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[OpNet] Some women troubles...


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Oh brother, where to begin...

Well, you see, I'm rather unique in appearance. I'm... Elvish. At least in looks, I'm a nova through and through, don't get me wrong. But you see, that isn't my main problem.

After my eruption, some of what I'm capable of got out onto the OpNet. For instance my several brushes with death so close to it that I was on the coroner's slab. Earning me the nickname "The Dead Man"

It was a bad habit I had gotten into, constantly getting my bravado ahead of logic. What really hurts my social life is my pale skin. I still have some color to it, but it's not that evident. But it still links me to the "image" made of me online. The goth, vampiric looking, scary nova.

Add these factors up and I'm not exactly the pick of the crop for the ladies. A close associate reccomended getting out more to the bars and what not and actually put the line out. Others have said do it in your own pace.

Whatcha reccommend, Abbie? Should I start swinging, or should I just post something at a Nova Singles forum and see what turns up?

-Confused in Minneapolis

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Dear Confused in Minneapolis,

The real question is "What do you want to do?" 'Swinging' implies a serious of one night stands, the Nova Singles forum is for the more serious. Your friend is correct in that if you don't look, then you won't find anyone.

If you are attracting people you don't want to attract, then you should keep trying and/or change your approach. If you aren't attracting anyone, then you need to try harder.

Things you could do:

1) You could go to places where your looks are considered a plus, i.e. Goth bars, Ren fests, Japan.

2) You could use makeup could hide your skin color.


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