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[OpNet] Unsure


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Dear Abbie,

I know this may sound funny but, I'm not sure if I'm a Nova or not. I constantly have very clear images of things happening to other people in my head, but it might just be my imagination.

Last week a friend of mine was in an accident. I had a mental image of something bad happening to him, but I have them all the time where he is concerned so I just shrugged it off. Was it really a Nova power or just a coincidence waiting to happen?


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Dear Unsure,

It could be either. Normally it is obvious when someone erupts, but not always. People have found out months or even years after their eruption.

If all you have is the one coincidence, then that is probably what it was. If you are also suddenly more fit, have headaches, or see a reoccurrence of this coincidence, then see a doctor and/or check into a clinic.

- Abby

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