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[OpNet] Under Siege


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Dear Abbie:

My name is Roxanne. I erupted just over a year ago, and it's been a tumultous year.

Not too long ago, my family and I came under attack by another nova, named *deleted.* This nova used telepathic powers on my sister, altering her memories and personality and bringing her into some kind of illegal slave trade. During the course of this attack, my boyfriend was nearly telepathically violated, my father was shot, and I was put into a months-long coma by pushing myself too hard in trying to stop the attacks - all this in addition to trauma that's going to take my sister years to fully overcome, even with my help.

*Deleted* found me over the OpNet, on this OpBoard I subscribe to. I only check in there once in a while now. I'm afraid of attracting another attacker. But it's just about the only way I can keep in touch with any of my friends, and have any open, honest discourse about issues that affect the nova part of my life.

I guess I'm asking:

1. How can I defend against an attack like this in the future, assuming I don't want to have bodyguards following my family and friends around everywhere they go?

2. What should I do about the OpNet board? Should I cut myself out of it, or not?

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Dear Roxanne,

Generally speaking, novas don't target civilian family/bystanders of novas. It breaks the elite code and even the Teragen normally doesn't want to injure people who presumably could erupt. But that is only part of it, too many of us also have unerupted family. Your experience has been very unusual.

Regarding the Opnet; In a way, you are in the situation of a date-rape victim who is trying to decide if she should go on dates again. This is a very emotional decision, but I suggest you stay online. Cutting yourself off from your friends is counter productive. You are unlikely to attract someone similar, and your current foe already has better ways to track you.

As for what to do, this isn't the best column to go into this kind of thing, but...

1) I don't think you can run and hide from someone like this, so renaming and relocating you and your family is out.

2) If they aren't already involved, this is a matter where you should involve the authorities.

3) Consider suing for peace. It is possible the other party considers this incident to be done.

4) If you have the money, consider hiring professional help.

5) That leaves the following comments; The best defense is a good offense. Turn about is fair play. Revenge destroys souls, starting with your own.


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