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Hey guys! I'm getting this set up, though it'll be a bit of a slow process. What's everyone thinking of playing? There's only three classes, so don't worry so much about the mechanics/classes as about backgrounds and rp stuff. For those new to the Dragon Age setting, I'll have a thread on setting when I get a chance to write it up around the kids (or c/p from the wiki :D). Feel free to talk!

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Okay, so apparently we have five new people, maybe six, coming to the site to play the Dragon Age game. YAY! In that light, I'm going to make it a free for all for number of players, and make groups for GM-run storylines. It'd be wonderful to have such a large influx of new players, so I'm going to alter the game to "GM storylines with an area for sandbox socializing around the plots". So.....demi-semi-open world?

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....well, you would be in the game.....but I don't think you would like the party's intentions......  :firedevil:


I will say at this point that I'm going to go with the Inquisition as the character's at least suggested point of contact. While I'm fine with some characters being new to the organization, Skyhold (the Inquisition's headquarters) is going to be the base of operations for the group. You can be a for-hire mercenary, an ardent supporter of the Inquisition, someone seeking shelter within the Inquisition from other woes, or a person assigned from another organization (Wardens, various monarchies, or a more nefarious criminal organization) to work with the Inquisition. 

For those that don't know the setting, I'll be putting up a lexicon and brief history guide as soon as I can. For now, the Inquisition is a politically neutral military organization that sprang up after a magical calamity occurred that threatened the world. The calamity has been ended, but as the description of the game says, Thedas is in pretty shit shape still and the Inquisitor (head of the Inquisition) is moving the focus of the Inquisition from saving the world from evil to saving the world from itself. 


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Character creation: you can do random rolling per the base rules in the book with me in Discord and you'll get some bennies from me on top of that for rolling with whatever you get. Elsewise, you can follow the point-buy system in the book, as well as picking your background bonuses, but no extra bennies. Other than that, everyone is a first level character. 

If someone wants to start as a Grey Warden, that is possible but needs a discussion with me about the character since they will be beginning with stat boosts. 

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Character Sheet Template (Thanks Dave!)


Abilities (Focuses)
# Communication
# Constitution
# Cunning
# Dexterity
# Magic
# Perception
# Strength
# Willpower 

Combat Ratings-
Speed:  / Health:  / Defense:  / Armor Rating:  (Type of Armor)

Weapon / Attack Roll / Damage / Range

Spellpower:  Mana Points:
Weapon Groups: 
Coins:  Silver,  Copper

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I'm going out of town this Friday/Saturday and then Labor Day is Monday. I'd like to get the game kicked off on that Tuesday or Wednesday (Spetember 3rd or 4th). So, I need character submissions, including both mechanics and backgrounds, so I can get all the characters approved and hand out bennies as appropriate. 

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