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[OpNet] Mistrustful Marionette


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Dear Abbie,

After my eruption, I joined up with Utopia, I have been working with them for about a year now. Last week, when we were out on a routine exercise smashing up some Syndicate warehouses, some Nova took over my mind and made me start attacking the rest of my team.

Everyone says they understand, but I'm worried that they won't trust me anymore and I'm not even sure I trust myself anymore - how can I ever expect to be a loyal friend to anyone when my mind could be taken over at any second? Am I just being paranoid?

- Mistrustful Marionette

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Dear Mistrustful Marionette,

Paranoid or not, you would feel a lot better if you learned some mental defenses. Some have it naturally, some have to be taught. I know Utopia has several telepaths. Either privately or through channels, contact one, explain your situation, and arrange for them to "spar" with you. Expect to lose a lot at first.

- Abby

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