sex life. PLEASE help me.


- Cold shoulder

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Dear Cold Shoulder

You need to learn to control your powers and/or to learn to turn your node off. Failing that you need to get a new job and a new lover. The former can be obtained from most of the large Nova organizations (Utopia to name just one). The later can be obtained at the Phoenix Room.

- Abby

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