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[OpNet] Am I Human?


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Dear Abbie,

Am I human? Really? Last night I flew over most of Arizona in my 'other' self. It feels so alien... I'm a gigantic white bone wingshape, as inhuman as they come. I don't even have one of those flashy quantum charged auras. It's just me and the sky. I "see" it through unnatural eyes, taste the currents flowing over me, and it just take me away. So far away that I'm beginning to think I never want to come back. Why should I ever slip back into this pitiful little shell. And that's what it seems to me now, a shell. I'm loosing touch Abbie, I'm beginning to not WANT to be human anymore. Is this wrong?

- Alabaster

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Dear Alabaster,

The problem is not that this is "Wrong". The problem is it isn't "Sane".

The reality is that body and mind are not separate. Change one and the other also changes. Your life has changed tremendously and you are starting to withdrawal from society, perhaps even reality. If you don't learn to shut down your node periodically you will find yourself totally alone, unable to interact with anyone. The final destination of that path is madness. Man, baseline or nova, is a social animal and we can't function forever by ourselves.

While you still have some connections to your past, I urge you to find help, perhaps telepathic help. With your senses you could probably find and contact some nova help, and you need it.

- Abby

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